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12 Best Sport Shopify Themes for Sales and Growth

12 Best Sport Shopify Themes for Sales and Growth

Last modified: March 25, 2023

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Sport is big business. In the US, people spend about $33 billion a year on equipment and $19 billion a year on gym memberships. There is a lot of potential revenue for a small eCommerce business looking to take a slice of that consumer spending. However, if you really want to do well, you need to ensure that you have one of the best Sport Shopify themes available.

What Are You Looking For In The Sport Shopify Themes?

There are many things you’re looking for when you want to choose from the many Sport Shopify themes. First, you want to decide on whether or not color is important to your branding. If you’re selling sporting accessories that are related to one specific team, then you might need to have a certain style or color scheme available to you. Likewise, certain colors are often associated with specific sports like basketball and golf.

Sports has seen a surge in spending over the recent years. At-home gym equipment and fitness sales saw massive growth during the pandemic. While some of this has now reduced from 2020 figures, the 2022 figures are looking more promising than that 2021 period. Therefore, it is likely the sale of sporting goods will increase again.

Sporting goods can also have some good profit margins. For example, the average person spends $500 on sporting equipment every year. Most brands can earn nearly 40% profit on each sale. So each customer that a brand has is worth $200 a year.

You also need to look at the Sport Shopify themes for their speed and potential for SEO. The best themes should load in under four seconds and the faster the better. For every second it takes to load your website, you’re losing about 7% of your revenue. At the same time, you need a theme that has the potential to be high on search engine rankings. The top search results tend to get better traffic. A good example of this would be using the term ‘golf clubs’. The top result on Google get roughly 55,000 visitors per month. The tenth result gets about 1,300 a month. That is a significant difference in traffic and potential revenue.

So, here are what we think the best sport Shopify themes are.

Filter between free and paid



With two themes included, Boundless is a great sport theme on Shopify for those who want to sell online without too much investment. The free theme has plenty of features to make it a great option including the option to add a home page video, that can help with conversions. You can also add an elegant slideshow to the home page that has a beautiful fading effect.

This theme is optimized for larger images, so you can showcase your products in beautiful detail. Product detail is further enhanced due to collection images being presented in a full-width grid layout. There is also high-resolution image options that can showcase products in great detail.

To help with navigation, your top menu can be made sticky, so it stays at the top of the screen the whole time.

Boundless Highlights:

  • A sticky menu helps with user navigation.
  • Free stock images included with the theme.
  • Optimized for showing products in great detail.
  • Home page video helps to tell your brand’s story.



Venture comes with three styles that seem to be specific to certain sports. These themes are snowboards, outdoors and boxing. This sport Shopify theme is one of the best free themes for large collection of products. To help with navigation around your large product collections, there is a great multi-column menu setting. You can also add a product filter. The filter can reduce and sort products based on type, popularity and price.

On the home page there are lots of features that can make you stand out from the crowd. The first great feature is the slideshow that enables you to showcase your best products or important brand messages right on your front page. Then you have the promotional banner that can be used to highlight great discounts and latest products.

Finally, you can highlight your best product right on the center of your home page. This is a great way to increase purchases of a product that has high profit margins.

Venture Highlights:

  • Mobile friendly design.
  • Three distinct styles to choose from.
  • Optimized for search engines.
  • Great set of features that can help you promote your products.

Final Thoughts: Which Are The Best Sport Shopify Themes?

There are many options when choosing amongst the sport Shopify themes. The ones listed above have great features and design aspects that make them excellent choices for your business. In addition, they are themes that will look good no matter what device customers are using. With any of them, you can run a successful sport business.

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