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The 14 Best Shopify Countdown Timer Apps  – [2023]

The 14 Best Shopify Countdown Timer Apps – [2023]

Last modified: December 7, 2022

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Countdown timers are a great asset on your website. They create a sense of urgency that can help push conversion on your website. There are many ways that you can use Shopify Countdown timer apps on your website. The main examples are:

  • To showcase when a website will be active or finish being built.
  • To tell customers how long they have to pre-order products from your website.
  • When you have a sale that is going to run for a limited time.
  • Signal when the next dispatch time is and how long customers have to get their order delivered the next day.

What To Look For In Shopify Countdown Timer Apps

When you’re choosing from the many Shopify Countdown timer apps you have to know you’ve got the functions you want. This means you have to ascertain what you’re looking to do with the app. If you’re looking for a new website countdown timer you’re obviously going to need different functions from those that are there for your store sales.

Countdown timers are very useful for increasing sales too. On average, a countdown timer improves sales by about 9%. This is because they add urgency to a shopper’s experience and this can be very important.

If you use urgency words within your website’s copy and the countdown timer, you can also improve sales by an additional 16%.

So here are some of the best Shopify Countdown timer apps for you to consider.

Filter between free and paid

Countdown Timer Ultimate

Countdown Timer Ultimate

A great and simple app that can help you increase the sales on your website. There are 12 clock designs that can be customized with different colors and fonts. When customers see the ticking clock on your website, it will lead to higher conversions as customers will become concerned that they will miss out on a great deal. This Shopify app allows you to operate the timer for mobile visitors as well, making it a great option.

This app is perfect for small websites that want to also host flash sales, special day sales, seasonal sales, limited time promotions, clearance sales or daily deals. It might also be used for dispatch times.

There is a free and paid version. The free version has lots of the features available, but does have the developer badge on the clock design. To remove this, you have to pay a small monthly fee.

Countdown Timer Ultimate Highlights:

  • A free version that allows you to have a ticking clock on your website.
  • Great for numerous types of sales on your website.
  • Can customize the font and colors of the clock.
  • Mobile friendly programming, so looks great on all devices and doesn’t reduce speed.

ULTIMATE Countdown Timer

ULTIMATE Countdown Timer

This simple, and free Shopify app will allow you to have a real-time countdown timer on your website. It will help to improve awareness of sales on your website and increase the urgency to purchase with customers. Therefore, more people will take advantage of special offers, improving website urgency.

No coding is necessary for this app, it is installed easily and within a matter of seconds you can start using it on your website. The look and feel of the app can match your store with just a few customization options.

ULTIMATE Countdown Timer Highlights:

  • A completely free app, there is no premium option available.
  • Customize the look of the timer to match your store.
  • Schedule the start and end dates/times of your timer, so you can start the timer when you’re not available and in the future.
  • Great for all kinds of sales on your website.

Conversion Plus - Inactive

Conversion Plus

Conversion plus adds a cart reservation timer on your website that tells a customer how long they have to place their order before they could miss out. You can change the display text and you can define what happens after the timer expires. The app can be modified so the timer can match your theme perfectly, great for branding.

The app can support numerous languages and is optimized for all screen sizes and devices. Great for those who are looking to encourage sales from users from numerous devices.

Conversion Plus Highlights:

  • A free app that allows you to increase conversions on your website.
  • Set what happens when the timer runs out.
  • Works across devices and screen sizes.
  • Can support numerous languages.

Essential Countdown Timer

Essential Countdown Timer

The FREE Essential Countdown Timer is one of the best tools to boost sales in your store. There are plenty of countdown timer placements and positions to choose from. Product page, Home page, Collection page, Password page, top or bottom bar – choose whatever option best suits your needs. Since Essential Countdown Timer is one of the few apps that supports Shopify OS2 themes — you can add their countdown timer virtually anywhere in your Shopify store.

Essential Countdown Timer triggers FOMO and urgency among buyers and encourages them to act, so the possibility to add a call-to-action button to the timer comes in very handy. It is perfect for flash sales, promotions, holiday sales, event launches, pre-order countdowns, and much more! In addition to that, you can make a scheduled “to-date” timer or a unique fixed timer for each buyer in your Shopify store.

But probably the best thing about it is that it’s absolutely FREE – no hidden fees, no restrictions, no watermarks. Unlike most other Shopify countdown timer applications, it doesn’t restrict the number of countdown timers you can create and publish. And looking into their reviews — it seems that all of this comes with top-notch customer support!

Essential Countdown Timer highlights

  • Absolutely FREE, premium product available to any Shopify merchant.
  • You can create an unlimited number of different countdown timers. No restrictions, no watermarks.
  • Choose from multiple placements for your countdown timer: Product page, Home page, Collection page, Password page, top or bottom bar.
  • Choose from 20 high-converting countdown timer styles or create your own design from scratch to fit your brand identity.
  • Mobile-friendly countdown timer. A countdown timer will look perfect in your store regardless of the buyer’s device.

Final Word: What Is The Top 12 Shopify Countdown Timer Apps?

There are lots of Shopify countdown timer apps available through the Shopify app store. The vast difference between the various Shopify countdown timers allows you to select an option that is suitable for your specific needs. Will you choose a cheaper option with less features or a more expensive option that has lots of different features that can help you improve your brand’s revenues? The choice is yours.

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