11 Best Shopify WhatsApp Apps - [2024]
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11 Best Shopify WhatsApp Apps – [2024]

Last modified: October 30, 2023

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Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM
Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM
WhatsApp Chat - Live Chat
WhatsApp Chat - Live Chat
WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart
WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart
WhatsApp Chat + Cart Recovery
WhatsApp Chat + Cart Recovery
WhatsApp & SMS Cart Recovery by Shipway
WhatsApp & SMS Cart Recovery by Shipway
WhatsApp Chat and Share
WhatsApp Chat and Share
WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing
WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing
WhatsApp Chat Marketing
WhatsApp Chat Marketing
WhatsApp, Skype LiveChat Share
WhatsApp, Skype LiveChat Share
WhatsApp + SMS Notifications
WhatsApp + SMS Notifications
WhatsApp Live Chat & Share
WhatsApp Live Chat & Share
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WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media and internet communication channels on the internet. There are approximately 2 billion users worldwide and the platform is very popular in many countries including the USA.

Having WhatsApp functionality on your website through one of the many Shopify WhatsApp apps is therefore an important consideration.

What Can Shopify WhatsApp Apps Do On Your Website?

Using a Shopify WhatsApp app on your website can provide many benefits. Firstly, you can have live chat with your customers. This can be important if you’re looking to generate good customer engagement that allows you to improve order values.

WhatsApp can be a good way to offer live chat on your store because it doesn’t slow down your website.

Conversations are held through their servers and infrastructure whereas on-site chat can sometimes make load times longer for your site. A slower website can lead to lower rankings on search engines.

In addition, WhatsApp functionality can offer social login abilities.

Key Takeaways
WhatsApp aids in CRM, ensuring relevant offers and help to customers.
The app facilitates communication via chat, email, social, SMS, voice, and WhatsApp.
Live demos and training enhance customer service delivery through WhatsApp.

Top 11 Shopify WhatsApp Apps We Recommend

WhatsApp & SMS Cart Recovery by Shipway

WhatsApp & SMS Cart Recovery by Shipway

Use modern-day solutions to notify your customers with WhatsApp & SMS Cart Recovery App, created by Shipway. The app allows you to send Whatsapp & SMS Notifications for Abandoned Cart Recovery, which has a high opening rate.

The app enables you to send automated WhatsApp reminder notifications to your customers for their abandoned shopping carts alongside follow-ups on the same at different time intervals. Also, the app will with the stats on how many of your customers have recovered their shopping carts with a successful purchase.

You can use the app for marketing via WhatsApp and SMS also. This allows you to send custom notifications in order to thank customers for their successful purchases, promote new products, and offer discounts on your stores. The Notification template is fully customizable according to your requirements.

The app is free to install and doesn’t require any subscription or monthly charges. Also, it prompts customers to purchase products by giving you the option to enable automated Cash On Delivery for customers on abandoned checkout URLs.

WhatsApp & SMS Cart Recovery Highlights:

  • Send WhatsApp & SMS notifications to 220 countries.
  • Custom sender id available.
  • Custom notification templates are available
  • Automatically add discounts in the abandoned checkout URLs.

WhatsApp Chat and Share

WhatsApp Chat and Share

Connect instantly and directly with store visitors. You can offer them support or coupons that turn them from browsers into customers with just a few lines of support. The effect on your business can be outstanding and you could see profits substantially grow.

The biggest advantage of using WhatsApp as a chat platform is that when the customer leaves your site, you can still chat with them and convert that lead into a sale. There are few other platforms that allow this (Facebook being another option).

There are numerous features of this app that make it a perfect solution if you want WhatsApp Chat on your site. For instance, you have control on what devices the WhatsApp app is shown on, you can also customize the location and other elements of the WhatsApp button.

You can have multiple agents on the app, to allow you to speak to more than one customer at a time. In addition, you have analytics, to see how many times your number has been clicked upon.

WhatsApp Chat and Share Highlights:

  • A free app that allows you to communicate with your website visitors.
  • Recover lost sales with cart abandonment.
  • Control what devices the WhatsApp buttons appear on.
  • Customize many elements of the WhatsApp button.

WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing

WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing

With a group of prebuilt chat plugins, pop-ups and more, you can power your store with a range of features. This includes a WhatsApp messenger that allows you to speak directly with your customers. The app has been found to help some businesses to improve their open and click rates within email to be three or four times more powerful.

This app is very versatile and can be used with numerous other software systems like Pushowl, MailChimp and more to increase sales.

Even though there are pre-designed chat plugins, popups and checkboxes, you can customize them in a simple editor. You can then make these go live on your site for a professional-looking design. As soon as a visitor lands on your site, you can start to collect their information and this can be used to recover abandoned carts and lost sales.

You can also customize the popup setting options to determine when, where and how often the popup will display to customers. The intuitive tools allow you to automate messenger campaigns that can automatically recover abandoned cart.

WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing Highlights:

  • Pre-designed chat plugins, popups and checkboxes for you to use on your site.
  • A free app for your website, helps to keep costs down.
  • Recover abandoned carts easily.
  • Can be used with numerous other apps.
Keep Reading

Why WhatsApp Apps are Essential for Shopify Stores

Enhanced Customer Engagement

WhatsApp is not just a messaging app; it’s a platform where people spend a significant amount of their time. Integrating WhatsApp into your Shopify store allows you to tap into this user base, offering real-time customer support and instant responses, which can significantly enhance user engagement and trust.

Higher Open and Click-Through Rates

Chat app messages, especially those on WhatsApp, have shown to have 3 to 4 times higher open and click-through rates compared to emails. This makes it a potent tool for marketing and customer outreach, ensuring that your messages are not just sent but also seen and acted upon.

Reaching a Younger Demographic

If a significant portion of your target audience is under 40 or primarily consists of teenagers, WhatsApp is a platform you cannot afford to ignore. Its widespread popularity among younger demographics makes it a crucial channel for businesses targeting this age group.

Choosing the Right WhatsApp App for Your Store

Features and Functionality

Different WhatsApp apps offer varied features. While some focus on customer support, others might be more geared towards marketing. It’s essential to assess the features of each app and align them with your store’s needs.

Price and Affordability

While some apps offer free plans, others might charge a monthly fee. It’s crucial to balance the features offered with the price to ensure you’re getting value for your money.

User Reviews and Ratings

Always check the app store ratings and user reviews. These can provide insights into the app’s performance, reliability, and user-friendliness, helping you make an informed decision.

Conclusion: Top 11 Shopify WhatsApp Apps

WhatsApp is one of the best apps for you to use to communicate with your audience. The apps included in this list are some of the best Shopify WhatsApps apps that allow you to speak to visitors to your store as well as recover abandoned carts. Which app will you use?

  • Can I integrate other messaging platforms with Shopify alongside WhatsApp?

    Yes, many Shopify apps support multi-channel messaging, allowing integration with platforms like Messenger, SMS, and email, in addition to WhatsApp.

  • Are there any limitations to using WhatsApp for Shopify stores?

    WhatsApp has benefits, but it also has limitations. For example, it limits daily message sending, particularly for business accounts, and might not be the primary messaging app in some regions.

  • Are there any security concerns when integrating WhatsApp with Shopify?

    Shopify WhatsApp apps prioritize user data security and comply with data protection regulations. Regular updates and patches ensure a secure communication environment for both merchants and customers.

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