10 Best Shopify Minimal Themes - [2024]
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10 Best Shopify Minimal Themes – [2024]

Last modified: July 12, 2024

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If you want a website that will load quickly, look professional, and be good with search engines, then you’ll want to look at the Shopify Minimal themes. There are many advantages to using them and there are some great options available to choose from.

What Are The Advantages Of Using One Of The Shopify Minimal Themes?

There are numerous reasons why your Shopify website might want to use a minimal theme. Firstly, they don’t use a lot of code. Therefore, they are quick to load and this can help you rank highly on search engines like Google. It also helps you to keep conversions. Research has shown that for every second a site takes to load, you’ll lose about 7% of your revenue. For just a four-second delay on your website, your site could lose 25% of your potential sales.

The average Shopify website loads in about 2.9 and 5.5 seconds. Most of the themes on this list can load within one second.

With one of the Shopify minimal themes, you can give your visitors a good experience that will persuade them to continue shopping and convert with you. A good experience is also a great marketing bonus for you and word of mouth is vital for the success of small eCommerce businesses. The white space that is employed on many minimal themes will also help with the branding on your website. Many consumers see sites with plenty of white space as more trustworthy.

In addition, less code means that there is less to go wrong with your website. Even when there is an error, you can easily locate that error to find a fix and get your website working again. More complex sites can take weeks or longer to find and fix errors like this.

Minimalist website designs are also very popular. More than 80% of website designers believe that minimalist designs are the most in-demand design style.

Key Takeaways
Shopify minimal themes enhance website speed, improving SEO and user experience, leading to higher conversions and revenue.
Minimal themes are mobile responsive, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for users on various devices.
Despite their simplicity, minimal themes can be customized to include essential features without compromising performance.

Highly Recommended Shopify Minimal Themes

Filter between free and paid

Pop - Inactive


Pop is a free theme available on the Shopify store that will help customers through their purchasing journey. The theme comes with two different styles that look awesome and can really set a professional tone to your website. The clean, minimalist code makes this theme very search engine friendly and therefore, with some good keywords, there’s no reason why you can’t start ranking on Google or other search engines.

To help with navigation and customer journeys there are two cool features. The first is the sidebar menu, which helps you organize your page and guide customers to the best pages containing the information they need. The other feature is the slide-out cart that allows visitors to easily add items to their shopping basket without leaving the product page. To help with conversions on your product pages, there’s also a product image zoom feature.

To display your products and branding on your homepage there is a beautifully crafted slideshow. This can really draw attention to your main products, deal or brand message.

The theme is completely mobile-ready, so will display well on any device perfectly. It is also free, which makes it a great choice for those starting out or for those with limited funds to start their store.

Pop highlights:

  • A free minimalist Shopify theme with a great reputation.
  • Navigational aids that help visitors move around your site to find what they need.
  • SEO friendly so your site will rank on Google and other search engines.
  • Mobile friendly so your site can be viewed on any device.

JumpStart - Inactive


Jumpstart is a great little theme for anyone who operates a startup, eCommerce store or manufacturing business. The theme includes plenty of whitespace but that doesn’t limit your potential to showcase products or business images. The theme includes a slideshow and you can also utilize the fantastic “as seen on” selection.

If you have a video you want to use to showcase your products or your brand, you can easily insert this into your front page thanks to the modules included in the theme. The video can be hosted on either YouTube or Vimeo, so you don’t slow down your website to get your brand message across in a video.

This theme has lots to offer, with free stock images courtesy of Burst and there are lots of customization options for your to choose from.

Jumpstart Highlights:

  • Search engine optimized so you can start ranking high on Google searches.
  • Drop down navigation support to make your site easy to navigate.
  • Responsive design so it will look good on any device.
  • Social media icons are included so you can promote your shop’s other channels.
Keep Reading

Enhancing User Experience with Minimal Themes

We understand the importance of a clean and uncluttered design in eCommerce. A minimalist approach not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also enhances the user experience, focusing on the products and content.

