How to Integrate Payment Gateways in Shopify [2024]
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How to Integrate Payment Gateways in Shopify

Last modified: March 15, 2024

How to Integrate Payment Gateways in Shopify
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Feeling overwhelmed with the process of integrating payment gateways in Shopify? If you’ve been tirelessly searching for a solution to streamline your online transactions, you’re not alone.

Selecting the right payment gateway for your Shopify store is crucial to ensure a smooth and secure checkout process for your customers. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to integrate payment gateways into your Shopify platform, highlighting key considerations and best practices.

Whether you’re looking to enhance customer experience or streamline your payment processes, understanding how to effectively integrate payment gateways is essential for any Shopify store owner.

Key Takeaways
Setting up payment gateways involves configuration and testing for seamless integration.
Activating Shopify Payments and third-party providers offer flexibility for transaction processing.
Optimizing gateway selection based on customer preferences and security features enhances user experience.
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Bold Subscriptions
Front Systems
Front Systems
Split ‑ Partial Payments
Split ‑ Partial Payments
Recurring Payments & Orders
Recurring Payments & Orders
Advanced PreOrder(Partial Pay)
Advanced PreOrder(Partial Pay)
Membership Subscription Order
Membership Subscription Order
Affirm pay‑over‑time messaging
Affirm pay‑over‑time messaging
Point of Sale
Point of Sale
Simplio: Simple Invoice
Simplio: Simple Invoice
Conekta Offline Payments
Conekta Offline Payments
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Understanding Payment Gateways in Shopify

A payment gateway is a tool that authenticates and processes online transactions. This mechanism is integral for e-commerce operations, facilitating a secure exchange of payment details between the buyer and seller.

Shopify provides multiple payment gateway options, including its own solution, Shopify Payments, and various third-party services. Each gateway comes with its distinct set of features and fee structures, which can influence your decision based on the financial model of your store.

While transaction fees and accepted payment methods are common factors to consider, one should also assess the integration process’s simplicity within Shopify’s ecosystem.

Setting Up Payment Gateways in Shopify

To set up payment gateways in Shopify, follow these steps:

1. Log In

Log in to your Shopify admin panel.

2. Navigate to Settings

Go to the ‘Settings’ section and select ‘Payment providers.’

3. Select Provider

Click on the ‘Choose third-party provider’ button.

4. Browse Available Lists

Browse the list of available payment gateways and select the one that suits your business needs.

5. Enter Credentials & Configure Settings

Enter the required credentials and configure the settings for the selected payment gateway.

6. Save & Test the payment gateways

Save your changes and test the payment gateway to ensure it’s working correctly.

7. Enable additional payment methods

Consider enabling additional payment methods to cater to a wider range of customers.

8. Monitor & Optimize performance

Monitor transaction performance and make adjustments as needed to optimize the payment process.

Setting Up Shopify Payments

To activate Shopify Payments, go to your Shopify settings and select the Payments section. Before moving forward, verify that your store fulfills all requirements set by the acquiring bank, including eligibility and bank account specifications.

It’s critical to finalize your account setup within three weeks following your initial sale to prevent any interruptions in your payment processing. Opting for a store currency that matches your primary market will streamline your transactions.

Note that only the store owner has the authority to modify the payment provider, ensuring secure control over payment options. Integrating Shopify Payments allows you to provide a dependable payment solution to your customers.

Integrating Third-Party Payment Providers

By selecting and setting up the right payment gateway, you’ll be able to offer your customers a variety of payment options, meet their needs for secure transactions, and manage transaction fees effectively.

Here’s how to get started with integrating third-party payment providers on Shopify.

1. Access Your Dashboard

Log in to your Shopify account and navigate to the dashboard.

2. Select Payment Providers

Click on the ‘Settings’ tab and choose ‘Payment Providers.’

3. Activate Shopify Payments

Enable Shopify Payments to access a range of third-party payment providers.

4. Choose Your Payment Gateway

Select a payment service provider from the list available in Shopify.

5. Fill Out the Online Form

Complete the necessary details in the online form to activate the chosen payment provider.


By integrating third-party payment providers, you can provide your customers with secure and rapid transaction processing. Keep in mind for any additional transaction fees that may apply when using third-party payment providers.

Optimizing Payment Gateway Selection

When optimizing your payment gateway selection, consider the following key factors:

  1. Customer Preferences: Analyze your customer base to understand their payment methods of choice. Select a gateway that aligns with their preferences for a seamless user experience.
  2. Cost Evaluation: Evaluate transaction fees from various gateways to minimize expenses and maximize cost-effectiveness.
  3. Security Features: Prioritize gateways with robust security measures to ensure safe transactions and protect customer data.
  4. Global Reach: Choose a gateway that supports both domestic and international transactions to expand your customer base and reach.
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Conclusion: How to Integrate Payment Gateways in Shopify

In conclusion, integrating payment gateways in Shopify is essential for a smooth and secure checkout process that can significantly impact your conversion rates. Whether you opt for Shopify Payments or third-party providers, offering diverse payment options caters to your customers’ preferences and enhances their shopping experience.

Remember to choose the right payment gateway based on your store’s requirements and target audience to streamline transactions effectively. By establishing reliable Shopify integrations with the right payment gateways in place, you can build trust with your customers and drive success in your online store.

  • Can I use multiple payment systems on Shopify?

    Yes, you can use multiple payment systems on Shopify. You can choose between Shopify Payments and various third-party providers to give your customers different payment options at checkout.

  • How long does it take to set up a payment system on Shopify?

    Setting up a payment system on Shopify can vary in time depending on the provider you choose. Typically, you can fill in the necessary details, complete verification requirements, and activate the payment system within a few days.

  • Are there any fees associated with using payment systems on Shopify?

    There may be fees associated with using payment systems on Shopify, depending on the provider you select. Shopify Payments have their own transaction fees, while third-party providers may have their own fee structures.

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