10 Best Shopify Age Verification Apps - [2024]
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10 Best Shopify Age Verification Apps – [2024]

Last modified: October 30, 2023

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# Image Name
Age Gate
Age Gate
18 Plus Age Verification Popup
18 Plus Age Verification Popup
Age Check + Age Verification
Age Check + Age Verification
Age Verification Pro
Age Verification Pro
Smart Age Verification
Smart Age Verification
Age Checker Plus
Age Checker Plus
Age Verification Popup
Age Verification Popup
Elfsight Age Verification
Elfsight Age Verification
Age Check
Age Check
EVS Age Verification
EVS Age Verification
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Age verification can be an important aspect of any business. In many countries, there are products whose sales are restricted to those over a certain age. For instance, alcohol, DVDs, adult material, etc.. Being an online business, you can suffer from significant challenges to ensure that you’re selling to individuals who are over the correct age. That’s why it’s really important to install one of the Shopify age verification apps in your store.

What Do Shopify Age Verification Apps Do On Your Store?

Shopify age verification apps do checks that are there to ensure those under age aren’t accessing your content or buying your products. There are numerous ways that this is done. However, most apps require the user to confirm their age or enter their date of birth.

Therefore, this does require you to trust that the date being entered into the website is correct. However, most laws do state that you must trust audiences to give you the correct information. If you show that a user stated they were a certain age, then you can protect your business from local laws.

Key Takeaways
Age verification apps ensure visitors meet age requirements for site content.
Apps can protect specific pages, collections, or products.
Verification methods include birthday entry or confirmation buttons.

Top 10 Shopify Age Verification Apps – Here’s our Selection:

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Smart Age Verification

Smart Age Verification

This free Shopify age verification app allows you to set an age restriction check on your website. It is very easy install, and you don’t need to write any code in your theme. There are two ways that you can check the age of visitors, through their birthday or with self-certification. At the same time you can set the age restriction limit (18 or 21, etc.).

The age restriction popup can be customized. Change the headline and sub-heading while also adding your logo from your store. The app is fully responsive, so will work perfectly on all desktops, tablets and mobile.

Smart Age Verification Highlights:

  • Set the minimal age that the products can be bought at.
  • Check with either simple yes/no confirmation or through their birthday.
  • Add the logo to the popup and change the headline and sub-heading.
  • Easy to install.

EVS Age Verification

EVS Age Verification

The EVS Age Verification app automatically integrates with IdentiFraud Consumer+ to allow for your site to truly verify the age of visitors to your site. This protects your website from the laws in states like Texas and Massachusetts which have stated that the self-assessment is not sufficient to maintain compliance with these regulations.

The app does this check by adding a birthday to the registration form. With this information, the app will check the details with a database to ensure the person is telling the truth. If they aren’t, the order can be canceled. If they’re telling the truth, the customer will never know.

If the customer has made a past order, they will be automatically passed by the software and will not have another check done against them.

While the app is free, the check for the age verification will cost.

EVS Age Verification Highlights:

  • Free app.
  • Low interference with the customer’s journey, check is done after purchase.
  • Integrates with IdentiFraud Consumer+ to comply with the toughest age verification laws.
  • Remembers who has passed age verification in the past.
Keep Reading

Understanding Age Verification for E-commerce

Why Age Verification Matters

In the field of e-commerce, age verification acts as a gatekeeper, ensuring that age-restricted products are only accessible to eligible customers. This not only adheres to legal standards but also establishes trust among consumers.

The Mechanics Behind Age Verification

Age verification in e-commerce typically involves a prompt where customers enter their date of birth or confirm that they meet the minimum age requirement. Advanced systems might cross-reference this data with public records to ensure accuracy.

Challenges and Considerations

While age verification is crucial, it’s equally important to ensure that the process is seamless and doesn’t deter potential customers. Balancing user experience with stringent verification processes is key to maintaining a smooth shopping experience.

Choosing the Right Shopify Age Verification Apps

Understanding the Need

Before diving into the vast pool of apps, it’s essential to understand the specific needs of the store. Does the store sell alcohol, tobacco, or other age-restricted items? Identifying the primary requirement helps in narrowing down the choices.

Features to Prioritize

A good age verification app should be customizable to match the store’s theme. It should also provide quick and efficient verification processes to ensure a smooth customer experience.

Multi-device compatibility is another feature to look out for, ensuring that age checks are consistent across desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

Reviews and Ratings

Always check the reviews and ratings of the app. This gives insight into the app’s performance and any potential issues other store owners might have faced. An app with positive feedback and high ratings is generally more reliable.

Conclusion: Top 10 Shopify Age Verification Apps

If you sell goods that require a buyer to be a certain age, you need to add one of the Shopify age verification apps to your Shopify store. These are simple but are necessary to comply with your legal obligations. So, which app will you install?

  • Are age verification apps compliant with international age restriction laws?

    Most age verification apps aim to comply with international age restriction laws, but it’s essential for store owners to ensure the chosen app meets specific regional requirements.

  • What happens if a user fails the age verification process?

    If a user fails the age verification, they are typically redirected to a different URL or shown a message, and access to the age-restricted content or product is denied.

  • How do age verification apps integrate with my Shopify store?

    Age verification apps seamlessly integrate with Shopify stores, often providing customizable pop-ups or screens that verify a visitor’s age before granting access to specific content or products.

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