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The Top 9 Shopify Gift Card Apps

Last modified: November 19, 2019


Gift cards are a popular gift when it comes to birthdays and other holidays. It allows the recipient to choose what they want for your store for less disappointment. And with today’s technology, gift cards are becoming more digital. Instead of being a physical card that is presented to a shop, they are more of a code that can be entered at the checkout.

While there are ways to facilitate this on your store with coupons, there are ways that some consumers could re-use coupon codes to earn more. In addition, it doesn’t feel very ‘gifty’ and can be a disappointment for those receiving it. There is also the standard Shopify gift card system, but the designs don’t allow for much branding/interest. That is why you should be considering using one of the many Shopify gift card apps available.

Do Shopify Gift Card Apps Help?

By using one of the Shopify gift card apps allows you to manage gift cards to a level other systems don’t. For instance, some receivers can’t find everything they want in one visit, so they might want to save some of their credit for another purchase. A gift card allows them to do that. They can also be used as a marketing ploy with your branding across the gift whether it is a physical or digital gift card.

Plus, it allows you to physically see the number and use of gift cards. A really good way to manage and administer your gift cards. Finally, gift cards are a great way to create loyalty with your customers. Many brands use them as reward systems, giving gift cards as promotional items in competitions, in promotions when customers spend over a certain amount (upsell), and as a way to apologize when mistakes have been made.

So, what are our top Shopify gift card apps?

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Shopkeeper Gift Cards

Shopkeeper Gift Cards

The problem with most digital gift cards is that they don’t look impressive. In fact, some are very underwhelming, and therefore deter customers from using them as gifts. That is why you need one of the Shopify gift card apps to offer something that can turn ‘blah into beautiful’, as this app promises.

The app allows you to change the standardized gift cards that are used on Shopify stores into something that is more personalized for their friends and family. They have an exclusive virtual gift card layout that is aesthetically pleasing and will promote your branding to new customers very easily. Shoppers can even choose from hundreds of designs to stamp their own personality and preferences onto their gift.

While no other functions are added to your store, this is a great way to make your branding stand apart from the basic gift card options available. This, can therefore, allow you to market the gift cards more successfully and see a higher rate of the gift cards being redeemed. When you have that, you might see more customers becoming loyal to your brand that will help improve long term sales for your business.

Shopkeeper Gift Cards Highlights:

  • Allow customers to choose from more than 300 gift card designs to send to friends and family.
  • Lots of themes that can help denote why the gift card is being sent (i.e. birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc.).
  • Easy to install and setup.
  • Doesn’t take any profits or processing fee.

Final Word: The Top 9 Shopify Gift Card Apps

When it comes to encouraging shoppers online to buy presents, nothing works better than gift cards. They are also a useful way to generate more loyalty by offering them as a reward for customers spending more in a single order or a way to apologize when mistakes have been made. Use one of the Shopify gift card apps included in the list above to add this functionality to your website and see more sales come to your store.

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