Mobile Responsiveness

In the field of minimal themes, a mobile-first design is paramount. Ensuring that the shopping experience is seamless on smartphones and tablets is a priority.

Balancing simplicity and functionality, these themes offer a user-friendly interface and efficient navigation, making the shopping experience enjoyable and intuitive.

Speed and Performance

Page loading speed is a critical aspect that can significantly impact user engagement and conversion rates.

The ideal minimal theme ensures that your Shopify store is not just visually appealing but also performs optimally, especially on mobile devices, making every click swift and responsive.

Customization and Flexibility

Every brand is unique, and so should its online store. The best minimal themes offer a clutter-free design, enhanced with powerful product filtering and sorting features.

Customers can easily find what they are looking for, showcasing the brand’s products in an organized and attractive manner.

Features and Functionality

We’ve always believed that a minimalist design doesn’t mean a compromise on features. A well-designed Shopify theme should offer a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency.

Visual Appeal

Themes with creative design and smooth image hover effects allow for the display of a lot of information without overwhelming the audience.

The store remains visually appealing and easy to navigate, ensuring that the products are the stars of the show.

Product Display

Advanced product display features, including options like 3D, AR, and video features on the product page, ensure that the products are showcased in the best possible light.

This enhances customer engagement and boosts sales, making the shopping experience interactive and dynamic.

Customization Options

Customization is key in reflecting the brand’s identity. With a clean design complemented by a variety of additional styles, features, and extensive support for advanced editing, the store is not just minimal but also uniquely reflective of the brand’s ethos and identity.

Conclusion: 10 Best Shopify Minimal Themes

When you’re looking to install one of the Shopify Minimal Themes on your website, you want to know it will perform well. The ones above are classed as some of the best for Shopify because they are all fully optimized for all devices and have great SEO potential. They all have different features which you will want to compare to ensure you’re installing the best theme for your online store.

  • What is a Minimal Theme?

    A minimal theme is a simple, clean design that keeps the focus on your products or text rather than colorful images and other elements. The best minimal themes showcase multiple products and brand images on your home page. Minimal themes are great for loading speed and SEO and can help you get more traffic.

  • What Makes a Theme Minimal?

    There’s no one clear thing that makes a theme minimal. However, a website is considered to be minimalistic if there is little coding needed for it to load and there isn’t too much ‘noise’ in the design. Minimal themes are quick to load and as a result can load very quickly on a user’s browser.

  • Is a Minimal Theme Good?

    There are many advantages of a minimal theme. For one, it allows for faster loading times that can improve conversions. Another benefit is that it can help you convert more people on your website through focusing their attention. Finally, they can help with ranking on Google and other search engines which can increase traffic.

  • How Could a Minimal Theme Help Me?

    Minimal themes can be very useful for numerous businesses from all industries. It can help you increase revenues by improving loading speed, higher search rankings that lead to more traffic and finally you can maintain them easier. They’re also great for bringing in traffic from mobile visitors as they’re very responsive.

  • Does Shopify Have a Lot of Minimal Themes?

    There are numerous minimal themes that Shopify offers their customers. Some of these themes are free for you to use and others are premium. Minimal themes for Shopify are easy to install and customize and can really help you grow your business and convert visitors to your website into paying customers.

  • What are the Downsides of a Shopify Minimal Theme?

    While Shopify minimal themes are an excellent option for your Shopify store, there are some negatives to consider. For one, minimal themes are designed to be fast through limited features. That means that adding features to the website through apps can completely negate those benefits. It also means that you can sometimes reduce your brand’s conversions.

  • What are the Advantages of a Shopify Minimal Theme?

    One of the biggest advantages of Shopify minimal themes is that your website will be fast. This can lead to higher rankings on search engines. You can expect to have more visitors to your website that can help you to have higher revenues. Shopify minimal themes are also easier to edit and maintain.

