The 10 Best Choices for your Shopify Image Editor App
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10 Best Shopify Image Editor Apps – [2023]

Last modified: May 26, 2023

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Images are an important part of selling online, especially as customers can’t have a physical connection with products or services. However, the images that you take and place online might not be optimized for the purpose you want. This is why it is highly useful to have a Shopify Image Editor App.

A Shopify Image Editor App doesn’t just make your images look better for buyers, it can also help you to rank better. Images often require high amounts of memory. This can lead to a slower website that results in poorer user experiences. It can also result in your site being ranked lower on search engines. Therefore, ultimately, images that aren’t edited properly can lead to poorer traffic and revenues for your website.

The Benefits Of A Good Shopify Image Editor App

There are many different benefits for having a good Shopify image editor app attached to your website. Firstly, you can reduce the file size of your images. This improves website speed and revenues. It can also result in a much better reputation online. You might also be able to edit the meta information of your images on the website. This can help you rank better on Google and other search engines.

You should do this in addition to adding meta tags to your website.

You might also be able to add watermarks to your images. This is an important aspect if you’ve paid to take images of your products and want to keep them to just your website. Sometimes, competitors might try to steal your images in order to use them on their own website. While this is against copyright laws, there are many small business owners who don’t follow the laws and will use images on other sites under the ‘fair use’ system. A watermark will stop these images being stolen from your site.

The Best Practices For Product Images

Images are vital for success. About 75% of your audience rely on the product images to determine whether they want to buy a product or not. Many will not read your product descriptions, but rather go on the images itself.

But images are also really bad for site speed. Images can have a massive impact on website speed because they have a lot of memory to render them. And 79% of audiences will determine the worth of your website based on the performance of your website.

There are a few best practices for product images. Here are some of the best tips for your business:

  • Use backgrounds that are plain, white and have limited distractions.
  • Images should have strong lighting.
  • Products should fill approximately 85% or more of the image.
  • You should have multiple angles of a product.

So, which Shopify image editor app should you use? Here are some of our favorites. All of them are different and many complete different jobs. But we’re sure there is one here for you and your website.

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Swap Photo Editor

Swap Photo Editor

Swap Photo Editor is a great Shopify image editor app that allows those who dropship to do photo editing to make their photos standout, look good and sell products. If you have hundreds or thousands of products on your site, this is a great option for your site. It works perfectly with Oberlo, Dropified and AliExpress systems and has an advanced interface that make product images easy to edit and perform much better across your marketing channels.

This app includes the Easy Photo Editor function, that allows you to crop edges, enhance colors and add text/logos. Just one click and you can apply changes across numerous photos on your website. This image editor doesn’t just change your product images. Those on your blog articles, collections and other pages can also be edited for better performance across your entire website.

Finally, you can make any product standout by removing backgrounds from images. This focuses the attention of the audience on your products and not something happening in the background.

Swap Photo Editor Highlights:

  • Edit hundreds of images in just a single click.
  • Optimize images for your website so they perform better for visitors and search engines.
  • Remove watermarks and logos from images.
  • Excellent support with perfect live chat available.

On Demand Photo Editing - Inactive

On Demand Photo Editing

This app is great for optimizing images for sales, allowing you to edit them so they are perfect for visitors. You can edit images so they are more aligned to the best practices across the net for making sales. Then the images are optimized for search engines so they rank better on Google and others.

The app is free to install on your site. However, you must pay for every image you edit on your site. So, if you have thousands of images on your website, this can be a very expensive.

On Demand Photo Editing Highlights:

  • Edit images one at a time.
  • Optimize images so they match eCommerce best practices.
  • Images are changed so they are perfect for search engines.
  • Free app, per image charge.

Final Word: What Is The Top Shopify Image Editor App?

When you want a top Shopify image editor app, there are many choices. Some will just edit the app so they appear better in search results, while other apps will improve the images so they can convert more visitors to your site. What your site needs depends on your current business requirements. Which Shopify image editor app will you use?

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