Which of these Shopify Price Alert Apps is the Best for your Store
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What are the 12 Best Shopify Price Alert Apps – [2023]

Last modified: July 4, 2022

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There are times when customers won’t want to pay the price that you’re listing products/services at. However, that doesn’t mean that you lose the customer, instead, the customer might just be looking for a lower price, like when the product is on sale. That is why you might want to use one of the Shopify price alert apps.

What are the Benefits of Using one of the Shopify Price Alert Apps?

The major benefit of using one of the Shopify price alert apps is that they can help you make more money in a short period of time. The cost of an order is one of the biggest barriers to many sales. Customers just don’t want to pay too much for the goods and services. This is especially true if you’re selling something that is a luxury, like games, hobby items and more.

Therefore, you might want to consider reducing the price from time to time. However, you need to let your customers know when a price has been dropped. Then they can go back to your store and complete the purchase at the lower price.

The success of this has been seen with numerous brands. Online game streamer Steam is a great example. They often have weekend deals where games are discounted, sometimes up to 70 or 80%. They use promotional banners and social media to let a wider audience know this, but they also use emails to send notifications to those who’ve shown interest in the game before.

This strategy can therefore help you grow. In fact, 80% of consumers say that a discount will push them into making a first purchase. Then, when you provide good customer service, you can lifetime customers. This can be really powerful. A loyal customer is 50% more likely to test out a brand new product and will spend about 31% than a new customer.

An existing customer is also 20% cheaper to convert again, compared to a new customer.

So what are the 10 best Shopify price alert apps available? Here are some suggestions for you to consider.

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PushEngage Push Notifications

PushEngage Push Notifications

This app allows you to set web push notifications for your store. These can be used in numerous ways including recovering abandoned carts, price drop alerts, inventory alerts, messages to segments and more. You can also send notifications in a native language, perfect for those who want to create a more personalized touch on an international website.

There are seven different ways that you can get customers to subscribe to your push notifications. Choose the one that you would like to use the most. The app also boasts a more successful series of results than email marketing.

PushEngage Push Notifications Highlights:

  • Use one of seven different ways to subscribe visitors to your website to push notifications on your store.
  • Can be used for single and multilingual language websites with ease.
  • Use the app for several different campaigns including abandoned cart and price drop.
  • Personalization can be taken to a new level with several features.

Notifier ‑ Push Notifications - Inactive

Notifier ‑ Push Notifications

This is another free app that is perfect for those who want to increase revenues by advertising lower prices to those customers who want to know. The app works by sending web push notifications to your customers when they’ve subscribed when a price is lowered on your website. The app has several results from current users that showcase that it is much better than traditional email marketing.

For instance, it has a 50% higher open rate, 90% delivery rate and seven times the click rate of email marketing. At the same time, about 60% of your smartphone users will agree to receive push notifications to their phones, much higher than email marketing.

This app can be used for several campaigns, like welcome notifications, abandoned cart recovery, price drop alerts, back in-stock alerts and more. It works across browsers and devices with ease. And it is easy to install and use.

Notifier ‑ Push Notifications Highlights:

  • Less intrusive way for your customers to receive price drop notifications.
  • Can be used for numerous campaigns including price drops and abandoned carts.
  • Is easy to install and works across devices.
  • Has a high success rate across already used stores.

Price Drop FREE - Inactive

Price Drop FREE

This is a free app that will help you build a subscription list and let customers know when you’ve dropped the price of a product. The app uses an email system that includes a button on the website to ‘Watch This Price’. When they’ve given an email, they will receive an instant notification about the change in the price.

The app allows for tracking of revenue generated by price drop emails, an unsubscribe box for customers and you can have unlimited products/subscribers on your website. In addition, you can set different price drops for variants and the app can handle this.

The app is easy to install. Just use the drag and drop interface to add a price watch button to your product pages.

Price Drop FREE Highlights:

  • A free app that is great for those on a tight budget.
  • Adds a button to the product page that is placed using a drag and drop builder.
  • Can have an unlimited number of subscribers/products within the system.
  • Set different price drops for different variations.

Final Word: The 12 Best Shopify Price Alert Apps

When it comes to winning back price-sensitive customers, then you should be looking at using one of the numerous Shopify price alert apps. These can be used with ease and there are few that you can use one that matches your brand’s style and values. So which of the ten options above will you be using?

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