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10 Best Fraud Filter Apps Shopify

Last modified: May 26, 2023

10 Best Fraud Filter Apps Shopify
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One of the biggest risks for businesses on Shopify is that they are hacked or are a victim of fraud. About half of small businesses will be targeted every year by cybercriminals. And when the attacks are successful, 90% of the small businesses will close. Therefore, your business needs to use one of the best fraud filler apps Shopify options.

How can a Fraud Filter App Shopify Help?

There are numerous ways that a fraud filter app Shopify can help you protect your store. For one, it can protect you from malicious orders where there is no real order, the fraudster will attempt to claim a refund for products, which they say they didn’t receive. Sometimes this can be done as a chargeback, where a bank will charge you for the process, as well as refund the money from the transaction.

Some will block the orders from happening in the first place. However, there are some apps where you can have a fraud report created. Then you can choose whether you would like to fulfill the order or cancel the order before you spend any money.

There are other ways though. For instance, some will stop people from certain IP addresses from using your website. You might also get protection from bots and AI from using your website.

As a result of all the actions that are taken on your website, you can save money and improve profitability on your website. Some can work with the Shopify fraud reports and automate the process, therefore you can be more productive by reducing your workload.

So what are the best fraud filter app Shopify options on the Shopify store?

Fraud Filter

Fraud Filter

You can use this app to create rules for red flags and prevent known customers from placing orders in your stores. It offers an additional level of protection to reduce fraud in your store. You can be alerted for suspicious behavior or block orders completely. You can cancel these orders if you want to. This means you can get the fraud filters to match your business parameters.

Fraud Filter Highlights:

  • Create your own rules for flagging fraudulent orders.
  • Choose whether to cancel an order or not.
  • Automate cancellations if preferred.
  • Warns of suspicious behaviors.

Chargeflow Dispute Chargebacks

Chargeflow Dispute Chargebacks

You can protect your business profits from fraud with the state-of-the-art chargeback automation solution. It is a fully-automated chargeback management solution, enabling you to scale the business without significant costs or spending hours finding time-consuming disputes. The app allows you to also have analytics and active fraud protection.

The AI-based evidence builder helps you to collect lots of data points to maximize the dispute win rate on chargebacks. The app works by only charging you when you win a case.

Chargeflow Dispute Chargebacks Highlights:

  • You are only charged when a case is won.
  • There is a centralized dashboard, for analyzing the chargebacks from numerous payment providers.
  • Deflect chargebacks and lower the chargeback rate.
  • Automated solution fights and recovers the chargebacks.

Easy Block Customer IP Country

Easy Block Customer IP Country

You can protect your store, prevent fraud and block unwanted visitors/bots using the IP addresses or countries. You can use a country geolocation-blocking app to enhance the security of the website. You can block unwanted access based on either the IP address or the country of origin. Therefore, you can protect your store from high-risk locations, and even comply with regional regulations. You can also protect both your business and the customers.

Easy Block Customer IP Country Highlights:

  • Prevent unwanted traffic on your Shopify store.
  • You can block the traffic based on location or IP address.
  • Blog specific individuals from your website using specific IP addresses.
  • Easy to use app.

Final Word: Fraud Filter App Shopify

Fraud is a big problem for Shopify stores and eCommerce stores in general. To protect your store from unnecessary costs you should consider using at least one of the Fraud Filter app Shopify options that are available. These can reduce costs and improve the profitability of your website. There are numerous options available, and each has their advantages and costs.

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