What Are The Top 12 Product Bundle Apps On Shopify?

The Top 12 Bundle Products Apps On Shopify

Last modified: December 9, 2019


When you want to raise revenues, but not look for new customers, you can increase sales by bundling products together. Generally speaking, products are bundled together when they are related. The bundled products are often sold at a slight discount in order to convince visitors to the website to spend more money.

Many eCommerce websites utilize bundled products. One notable example is Amazon. They’ve used bundled products to help improve revenues quickly over the year.

Why Use Bundled Products On Your Website

In addition to higher order values, you can gain several benefits from bundling products together. For one, it makes it easier to predict product demands by using bundles. It also allows you to sell more of all products, which can make it more cost effective to buy in products and therefore grow profit margins with increased sales.

Bundled product options is also a good way to sell your less popular products, which could have large profit margins, with more popular items that have smaller profit margins.

So, which apps for bundled products do we recommend?

Bundle Products

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Final Word: The Top 12 Bundle Products Apps On Shopify

If you want to improve order values on your website, then you need to think about product bundles. Other eCommerce giants are using them to increase sales and order values because they work. The 12 product bundles apps above are the best on the Shopify app store and you should seriously consider any of them to help you grow your business and take it to the next level.

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