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The Top 10 Shopify Wishlist Apps – [2023]

Last modified: May 26, 2023

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Wishlists are an excellent tool to help your customers plan for purchases in the future. They can also help businesses prepare for future marketing activities. Administrators can see what products customers like, but don’t plan to buy immediately. To help you on Shopify, you should download and activate one of the many Shopify Wishlist apps.

What Do Shopify Wishlist Apps Do?

Shopify wishlist apps allow customers to create a list of products that they are interested in now, but don’t want to buy yet. They remain active in their account, and with one click can then be placed in the cart.

Wishlists improve customer retention, loyalty and conversions. They can also help with marketing campaigns as you can see which products are popular by the number of people having products within the basket. You can then creating email marketing or other campaigns to sell the product.

There are numerous ways that Shopify wishlist apps work. So, here are our ten favourite options for the best wishlist app for Shopify.

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Wishlist Advance

Wishlist Advance

Customers do like to plan their shopping in advance. This allows them to plan their finances and then buy later on. To make this a smoother process for the consumer, wishlists can be made. This app is a simple and free option that can help you add wishlist functionality to your Shopify store.

Your site can support an unlimited number of wishlists, plus you can have a convenient popup to choose which list they want to a save a product to. Customers can also organize their wishlists into different lists which can be edited, renamed or deleted.

When the customer is ready to complete a purchase, the customer can add just one or numerous products from the list. And if the customer wants to share the wishlist with friends, they can send the list to friends. This is good for those who are planning special occasion gift lists.

If something disrupts the final transaction, this app also keeps the product on the customer’s wishlist. Therefore, they don’t lose out on the products that they want.

The installation of the app is easy from the Shopify app store.

Wishlist Advance Highlights:

  • Convenient popup to help organize the wishlists of customers.
  • Can add one or numerous products from wishlist to cart.
  • Customers can share wishlists with friends and family.
  • Items aren’t removed from the wishlist when added to cart.

Final Word: The Top 10 Shopify Wishlist Apps

If you want to add more sales to your store and make the user experience better, you can add one of the best Shopify wishlist apps to your store. This allows customers to save their favorite products to a list and you can use this to send reminders and improve conversion rates. This will help you to get better revenue from your store. So, which app will you install on your Shopify site? Or will you choose one of the themes with the wishlist function?

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