10 Best Also Bought Shopify Apps - [2024]
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10 Best Also Bought Shopify Apps – [2024]

Last modified: November 15, 2023

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Also Bought • Recommendations
Also Bought • Recommendations
Sales Rocket
Sales Rocket
Upsell & Cross Sell • Upselly
Upsell & Cross Sell • Upselly
Also Bought Cross Sell
Also Bought Cross Sell
Upsell Recommendations
Upsell Recommendations
Wider - Personalized Recommendations
Wider - Personalized Recommendations
Globo Upsell, Related Products
Globo Upsell, Related Products
Frequently Bought Together
Frequently Bought Together
Recom.ai ‑ Upsell & Cross‑sell
Recom.ai ‑ Upsell & Cross‑sell
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There are several ways that you can add revenue from orders that customers are going to place with your shop. One of those ways is to recommend products that the customer might also like. There are various ways of doing this. You could use complementary products, like printer toner when someone buys a printer. Or you could try to create product bundles. Or you might also want to use one of the many ‘Also Bought’ Shopify apps.

What Are Also Bought Shopify Apps?

Also Bought Shopify Apps are software that you can add to your store to tell customers what has been bought by other customers who had similar products in the cart. This adds certain elements to the psychology of shopping, such as FOMO and urgency. It also adds social proof and builds trust between your audience and you.

It is also an excellent way to make carts more valuable when the customer puts them through. Also bought tactics can also be used within email marketing campaigns. This is where a customer is sent a list of recommendations based on what they purchased and what others have bought. Therefore, you can improve customer retention, which can be a great way to improve profitability.

Key Takeaways
Also Bought Shopify Apps enhance the shopping experience with personalized recommendations.
Effective upselling and cross-selling strategies are crucial for increasing average order values.
Monitoring app performance and adjusting strategies is crucial for maximizing the impact of Also Bought Shopify Apps.

Top 10 Also Bought Shopify Apps For You:

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Upsell Recommendations

Upsell Recommendations

This is a free app that allows you to add related and ‘also bought’ products to your store pages to upsell to customers. This increases the customer’s order values and therefore improves store revenues and order profitability. The look of the output for this app is heavily based on the Amazon ‘bought together’ aspect on the popular eCommerce site. Therefore, customers who are used to shopping on the eCommerce giant will be comfortable with the process and the recommendations.

The app offers you three widget placement areas on your website. This includes home, product and cart pages. Therefore, you can have a maximum amount of choice of where to recommend products to your customers. There are lots of algorithms that can help to recommend products such as bestsellers and more. The recommendations can be calculated through the monitoring of buying behaviors from past customers. This helps the AI to predict what future customers might want when they’re visiting your store.

You can also customize the style and look at the widget. Therefore there is a seamless experience for customers who are on your website.

Upsell Recommendations Highlights:

  • Will not reduce the speed of your website, therefore there is an excellent user experience across your site and won’t lower your search rank.
  • Analyzes the behaviors of past guests to predict trends that match the behaviors of customers coming to the business.
  • Uses the familiar Amazon style that can put customers at ease.
  • There are three locations to position the ‘also bought’ section that includes the home, product and cart pages.

Wider - Personalized Recommendations

Wider - Personalized Recommendations

Wider is used by numerous Shopify Plus merchants and many Shopify users on the basic plan. Some of the big brands that use this app include: Kappa USA, Unilever, Gym Plus Coffee and more. And with these brands, they’ve improved conversion rates by an average of 20-30%. The app offers you a chance to recommend products to customers in various ways and you can host these ‘also bought’ products using smart widgets on the home page, product pages, cart pages, thank you pages and on other content throughout the store.

The app allows you to showcase products related to those a visitor is currently browsing. Recommendations are made based on similar collections, tags, product type and product tags. It takes just one click for customers to add the products to your basket.

If you want, you can also choose which products are going to be recommended. One of the best aspects of this app is that you can have automatically selected products that have been bought with those the customer has bought. For instance, if customers buy a desktop with their printer, then the system can recommend that.

To help you with your site’s customer retention, you can send personalized product recommendations via email. You can use MailChimp or Klaviyo to send emails.

Wider – Personalized Recommendations Highlights:

  • Send product recommendations through email.
  • Create recommendations for products based on what other customers have bought with the products that are in the cart.
  • Easy to use and install on your site with recommended products being shown on several locations.
  • Used by some of the biggest brands on Shopify Plus and proven to improve conversions.
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Key Features of Also Bought Shopify Apps

Personalized Product Recommendations

These apps use advanced algorithms to suggest products based on customer behavior, enhancing the shopping experience and increasing sales.

Customizable Display Options

Flexibility in design and layout allows for a seamless integration with your store’s theme, ensuring a consistent user experience.

Real-Time Analytics

Providing real-time insights into customer preferences and buying patterns, these apps help in making data-driven decisions for your store.

Automated Upselling and Cross-Selling

Automatically suggest related products or bundles at checkout, encouraging customers to make additional purchases.

Seamless Integration with Shopify

Easy to install and integrate with your Shopify store, these apps offer a hassle-free setup process.

Responsive Customer Support

Reliable customer support ensures any issues are promptly addressed, maintaining the smooth operation of your store.

Maximizing Sales and Conversion Rates with Also Bought Shopify Apps

Impact on Conversion Rates

Also Bought Apps have a direct impact on conversion rates. By recommending relevant products, they not only enhance user experience but also drive more sales.

Cost-Effectiveness and ROI

The return on investment from these apps can be substantial. Selecting cost-effective apps that deliver results is crucial for maximizing profits.

Analytics and Performance Tracking

Apps that offer detailed analytics help in understanding customer preferences and behavior. This data is invaluable for making informed decisions and improving sales strategies.

Conclusion: Top 10 Also Bought Shopify Apps

It is so important to use one of the top Also Bought Shopify apps on your store. It will increase revenues, order values and profitability as well building the customer’s experience on your store. There are numerous options available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice of which to use is yours.

  • Are Also Bought apps effective for all types of products and industries?

    Yes, these apps are versatile and can be effective for a wide range of products and industries. They adapt to different shopping behaviors and product types.

  • How do Also Bought apps handle privacy and customer data?

    Also Bought apps comply with privacy laws and Shopify’s data handling policies. They use customer data responsibly to provide product recommendations.

  • Do Also Bought apps require technical skills to install and manage?

    No, these apps are designed for easy installation and user-friendly management. They can be set up and operated without needing advanced technical skills.

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