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12 Best Shopify Gallery Apps [Jun, 2023]

Last modified: June 4, 2023

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Images are important when it comes to selling online. At times it is the only way for a customer to gauge whether they’re interested in a product or not. And most of the time it is the real reason why a customer is looking at the product description: because they like the look of the image. But images don’t just have to be on collection or product pages. They can be all over your website and using one of the numerous Shopify gallery apps can help you to achieve this.

What can Shopify Gallery Apps do for your Store?

Shopify gallery apps allow you to display images on your site on different pages. These images are designed to attract the attention of audiences and get them to look for more information about the product/services that you’re highlighting.

Images can help be a big for selling. Only about 10% of the information that we take in is remembered within three days. But adding an image can help us remember more than 65%. In addition, 75% of the purchasing decision of the customer can be from product photos compared to the product description that you write.

An image gallery can also be a good way for you to improve your site’s SEO. More images on a page increase the number of keywords that you can use naturally on image meta data. It will also help you with ranking in other ways. Google plans a greater focus on visual search and having an image gallery allows you to be part of that.

Some of the Shopify gallery apps available even allow images to link to the cart. Therefore, customers can click on the products they like and the products will be added automatically to their cart. There are also apps that can take images from your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media profiles to ensure you don’t need to upload any more content.

Just be sure that you’re optimizing images before loading them into a gallery. Research has found images can drastically slowdown a website and this can cause massive problems for your website’s conversion rate. In fact, 50% of consumers would be willing to give up media like animations and video for a faster website experience.

With the gallery apps, you can ensure more stickiness on your website and improve conversions on your website.

Finding the top Shopify gallery apps can be a difficult task, but keeping these factors in mind can help you narrow down your options.
Filter between free and paid

Robin PRO Image Gallery

Robin PRO Image Gallery

This app offers you the ability to build fast, mobile-first, photo galleries that will impress visitors and convert them into sales on your website. All images on your website can then be linked to a product page (or somewhere else on your site). Therefore, galleries can lead directly to sales on your site.

Robin PRO doesn’t make your site slower. In fact, thanks to the intuitive software and coding, the app allows you to have a faster website. All the work is conducted in the background, therefore downloading is delayed until the rest of the store is loaded for your visitor to use. Part of this is part of the CDN that is employed by the app team.

With the galleries yourself, you can choose between a grid or masonry image gallery layouts. And you can add watermarks to your gallery, this protects them from theft.

Robin PRO Image Gallery Highlights:

  • Choose between grid and masonry image gallery layouts.
  • Mobile friendly apps are developed and deployed.
  • CDN delivery the galleries to your website for fast performance.
  • Can link images to products on your website.

Final Word: The Best 12 Shopify Gallery Apps

Shopify gallery apps are a great way to promote your business. They offer you the chance to sell products with the best asset you have: images of your products. There are numerous Shopify gallery apps available for your store, some of the best are above. So, which app will you install?

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