The 9 Best Free Shopify Themes
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The 9 Best Free Shopify Themes

Last modified: June 12, 2023

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If you’re starting out with Shopify, then you might not have much capital. You might need to pour your funds into buying stock, marketing or services for your business. You will then need to think of ways to build a business website that will convert without costing too much. Luckily there are some great free Shopify themes available.

*Free Shopify themes – are they worth it?

Why use Free Shopify Themes?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to use some free Shopify themes. For one, the cost is a great benefit. Free Shopify themes allow you to have a website design without a huge cost. This can be a great benefit if you’re testing a market to see if there is a profitable business within the niche. This can be important with new and emerging product lines that you might make.

Another reason is that free Shopify themes can be a good way for you to train yourself to use Shopify. If you’ve never used the platform before, you might want to try out the system without using an expensive theme that you might not want to use when you get going with your proper website.

Finally, you might want to use a free Shopify theme because some of them are really good. They have the features that you might find in other themes like those that sell gadgets, want to be used for a blog and more. Therefore, sometimes you can have a great website without the necessary cost.

What are you Looking for in Free Shopify Themes?

There are many things that you should be looking for when you’re building a website and the free Shopify themes should have these if they’re going to be useful for your website. The first thing that you need is something is going to be easily customizable. You want something that doesn’t need any coding knowledge or have advanced skills to make small changes.

Another thing that you need is a website that has speed. For every second that it takes for your website you will lose 7% of your website’s revenue. This can be a lot for those websites that take an average of 8 to 11 seconds to load. Just by using a website that takes four seconds to load, you will find that your revenue can double or triple.

You will also need one of the free Shopify themes that can rank highly on Google and other search engines. Those that rank in the top three of Google will get 75% of the traffic. Those that rank at 10th on the first page will only get 2.5% of the traffic. This can have a massive impact on the success of your business.

A free Shopify theme won’t prevent you from topping search results, but it has to be the right theme for your website. In addition, you might want to add some SEO apps to your website to help it rank better on Google. There are free and premium options available there too.

So what are the best free Shopify themes available? Here is a list of the 9 best themes that you can use.

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This free theme has been optimized to showcase all the information on one page. This can be very important for those who want to sell just a few products or have a one-page design. It is also great for ranking as you can include a lot of content and keywords on one page. The speed and usability of the theme is really good.

The includes a great slide-out cart and a quick buy feature that allows you to have an excellent buying experience on your website. When customers are looking to make a quick purchase, these can be a great benefit.

The theme can be customized for an aesthetic appearance that matches your brand’s identity. The finished website that you can create will be optimized on search engines for higher rankings, more traffic and better revenues for your website.

Express Highlights:

  • Express is one of the top themes for free.
  • There is a slide-out cart and quick buy options to help your customers shop quickly.
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs that can be used to make a positive experience for customers on your website.
  • Perfect for those businesses that have a small catalog.



Narrative has been created for those who want a good website but don’t want to sell a huge range of products. A smaller catalog gives you the ability to focus your marketing on a smaller selection and therefore being able to really penetrate the market with them. To help you sell, there is a lot of visual storytelling on the theme. You can use image blocks, a quote slide and more to tell your brand and product story to get the audience to emotionally bond with you. This can increase sales.

To improve the storytelling on the website, there is also the possibility of using a hero video on your website. This can be on autoplay and be full screen.

The browsing experience for customers can be improved through the use of great navigation. Menus, logos and carts will remain at the top of the screen as customers start to scroll down the page, giving them easy access to the rest of your website.

Narrative Highlights:

  • Easy to update and customize theme that can help those who want to have a small catalog.
  • Perfect for those who want to provide the best browsing experience to their customers.
  • Vertical slideshow to help promote products, images, blog posts and more.
  • Hero video on the homepage to sell concepts to visitors to your website.



Debut is a great theme that has lots of fantastic features that are often only found in premium themes. For instance, the theme allows you to have predictive search. This is great for allowing customers to find the products they want on your store. This also allows your store to have lots of products and is perfect for dropshipping and large warehouse eCommerce stores. There is also product filtering that can help customers see the products that are only going to interest them.

In addition, you can build trust with audiences by using customer testimonials on your website. Customers trust the opinions of their peers more than they will trust your website’s marketing spiel. Therefore, having these testimonials on your website can help you increase conversions without a problem.

To help with branding there is a slideshow that can be used to create perfect promotional content for your website. You can also use a hero video on your website. The video can be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo and shown on your website with ease.

The theme also has a great feature that allows customers to select a local pickup. Therefore, they can save on shipping costs and you can fulfill orders much quicker. Perfect for those businesses that want to have a local customer base.

Debut Highlights:

  • A great theme that has many premium features to help you brand your website.
  • Offer better shopping experiences with predictive searches and product filtering.
  • Allows customers to pick up orders from a local store.
  • East to customize and use.