  • Do Shopify Minimal Themes Convert Better?

    Shopify minimal themes convert more in some ways but not always in other ways. For instance, minimal themes are often faster, and faster loading sites earn more revenue through higher conversions. However, you don’t always get access to high converting tools that can help improve conversions in other ways.

  • Can I do Affiliate Marketing on a Minimal Shopify Theme?

    There is nothing stopping you from doing affiliate marketing on a minimal website. There are several ways that you can add affiliate marketing links to your website including links inside your text. You can also use email marketing alongside your website where you send affiliate marketing links to your subscribers. There are lots of options.

  • Can I Change the Font on Shopify Minimal Themes?

    Yes. Most Shopify themes, whether they are minimal or not will allow you to change the font on your theme. You might need to get an app to get the font that you’re looking for, but some Shopify minimal themes will include a range of fonts that you can use on your website. Check with the developers of the theme to find out more.

  • Can I Change the Background Color on Shopify Minimal Themes?

    Yes, some minimal themes will allow you to change the background color for the website. However, part of being minimalist is that your background color is very pale. Going for a bright color will attract attention and you will lose the advantages that you will normally get with minimal themes. Therefore, it isn’t always recommended.

  • Can I Add Popups on Minimal Themes?

    Yes, you can add popups to a minimal theme, but it isn’t always necessary or successful. By adding a popup to your minimal theme you can reduce the bounce rate on your website, increase subscriptions and convert more of your customers. But it might slow down your website. Be sure to make sure the popup has the same design ethos as well.

  • Is it Possible to Integrate a Minimal Theme to Facebook?

    Yes. You can integrate any theme with Facebook. You can either have a Facebook feed on your website that will showcase all the latest Facebook updates that you publish. Or you could just have a share button that allows customers to share a product/page. Or you could just link to your Facebook page to get more followers.

  • Can I Add a WhatsApp Button to a Minimal Theme?

    Yes. You can add a WhatsApp button to your minimal theme with ease. This will allow your customers to contact you directly. This can help you to improve conversion rates, satisfy customers more easily and improve return rates on your website. Therefore, you can build a stronger, more financially secure business.

  • Can I Change the Checkout Design on Minimal Themes?

    Yes, you can change the checkout design with a minimal theme. You might need to download and use another app to change the checkout on your website. By changing the checkout design, you can make the process much easier for your customers, allowing for fewer abandoned carts on your website and improved revenues.

  • Are Minimal Themes on the Same Structure as Regular Shopify Themes?

    Yes. There is very little difference between the structure of the website for a minimal theme compared to others. Minimal themes are just a style that offers improved speed because they rely on less code and less high-memory usage elements. However, the structure is still the same for most of the website.

  • Can I Add Shopify Apps to a Minimal Theme?

    Yes. You can use any Shopify app on a minimal theme. However, you might want to consider whether the app that you want to install will be counterproductive. Too many apps installed on your minimal website can slow it down. For every second that it takes your website to load, you will lose 7% of your revenue.

  • Can I Add a Blog to a Minimal Theme?

    Yes. You should use a blog on your website. Research has shown that websites that utilize a blog often (more than 15 articles per month) will generate more revenue, leads and traffic than websites that blog just once a month. Blogs should be a regular and central part of your SEO campaigns and can be very effective at selling your brand.

  • Can I Alter the Footer of a Minimal Theme?

    All Shopify themes, whether they are a minimal theme or not, can have their footer edited. It is best practice to add your own data and content into a footer. You can do this through the liquid files and some other options. Your footer can include all kinds of data, including links to social media, copyright and a small menu.

  • Is it Possible to Add a Sub-menu to a Minimal Theme?

    Yes, you can include a sub-menu to a minimal theme. However, the more data that you have on your website, the slower it will be. Research has found that for every second that it takes your website to load, you will lose about 7% of your revenue. Therefore, it might be better for you to have fewer menu items.

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