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The 10 Best Shopify Video Slider Apps – [2023]

Last modified: July 4, 2022

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Video is one of the best converting forms of media you can have on your website. They are interactive, engaging and brilliant. However, just one video might not be good enough for your audience. Instead, you might need to have several videos. This can be hard on some websites, so you might need to use one of the numerous Shopify video slider apps for your store.

What can Shopify Video Slider Apps do for your Website?

When you use one of the Shopify video slider apps on your store, you can showcase several videos in the same space by having the customer switch between them. There are several cases where this might be useful. For one, you might have a number of video products that you would like to use to convert more visitors on a product page.

You could have several promotional videos on your website’s homepage. These can be used in a slider and then played automatically, or the visitor can slide between them to choose the video that they prefer. Or perhaps you’re a YouTuber and want to showcase your videos in a slider on a page.

Whatever way you would like to use one of the Shopify Video Slider apps, there are options for you. So, here are the best 10 Shopify Video slider apps for your store.

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UI Chunx ‑ Youtube Slider

UI Chunx ‑ Youtube Slider

This app is a great option to take videos hosted on your YouTube channel to present or describe things on your website in a slider. It can be easily set up so that you’re not wasting time by building complex sliders that are harder to manage. All you need to do is add some YouTube videos into the slider creator and then use the embed code within the liquid theme or content block.

You can customize the color of the slider and it is completely responsive.

The app comes with two plans. The free plan allows you to create one slider with three slides. With the premium plan, you can create up to 150 sliders with 100 slides per slider.

UI Chunx ‑ Youtube Slider Highlights:

  • Can create up to 150 sliders with 100 slides per sliders.
  • Customize the colors of the sliders.
  • Add the sliders by using the embedded code within the liquid files.
  • Easy to set up and is responsive so can be viewed across devices.

YouTube Video Gallery

YouTube Video Gallery

This app allows you to turn your YouTube channel content into a slider on your website. You can use the multiple feed layouts easily to establish the specific look and feel of the video slider that you would like on your website. There are lots of customization options. For example, you can change the number of columns, rows, changing the gutter space and more. You can also showcase your sliders on any device as the app is completely responsive.

The app allows you to have numerous sliders on your website. These sliders can be used on one page of the store, or multiple pages, whichever you require.

You can also showcase your sliders on numerous types of pages like collection, products, blog articles and more.

YouTube Video Gallery Highlights:

  • Allows for your website to host YouTube videos in a slider.
  • Lots of customization options for your video sliders.
  • Can be used on any page.
  • Completely responsive.

Final Word: Best 10 Shopify Video Slider Apps

When it comes to Shopify video slider apps there is no short supply. There are many available on the Shopify store. The ten above are some of the best options when it comes to adding video sliders to your website. Which of the options you install is up to you, so which will you use?

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