19 Best Shopify Bundle Products Apps - [2024]
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19 Best Shopify Bundle Products Apps – [2024]

Last modified: October 19, 2023

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# Image Name
Bundler - Product Bundles
Bundler - Product Bundles
Wide Bundles - Quantity Breaks
Wide Bundles - Quantity Breaks
Unlimited Bundles & Discounts
Unlimited Bundles & Discounts
Advanced Bundle Products
Advanced Bundle Products
Bundle Builder
Bundle Builder
Product Bundles: Fast Checkout
Product Bundles: Fast Checkout
Sumtracker Inventory & Bundles
Sumtracker Inventory & Bundles
Bundable ‑ Customizable Kits
Bundable ‑ Customizable Kits
Frequently Bought Together
Frequently Bought Together
Bundlify ‑ Cross selling boost
Bundlify ‑ Cross selling boost
Bundle Products | Upsell
Bundle Products | Upsell
Fast Bundle
Fast Bundle
Bundle Wizard
Bundle Wizard
Product Bundle Volume Discount
Product Bundle Volume Discount
Bundlo: Products Bundle - Inactive
Bundlo: Products Bundle - Inactive
Bold Bundles
Bold Bundles
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When you want to raise revenues, but not look for new customers, you can increase sales by bundling products together. Generally speaking, products are bundled together when they are related to each other. The bundled products are often sold at a slight discount in order to convince visitors to the website to spend more money.

Many eCommerce websites utilize bundled products. One notable example is Amazon. They’ve used bundled products to help improve revenues quickly over the year.

Why Use Bundled Products On Your Shopify Website

In addition to higher order values, you can gain several benefits from bundling products together. For one, it makes it easier to predict product demands by using bundles. It also allows you to sell more of all products, which can make it more cost-effective to buy in products and therefore grow profit margins with increased sales.

Bundles can really help you earn more money from your website without having to attract more customers. Adding bundles to your website can help improve sales by 20% and profits by 30%.In addition, upto 30% of all eCommerce sales are created by bundles, upselling, and cross-selling.

Therefore, adding bundles to your website can be well worth the effort and costs can be very low. Some apps are free to install while others cost just a few dollars per month. And you can see how websites like Amazon use bundles to improve sales and profits.

Bundled product options are also a good way to sell your less popular products, which could have large profit margins, with more popular items that have smaller profit margins.

This article doesn’t deal with merging several orders into one.

Key Takeaways
Shopify Bundle Apps boost sales by offering discounted, related products together, enhancing customer value and shopping experience.
Bundles can boost profits by pairing less popular, high-margin products with popular, low-margin items, optimizing sales mix.
Implementing bundles can be quick and cost-effective, with various apps available to streamline the process and optimize sales.

Highly Recommended Apps For Bundled Products

Filter between free and paid

Advanced Bundle Products

Advanced Bundle Products

Advanced Bundle Products is not just your average app; it’s a comprehensive toolkit that offers a wide range of functionalities to supercharge your Shopify store. With a whopping forty functions packed into one app, it’s a must-have for savvy store owners looking to drive growth, increase conversions, and provide an unparalleled shopping journey for their customers.

With Advanced Bundle Products, you’re not just getting an app; you’re unlocking a world of possibilities to drive growth, engage customers, and boost your Shopify store’s revenue.

Advanced Bundle Products Highlights:

  • Bundle Products Simplified: Easily group related products and present them as enticing bundles on a single page, regardless of your niche.
  • Irresistible Discounts: Encourage shoppers to buy more by applying discounts to bundled products, delivering excellent value.
  • Seamless Device Compatibility: Our app is optimized to provide a flawless shopping experience across all devices.
  • Amazon-Like Product Bundles: Boost conversions by showcasing intelligently selected product bundles, just like Amazon’s “Frequently Bought Together.”
  • Comprehensive Toolkit: With SEO optimization, chat features, and much more, Advanced Bundle Products is your all-in-one solution for Shopify success.
Keep Reading

Enhancing Your Store with Effective Product Bundling Strategies

Unlocking the Power of Diverse Bundle Options

Product bundling is not just about grouping items together; it’s an art that, when done right, can significantly enhance the customer shopping experience and boost sales. In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, offering diverse bundle options is paramount.

