12 Best Shopify Loyalty Program Apps - [2024]
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12 Best Shopify Loyalty Program Apps – [2024]

Last modified: November 26, 2023

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Marsello: Email, SMS & Loyalty
Marsello: Email, SMS & Loyalty
Loloyal: Loyalty & Referrals
Loloyal: Loyalty & Referrals
Smile: Rewards & Loyalty
Smile: Rewards & Loyalty
Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals
Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals
Loyalty Points Manager
Loyalty Points Manager
Growave ‑ Reviews, Loyalty ++
Growave ‑ Reviews, Loyalty ++
Rise: Gift Cards & Loyalty
Rise: Gift Cards & Loyalty
Swell Loyalty & Rewards
Swell Loyalty & Rewards
Ekoma: Loyalty, Referrals, VIP
Ekoma: Loyalty, Referrals, VIP
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When it comes to building a strong eCommerce platform, you need to build an active store to create loyalty with customers. You could complete this manually, but it can be rather ineffective, especially if you become busy. Therefore, it’s better if you use one of the many Shopify loyalty program apps on the app store.

What Do Shopify Loyalty Program Apps Do?

Shopify Loyalty Program apps allow you to reward customers for returning to your store. This could be either when they make a purchase or just by visiting your store. It depends on your goals as a business owner. For instance, some loyalty programs allow customers to play games on their site where customers can win coupons, free shipping, or something else when they visit once a day.

Other loyalty programs allow customers to collect points or on-site currency that can then be used to collect discounts on products. This great option allows you to keep customers coming back to your store. Returning customers are cheaper to acquire and often spend more money. They’re also more likely to spread news of their purchase across social media, increasing your visibility.

Key Takeaways
Shopify Loyalty Apps boost retention with customizable, automated rewards, referrals, and gift cards, improving customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Setting your own rules for loyalty programs can improve customer retention.
Automated rules for loyalty programs can offer benefits like cashback without manual intervention.

Best Shopify Loyalty Program Apps to Choose From

Filter between free and paid

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

This app will reward your customers when they shop by providing them with in-shop currency that can be spent on new shopping trips to your store. It also allows you to create a referral or VIP program that can keep customers loyal to your brand. In-shop currency can be rewarded for other activities too including social shares, registrations and more. You can design the customer reward area within the app to make it more aligned with your brand and therefore a familiar space for your visitors.

The app is extremely versatile. You can set the exchange rate for the spending into in-shop currency and you can set expiry times for points, which creates a sense of urgency for your customers. You’re also able to integrate your store with marketing tools like MailChimp to improve loyalty schemes and remind customers about their in-store currency.

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty Highlights:

  • Create a wide range of loyalty programs.
  • Connect your programs to advanced apps to create more complex campaigns.
  • Set the expiry dates for in-store currency, creating a sense of urgency.
  • There is a free plan for this app, but the premium offers more functionality and is better for aspiring eCommerce business owners.

Swell Loyalty & Rewards

Swell Loyalty & Rewards

Rewarding customers for numerous actions, some which aren’t available on other apps, is possible with this app. This app is free for the first 100 orders per month. After this there is a price. The easy-to-use app also comes with a 30 day trial for those who are already past this threshold. The app is easy to customize and the developer team can help you build the right loyalty program for your business.

The app allows you to reward customers with more than 15 unique actions. Including referring a friend, referring a friend who spends over a set amount, make a purchase, writing product reviews, interacting with you on social media, reading or viewing targeted content and much more.

There is a lot versatility on this app that it makes it a great option.

Swell Loyalty & Rewards Highlights:

  • Reward customers with more than 15 unique actions.
  • Build a powerful, customized reward system.
  • Reach out to customers via social media.
  • Support from the development team.
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Enhancing Customer Retention with Shopify Loyalty Program Apps

Personalized Reward Structures

Personalization in reward programs can significantly increase customer retention by making shoppers feel valued on an individual level.

Tailoring rewards to customer preferences and purchase history encourages repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

Implementing personalized rewards requires a deep understanding of customer data and behavior patterns.

Exclusive Member Benefits

Offering exclusive benefits to loyalty program members creates a sense of belonging and privilege that can drive retention.

