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Top 10 Shopify Retargeting Apps – [2023]

Last modified: February 9, 2023

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Sometimes customers will come to your site, look around and then disappear. This could be because they’re not ready to buy, have been disturbed or there is something on your website that has discouraged them from completing a purchase. That doesn’t mean that they won’t buy from you in the future. You can retarget them using Shopify retargeting apps and then possibly get them back.

What do Shopify Retargeting Apps do?

There are two ways to get a customer to complete a transaction. The first is by using Shopify abandoned cart apps. These are apps that send an SMS, email or browser notification reminding the customer they’ve left items in their cart. They’re very useful and can turn up to 20% of abandoned carts into sales.

However, they don’t allow for customers to be encouraged back if they’ve not visited the cart or entered in an email address. This is where Shopify retargeting apps can help. These install a cookie or pixel that is used to identify customers who have been on a specific page/products/collections. Then when the customer visits a site with Google Advertising Network or a social media site where you have a compatible pixel/cookie, then they’re given an advert to bring them back.

You create the advert and you can pay per impression (the number of times the advert is seen) or the number of clicks. Either way, you’re increasing the number of people who are returning to your store.

Retargeting is very effective and it can really grow your brand. It can also be very cost-effective. So what are the top Shopify retargeting apps? Here is our selection.

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Final Word: Top 10 Shopify Retargeting Apps

When it comes to retargeting, you will need one of the top-performing Shopify retargeting apps. There are numerous options available, including the ones that are listed above. Some will only market on certain websites, so be sure that you want to be on that site advertising. So which app will you install?

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