Venture was specifically built for brands with a large number of products in their catalog. Therefore, it is great for those who want to participate in dropshipping or just want a lot of products in their warehouse. To help customers find their way around your store, you can use the multi-column menu that allows customers to find their page with just a few clicks.

To promote your brand there is a promotional banner feature. This can include information about your latest sale, promotion or discount. This will feature prominently at the top of your homepage. There is also the option for a slideshow.

When customers are looking at your shop, they can use a product filtering system. This allows your customers to see only the products they want to see based on price, brand, collection, colour and more. And when you want to promote your favorite product, you can promote a single product on the homepage right in the center.

Venture Highlights:

  • Venture is perfect for those with large catalogs.
  • Use promotional banners to advertise the best products on your website.
  • Add a product filtering system to your website to make product discovery easier.
  • Promote one product on your homepage.



Boundless is a great, free, minimalist Shopify theme that is one of the best for those on a tight budget. There are lots of features that are often found only in premium themes. For example, there is a sticky navigation option. This allows your customers to always see the menu bar as they scroll down the page. It is a simple feature that can make all the difference to the experience of the customer.

The theme has been optimized for larger images and large catalogs. Images on the website can be high-resolution, which is great for showcasing your best products. And you can further feature your products in a homepage slideshow that includes a great neat fading effect.

There is also the chance to showcase your products in a perfect hero video. This can be displayed on your homepage.

Boundless Highlights:

  • The theme has been optimized for large, high-resolution images to promote products.
  • Includes a great slideshow that can help bring products to life.
  • Optimized for search engines that allow you to rank your website high.
  • Perfect for use on mobile phones and other devices.



Simple is a fantastic option for those who want to create a website that will sell well. There are lots of sidebar menu that allows for you to have an accordion-style menu on your website that can display all your products and collections. To help you build sales there are lots of great features such as the product image zoom that can allow customers to have a closer look and see extra product details. There are also some image animations that can help you create a more engaging website.

To help with your cross-selling on your website, you can showcase other products that the customer might want to have.

Simple Highlights:

  • A great, mobile optimized theme that is perfect for lots of niches.
  • Cross-sell on your website with recommended products.
  • A product image zoom that can help your customers to see products in finer details.
  • Image animations are easily added to your website’s design.



Brooklyn is a great option for those who have a fashion website and has been custom designed for that niche. It contains a header slideshow that allows you to showcase multiple products or brand images at the center and top of your homepage.

To further help brand your website, there is the chance to have a hero video. These videos can be hosted on YouTube and Vimeo and then used on your website.

In addition, you can also showcase the best products in a grid on your website. The layout of the website will automatically change how many are displayed on the website. To help with the shopping experience, you can use the slide-out cart that allows the customers to see the cart without leaving their current page.

Brooklyn Highlights:

  • A slide-out cart that allows you to build a website with great shopping experiences.
  • Automatically adjusts the design of your website to fit perfectly with the number of products on display.
  • Have a hero video on your homepage.
  • Perfect for a fashion website.



Supply is one of the top free Shopify themes that you can have. It is perfect for those who want to have a large catalog but don’t want the expense of a premium website theme. This theme is really easy to use and even those who don’t have experience with building a website on Shopify can utilize this theme with ease.

For instance, you can use a collection filtering that allows customers to limit what products are visible on the shop page. Filters can be applied based on the collection, brand, price, color and more.

You’re also able to build your website’s brand through a slideshow. This slideshow can showcase your website’s history, the best products, promotions and deals. This can be added directly to the website’s homepage.

Supply Highlights:

  • The perfect theme for those who are on a tight budget.
  • You can showcase the products you want directly on the website’s homepage.
  • Customers can see only the products they want by using the product filter.
  • Optimize the website for any device, including mobiles, so customers can use your website regardless of what device they’re using.



Minimal is the perfect theme for those that want to have a quick setup and getting their website up and running within minutes. This can enable those who want to have a website built within hours. The theme includes lots of features that are great for selling. This can include cart notes and in-store pickups.

You can also have stock counter and recommended products. This can help increase the number of sales and the average cart totals. Minimal is perfect for lots of different niches and can rank highly on Google and other search engines.

The theme is also perfect for viewing on mobile devices.

Minimal Highlights:

  • A perfect theme for those who want a simple website that can be set up within minutes.
  • Is optimized for viewing on mobile devices and desktops.
  • Lots of good features to help you sell more on your website.
  • Can rank highly on Google and other search engines.
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Final Word: The 9 Best Free Shopify Themes

If you want to have one of the best free Shopify themes, then there is a list above that you can use to find the perfect themes for your website. There are many reasons why you might want to have a free theme and the cost isn’t the only reason.

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