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12 Best Shopify Google Reviews Apps – [2023]

Last modified: July 4, 2022

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Google is one of the most popular websites that is visited across the world. There are more than 5.6 billion searches conducted on the search engine every single day. Sometimes these are for things like general questions or something else. However, sometimes it is to find a local business, like an accountant, barbers, etc., or to find a shop. Google will list these businesses and also the reviews other Google users have left about them. Using these reviews can be very important and for that you will need to use one of the Shopify Google reviews apps.

How will Shopify Google Reviews Apps Help your Website?

Hosting reviews from Google has several benefits. For one it shows social proof that you can deliver a quality service and another is that it adds trust between you and the customers. And because you’re using Google, it shows that you’ve not added the reviews because reviewers need their own account and often Google will showcase what else the customer has reviewed.

Research has shown how powerful reviews can be. About 81% of customers trust peer reviews more than your marketing content. And Google is a great review platform. A good set of reviews on Google can help you rank higher and get more click throughs. Also 84% of customers trust reviews on Google as much as the opinions of their friends.

It is also important to note that reviews are highly influential and you should be regularly asking for them. About 73% of consumers will leave a review if asked.

Therefore, you can leverage the benefits of Google and improve your conversion rate on the website. You might also want to direct customers to rate you on Google.

So, what are the best Shopify Google reviews apps are there? Here is our list.

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SEO, JSON‑LD, Schema

SEO, JSON‑LD, Schema

This app allows you to integrate with numerous review apps that will showcase your reviews on your website but also allow you to include them within Rich Snippets. This is a great way to improve your site’s SEO and increase conversions of your website. Some of the apps that it can integrate with include JudgeMe Rating and Vitals.

This app is free and does require some technical knowledge, but it can help you raise the ranks on Google. This will bring in more traffic and improve conversions on your website as you showcase your Google reviews.

SEO, JSON‑LD, Schema Highlights:

  • A free app.
  • Links with several apps for publishing your reviews within Google Rich Snippets.
  • Helps to improve ranking on Google.
  • Requires some high technical knowledge.

Final Word: The 12 Best Shopify Google Reviews Apps

Reviews are an important part of your marketing. They prove to those new to your brand that you can be trusted and that you are a worthwhile investment. However, reviews aren’t just good on your website. They should be all over the internet and one area where you should be collecting reviews is on Google.

But that does limit how many see all those reviews. That is why you need to be using one of the Shopify Google Reviews apps on your Shopify store to display these on your site. Whether you want to use Google Business Reviews or Google Customer Reviews, then you can build a strong level of trust with one of the apps mentioned above. Which app will you install?

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