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The 10 Best Shopify Contact Form Apps – [2023]

Last modified: April 1, 2023

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When you have a website that sells products or services, you’re going to have loads of people who will want to ask questions. While many will be happy to speak to you using live chat, or to look through FAQs to get their answers, others will just want to email you. That is why all websites should have a contact page with a form to help customers get in touch. With Shopify, you’ll need one of the many Shopify contact form apps to help make this happen.

What Do The Shopify Contact Form Apps Do?

Simply put, Shopify contact form apps add a form to a page, of your choice, where the user can write a message with contact details and then send this to the store owner. At your end, you’ll receive messages in your email inbox with contact details.

All the best Shopify contact form apps should allow you to design the form to your needs. You might want to add requests for more information, such as order numbers or products they’re speaking about. This can be vital in servicing your customer more efficiently.

There are some problems with contact forms in that you can get spam. For this, there are ways you can protect your inbox. Some Shopify contact form apps include this but at other times you might need to have a security app installed on your store.

Contact forms can really help your business grow. Research has shown that a contact form can be part of your lead generation and many businesses see a 10% growth in sales within 6-9 months of adding a contact form to their website. To convert more of their leads on a website, brands should use about five fields. This is the optimal amount according to studies.

While it varies depending on industry, the average conversion of an online form is about 21.5%. Using a multi-step form can increase conversions by 300%.

So, what are the best Shopify contact form apps? Here are some of the best available.

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Sticky Floating Contact Form

Sticky Floating Contact Form

Most contact form apps place the contact form on a specific page or static location on number pages (like right margin). However, this app allows you to increase sales and capture more leads by having the contact form available at all times. The contact form floats on the screen, this can be located on the bottom, left or right of the screen. This means that when the customer has a question, they can simply fill out the form right where they are and not need to find the contact form.

You can also customize the contact form with different background colors, fonts, the size of the contact form and many other options. You can add custom fields, which can include numerous different data entry options including text, numbers, dropdown, dates, etc..

For those working with people inside the EU, you can add a GDPR consent checkbox to your form. This means that the visitor can agree to terms and conditions before they submit data through the contact form. You can also track the URL from where the message was sent. And the app supports Google Analytics.

You can also give control to your audience. If they don’t want to see the floating contact form, they can minimize it.

Sticky Floating Contact Form Highlights:

  • Contact form always available to customers.
  • Is GDPR compliant.
  • Can add custom fields.
  • Customization options for you.

Improved Contact Form

Improved Contact Form

This app is full of great features. The core of the app is free, but there are some premium features which can only be accessed via the dashboard when you install the app. Once installed, you can have a contact us page with a working, optimized contact form and you can also have a popup form for your shop.

The app allows you to add a contact us button in the corner of each page on your site and this becomes an inpage contact form when clicked. You can customize the fields you want submitted and there is built-in spam protection for your website that will keep annoying spam bots from flooding your inbox with unhelpful messages.

The app is fully optimized for mobiles, so it won’t slow down your website and will help with ranking.

The smart contact form can allow you to see lots of information about those who use your contact form. For instance, they will give you the submitter’s location, IP address, how they discovered your site and what pages they viewed before contacting you.

Improved Contact Form Highlights:

  • A free app that allows you to have a contact form and popup.
  • See more information about the sender so you can deal with their query better.
  • Optimized for mobile devices.
  • Secured against spam bots.

Free Contact Form

Free Contact Form

This offer allows you to have all the fundamental tools to quickly setup a contact form. There’s no coding or developer needed. The form builder is intuitive and really easy to use. You can use advanced fields, including Dropdown lists, multiple choices and checkboxes. This enables you to not just build contact forms, but also feedback and booking forms.

There are a lot of style options available for your contact form, so you can really design your site’s contact form to match your brand’s style. You can change the contact form to make it embedded on a page, a popup or a bubble. Likewise, you can change it so it will only display on certain pages or display on certain user behaviors.

To make the most out of your site and the contact forms, there are analytics that can tell you which are performing better. Therefore, you can find ways to improve conversions, sales and more with this app.

There is a premium option available for this app, the free is good enough for most store owners.

Free Contact Form Highlights:

  • Can use the free version to keep costs down.
  • Analyze which contact forms make the most impact on your site.
  • Develop sophisticated contact forms.
  • Use your contact forms in many different ways.

Contact Us Form with Captcha

Contact Us Form with Captcha

This app allows you to develop a simple contact form within just a few minutes and with no coding knowledge. This app does have a pro version, which is paid, but this app is free and is all you need. The app won’t slow down your website and is secured with the help of Ajax and HTML5 technology. You can add security to your app with the help of Google Captcha.

The contact form will be fully responsive and therefore perfect on mobiles and other devices. Once the contact request has been sent, you can deliver a thank you message to the sender. This can be customised in the dashboard.

You can also customize your form header with images, custom formatting and more. You can also customize the contact form with Advanced CSS. This app can support any language.

All submission data is kept by the app, so you don’t lose it. If you need to find a past submission, you can search past contacts to find messages.

Contact Us Form with Captcha Highlights:

  • Create a contact, feedback or booking form with ease.
  • Secured against spam with latest technology.
  • All data stored for easy retrieval.
  • Collect online payments with Stripe or PayPal.

Easy Contact Form Builder

Easy Contact Form Builder

One of the top free apps available on Shopify, this app can help you add a contact now or contact form to your website with ease. The form can be displayed in numerous formats including popup, bubble or embedded. You can also set any button in your theme to trigger contact forms.

There are lots of uses for this theme. You can use it to build basic fields, get customers to upload files, add multiple choice and more.

When customers have sent over a form, you can manage their data more efficiently. Therefore, you can improve your CRM database and also improves sales. All data can also be imported into MailChimp.

Easy Contact Form Builder Highlights:

  • Easy to use app that allows you to add contact forms to anywhere on your website.
  • Add data straight to your website’s MailChimp account.
  • Improve sales with ease.
  • Lots of customization options for your contact form.

Final Word: The Top 10 Shopify Contact Form Apps

Make sure that you have one of the best Shopify contact form apps that will allow you to service your customers best. At the same time, protect yourself from spam with the right app. The above ten all have features that make them excellent choices, the decision on which you use is up to you. Which will you install?

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