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Why Sell Print on Demand Phone Cases

Last modified: February 14, 2022

Why Sell Print on Demand Phone Cases
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Phone cases are a great accessories that are important to many people. Lots of people like to buy designer or interesting phone cases. The expected growth of this market is about 6% between 2019 and 2024. The growing trend is that younger audiences are wanting a way to personalise their phones using interesting designs that they can buy online. And you can supply some using print on demand phone cases.

But why should you get into this market? Here are some of the reasons for you to get into this market.

1. Demand is Very High

The demand for print on demand phone cases has increased steadily in the past few years. However, demand is not steady across the world. There is very high demand in the US and Canada as well as in South Asia and Australia. While there is some demand in Europe and Russia, the demand isn’t as high in the other markets. And in Africa, there is currently little demand.

However, there are also lots of printers that have facilities within the high demand areas. Therefore, you can meet demand with cost-effective delivery.

2. Create any Number of Designs Without Costs

The advantage of print on demand is that you can create designs for your phone cases without having to create and stock the products yourself. You only have to pay for the suppliers for the products ordered by customers and only when the customers have made an order. This can allow you to save on costs because you don’t need to have large amounts of investment.

In addition, it allows you to have a wide range of designs that you can test without financial risk to you. In addition, it allows you to have more products to attract audiences.

3. Good Profit Margins

When it comes to building a good business, your products need a good profit margin. The interesting thing about phone cases is that you can charge a large amount for them. This price can be $20-$30 per phone case that you can charge to customers. However, the costs to get them printed can be half of this. Therefore, you’ve got good profits. And there is room to offer discounts.

Good profit margins can also help you cover other costs like hosting your website on Shopify, using apps for email marketing, etc.. And you can also build a good catalog of products that include phone covers, tablet covers and laptop sleeves.

Final Word: Why Sell Print on Demand Phone Cases

There are many reasons why you might be interested in selling print on demand phone cases. However, the main reasons is because there is huge demand across the world and the profits are really good.

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