From classic bundles that group complementary products together to innovative mix-and-match bundles, the possibilities are endless. Quantity breaks and tiered discounts are also effective strategies, offering customers increased value as they purchase more.

Flexible Discount Structures Tailored to Your Needs

Every store and product line is unique, necessitating a tailored approach to discounts. Flexible discount structures are essential in catering to a diverse customer base with varied shopping behaviors.

Whether it’s percentage discounts that offer a proportion of the product’s price off, or fixed amount discounts that take a specific dollar amount off the price, customization is key. The ability to adapt discount structures ensures that promotions align with both business objectives and customer expectations.

Boosting Sales and Customer Engagement

Product bundles are not just about offering financial savings; they’re a powerful tool for enhancing the customer shopping journey. By strategically pairing items and offering enticing discounts, stores can create a sense of added value that encourages customers to explore and purchase more.

The integration of bundles with subscriptions also ensures a seamless and cohesive shopping experience, fostering customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Key Features of Shopify Bundle Products Apps

Customization and Flexibility

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, customization is a cornerstone for success. Shopify Bundle Products Apps are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing store owners to tailor bundles according to specific business needs and customer preferences.

Features such as mix-and-match, Buy X Get Y, and volume discounts offer varied options to create enticing bundle offers. The ability to set fixed-price, percentage, or multi-level discounts ensures that promotions are as unique as the products they represent.

Seamless Integration and Real-Time Inventory Sync

Efficiency in managing inventory and order fulfillment is crucial in maintaining a streamlined operation. Shopify Bundle Products Apps integrate seamlessly with Shopify and third-party platforms, ensuring real-time inventory sync.

This feature is instrumental in preventing overselling and ensuring that stock levels are always accurate. The apps also support the creation of dedicated product bundle pages, enhancing the presentation of bundled offers and making them easily accessible to customers.

AI-Powered Engagement Tools

Engaging customers in real-time and offering personalized experiences is made possible with AI-powered features. These tools are designed to analyze visitors’ behavior and trigger personalized promotions and discounts, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

The integration capability of these apps ensures that leads and data are easily managed across various e-commerce, CRM, and CMS platforms, offering a cohesive and efficient approach to customer engagement and lead management.

Conclusion: Top 19 Bundle Products Apps On Shopify

If you want to improve order values on your website, then you need to think about product bundles. Other eCommerce giants are using them to increase sales and order values because they work. The 13 product bundles apps above are the best on the Shopify app store and you should seriously consider any of them to help you grow your business and take it to the next level.

  • Can I use Bundled Products and Apply Automatic Discounts?

    All bundled products can have automatic discounts applied to them. This can be a discount that you preset based on the customer choosing a bundled product set. Or you can set rules that determine the discount based on a set of criteria that you’ve established that are automatically applied at the checkout of your store.

  • Can I add Free Shipping for a Bundled Product?

    Yes. Just like with any other product on Shopify, you can add a free shipping rate for bundled products. You just need to set this up as you would do any other shipping process. You can have the bundled product as a category on its own and set free shipping for the bundled product category to make the process really easy for you.

  • Can I add Discount Rules on Product Bundles?

    Yes. Discount rules can be set on all product bundles so customers get a specialized discount rate based on the number of products, the type of product, the value of the order or even the customer. This all depends on the product bundle app that you’re using and what rules you set. To get better results, try to get discounts to come between 6 and 11% as these are the best discount rates for customers and stores.

  • Can I Customize Product Bundles on Shopify?

    Yes. Product bundles can be customized with many product bundle apps that are found on the Shopify app store. Customers can also customize their product bundles with some options, creating their own bundles with a discount that can be applied based on the products within the bundle, the quantity and final value of the order.

  • Can I Bundle Products on all Shopify Plans?

    Yes. All you need to have is the right app for your store and you can bundle products for better customer experiences and conversions. You don’t pay Shopify for the bundling or products, instead you’re paying the app developer for the use of their app and software. Bundling products takes moments and can yield better sales for your store.

  • Can I Group Products on Shopify Plus?

