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13 Best Apps For Shopify Popups  – [2023]

13 Best Apps For Shopify Popups – [2023]

Last modified: March 2, 2023

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Apps for Shopify popups can have many functions that can help your business. Common popups can request email details for email subscriptions, offer discount codes, or provide vital information customers might want to know. There are so many functions that it is hard to include them all within one single popup.

This can be of benefit for store owners who want Shopify popups to perform essential, but limited tasks on a website. The more tasks an app does, the more code it has and this can negatively impact load times. In addition, too many popups on your store can result in negative consumer experiences.

What Shopify Popups Do You Need?

There’s no single type of Shopify Popup that you need for your business’ website. There are many different functions they can perform and it depends on your current website design. So, you will need to confirm what areas of your website you need to perform better and whether a popup is the solution you’re looking for.

For instance, if you want to sell more via email, then you need to add subscribers to your list. This can be done via exit intent popups and others that request the details of the website visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. Another option is to have a popup that collects email addresses when items are added to the visitor’s cart. Then, if they abandon, they’re sent an email to try and get them to come and complete the purchase. Reclaiming abandoned carts can add significant revenue to your business.

Alternatively, you could have one of the many Shopify popups that provides discounts, coupons and other details that can help to boost conversions right on your store. You can even use popups to inform visitors about your GDPR compliance and other legal requirements as soon as they land on your store.

Popups can have varying degrees of success too. In general, a good performing popup will have a conversion rate that is about 3%. The top 10% of popups only ever got a conversion rate of 9% and very few (3 in 100 websites) ever got a conversion of more than 10%. Therefore, popups is a strategy that has long term implications.

The best performing popup was 28% according to one study. Though other studies have found a popup that converted nearly 50% of website visitors.

So, what are the best Shopify popups for your website? Here is our top ten for your consideration.

Filter between free and paid

Promotion Popup

Promotion Popup

This free Shopify popup app allows you to control where your popup displays on your website and with what behaviours. You can limit it to display just on your website, or you can have it located everywhere. You can also limit it so it will only display when the customer has a certain number of products in the cart.

There are numerous types of popup that this app supports including newsletter, video, coupon, countdown and product popup.

One of the newest features of the popup is the Automatic Discount Popup. This is when customers will see the popup with a discount code. If the visitor makes a purchase, the discount code will automatically be applied to their cart. This is great as it reduces the effort that the customer has to put in and improves their experience on their store. Something that will persuade them to come back to your website again in the future.

Promotion Popup by Secomapp Highlights:

  • Free Shopify app regardless of use.
  • Automatic discount popup helps to improve customer experience.
  • Lots of ways to utilize popup app to make your site more interactive.
  • Showcase YouTube videos in a popup.

Proper Popup

Proper Popup

Proper Popup is an app that enables you to produce your own pop up using simple drag and drop or you can choose from the templates available. Including newsletter, age checker, FOMO and many more. You do not need to have coding or developer experience to use this app. You can target the customer at the right time whether this is chosen by time, location, exit intent, making changes to the cart or on cart price.

You can also analyze the data from each pop up campaign to fine tune your future popups and increase future sales. Proper Pop up uses a WYSIWYG live editor to make a variety of popup styles that can be triggered based on a variety of different consumer behaviors including removing a cart, duration on your website, leaving a page and many more options.

Proper Popup Highlights

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Analyze the results of your popup campaigns
  • Templates available or create your own
  • Target your customers at the right time

Sales Pop ‑ Popup Notification

Sales Pop ‑ Popup Notification

Sales pop “pops up” notifications about recent sales on the site, and encourages more sales on your site.

Having such a popup enabled on your site will increase purchases, no matter how busy your site is. Showing these type of notifications increase trust and the sense of urgency which enhances their inner FOMO which eventually makes them want to but your product.

Here are some of the top reasons this Shopify app has over 25k installs while writing these lines:

Sales Pop Highlights:

  • Even if you have no actual sales at the time of the user visiting your site, the popup can show sales from as far back as 2 years
  • New purchases will automatically be added to the notofications
  • Convert more traffic by using the app
  • High customability – choose where the popup should show, what it will look like, what pages it should trigger on, and more…

Final Thoughts: What Are The Best Shopify Popups?

Shopify popups can help you do many things. But generally they all have one purpose on your website: to make it more profitable. Whichever strategy you want to use, whether it is to collect email addresses, create urgency or to gamify your website – there is a great selection of Shopify popups for you to use. And most of them work with mobiles apps as well.

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