Benefits such as early access to sales, special member-only events, or free shipping can differentiate a loyalty program from competitors.

These perks incentivize customers to maintain their loyalty status and continue shopping with the brand.

Engagement Through Gamification

Incorporating gamification elements into loyalty programs can make the shopping experience more engaging and fun.

Challenges, badges, and leaderboards can motivate customers to interact more frequently with the brand.

Gamification strategies can lead to increased customer engagement, which is often a precursor to improved retention rates.

Regular Communication and Updates

Maintaining regular communication with loyalty program members keeps them informed and reminds them of the value your program offers.

Updates about new rewards, point balances, and upcoming promotions keep the program top-of-mind for customers.

Effective communication strategies ensure that customers are aware of and excited about the opportunities available to them through the loyalty program.

Feedback Loops and Continuous Improvement

Establishing feedback loops with customers can help in refining the loyalty program to better meet their needs. Customer feedback is invaluable for continuous improvement and can lead to a more effective retention strategy.

Actively seeking and acting upon customer feedback demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and can foster a stronger connection with the brand.

Seamless Redemption Processes

A straightforward and hassle-free redemption process is critical for a positive customer experience with a loyalty program.

Complex or restrictive redemption processes can lead to frustration and diminish the perceived value of the program.

Ensuring that customers can easily redeem their rewards encourages continued participation and reinforces positive behavior.


Things to Consider When Using Shopify Loyalty Program Apps

Integration with Your Store’s Ecosystem

Ensuring seamless integration of the loyalty app with your Shopify store is crucial for maintaining a consistent user experience. It should work in tandem with your store’s checkout process, customer accounts, and other operational tools without causing disruptions.

Proper integration facilitates accurate tracking of customer interactions and rewards redemption.

User Experience and Design

The loyalty program app should feature an intuitive design that enhances the customer’s journey rather than complicating it.

A straightforward interface encourages customers to engage with the program, increasing the likelihood of participation and retention.

The design must also be mobile-responsive, considering the significant traffic from mobile devices.

Customization Capabilities

Customization is key to aligning the loyalty program with your brand’s unique identity and customer base. The ability to tailor aspects like reward structures, point values, and promotional materials allows for a program that resonates more deeply with your target audience.

Flexibility in customization ensures that the program can evolve with your business needs.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Access to detailed analytics and reporting is essential for monitoring the performance of your loyalty program. These insights can help you understand customer behavior, measure program effectiveness, and make data-driven decisions to optimize the program.

Look for apps that provide comprehensive reporting features for the best results.

Customer Support and Education

Providing customers with clear information on how to use the loyalty program is vital for its success. Support channels should be readily available to assist customers with any questions or issues that may arise.

Additionally, educational resources can help customers make the most of the program, enhancing their experience and satisfaction.

Compliance and Security

Adhering to legal standards and ensuring the security of customer data should be a top priority when selecting a loyalty program app.

The app must comply with privacy laws and regulations, such as GDPR, and employ robust security measures to protect sensitive customer information. Regular updates and patches are necessary to maintain high-security standards.


As your business grows, your loyalty program should be able to scale accordingly. The chosen app should support an increasing number of customers and transactions without compromising performance.

Scalability ensures that as your customer base grows, your loyalty program can continue to operate smoothly and efficiently.


Conclusion: 12 Best Shopify Loyalty Program Apps

If you’re looking to create a loyalty program on your Shopify store, then you’ll want to use one of the Shopify loyalty program apps. They will help you sell more online and keep customers coming back to your store. Therefore, your revenues will increase and you will see business growth. So, which app will you use?

  • How do I measure the success of my loyalty program?

    Track metrics such as customer retention rates, program enrollment numbers, and redemption rates to gauge the success of your loyalty program and identify areas for improvement.

  • Is it possible to set tiered rewards in Shopify Loyalty Program Apps?

    Yes, most loyalty apps allow you to create tiered reward systems that incentivize customers to reach higher spending thresholds for better rewards.

  • Can Shopify Loyalty Program Apps integrate with my existing marketing tools?

    Many loyalty apps offer integration capabilities with popular marketing tools, allowing for seamless synchronization of customer data and targeted marketing campaigns.

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