    Yes. Grouping products on Shopify Plus is very easy to do. This can be done with any of the amazing Shopify product bundle apps. You can speak to your Shopify consultant about this at any time. They can recommend the best product bundle app for you and even have it installed and setup for you if you need the support.

  • Is there a Maximum Amount of Products Allowed for a Bundle?

    There are many apps that can allow you to remove any limits on your product bundle limits. Some apps might have limits for your bundles, but that is on an app-to-app basis. In addition, you might want to consider that too many products within a bundle can be messy and hard for the customer. It might also be hard to pick and send without errors.

  • Can I Migrate Bundles from a Different Platform to Shopify?

    Yes. You can migrate product bundles from numerous platforms to Shopify. Some of the top platforms that you might want to migrate from include WooCommerce and WordPress. This is a simple process that allows you to use a Shopify migration app to complete the process. Sometimes there are errors created, but these can be easily fixed.

  • Do Shoppers Rather Purchase Bundles?

    There is not much research done into whether customers prefer bundles or not. However, there is plenty of reason to believe that if you create bundles that allow your customers to purchase the exact products they want at a discount, they will appreciate them. However, if your product bundles include too many products that they don’t want, they will not like your bundles.

  • How to Maximize Sales with Product Bundling

    When it comes to maximizing sales with product bundling you want to make the bundle look attractive. This might mean new product images. You also need to ensure that the value of the bundle is better than the customer purchasing them individually. Finally, you want to upsell the customer at various points in the shopping process.

  • Do most eCommerce Shops Bundle Products?

    Not every eCommerce shop offers bundled products. However, a lot of the top, most successful stores do bundle products. For example, Amazon will often bundle products together for customers to increase sales and improve customer engagement and satisfaction. Other high-end stores also bundle products. This can improve sales for the business and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Are there Free Apps for Product Bundling?

    Yes there are free apps that allow you to bundle products together. These apps are sometimes limited on their features and you might want to consider some premium options at a later date, but for those starting out, these can be a great option. You might also want to try out a few premium options with their free trials.

  • How long does it take to Bundle Products?

    It takes just moments for you to bundle products on a Shopify store. Many bundle products apps have features that allow you to choose the products in the bundle from a list (or use a search facility), create an image, the pricing and then click add product bundle. This process can take just a few minutes.

  • How to Choose the Best Product Bundling App

    There are many ways to choose the best product bundling app. You want one that will help you make more money, is easy for you to use and has the bundling features that you need. Therefore, look at these criteria. Don’t buy an app that is too expensive if it won’t make that money back in the long term. Most apps also have a trial period you can use to test them out for free or an example store.

  • Why are Bundle Products Good for Upselling?

    Bundle products are great for upselling because they give the impression to the customers that they’re getting more for their money than they would otherwise. You can also apply for discounts on your bundled products that can help convert more customers. Discounts can be anywhere from 5% to make an impact.

  • How to Upsell with Grouped Products

    When it comes to grouped or bundled products, it is always best to offer customers a discount for an upsell. The discount might sound like you’re losing money, but there is always a point where a discount makes it more profitable to sell the bundle while offering your customers value for purchases. Discounts can be as a low as 5% and this can help with conversions.

  • Is there a Shopify App for Bundling Products?

    Numerous apps allow you to bundle products for your store. These apps can be free or premium. Some apps have a free, basic level but for more functionality you will need to pay a subscription. All apps are easy to install and you can work on them almost straight away with just a few clicks.

  • How to Create a Bundle Product in Shopify

    The best way to create a bundle product in Shopify is to install and activate an app that allows for bundle products and then follow those instructions. Always have a discount on the product bundle as this will entice customers to make that purchase instead of individually buying the product. The discount can be anywhere from 5-25%.

  • Can you Bundle Products on Shopify?

    Yes. You can create as many bundle products on Shopify as your store needs. Bundle products must have at least two products within them but you can have an unlimited number of products within the bundle. To help with the management of this, it’s best to have a product bundle app on your Shopify store. There are free and premium options available.

  • What is a Bundle Product on Shopify?

    A bundle product is a group of products that have been combined on Shopify to create a single product. Often bundles have discounts applied to them to make them more attractive to customers as opposed to the customer buying them all individually. Bundle products must be at least two products, but can be many more products if you want.

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