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The Best Shopify Minimal Themes

Last modified: May 14, 2019


If you want a website that will load quickly, look professional, and be good with search engines, then you’ll want to look at the Shopify Minimal themes. There are many advantages to using them and there are some great options available to choose from.

What Are The Advantages Of Using One Of The Shopify Minimal Themes?

There are numerous reasons why your Shopify website might want to use a minimal theme. Firstly, they don’t use a lot of code. Therefore, they are quick to load and this can help you rank highly on search engines like Google. It also helps you to keep conversions. Research has shown that for every second a site takes to load, you’ll lose about 7% of your revenue. For just a four second delay on your website, your site could lose 25% of your potential sales.

With one of the Shopify minimal themes, you can give your visitors a good experience that will persuade them to continue shopping and convert with you. A good experience is also a great marketing bonus for you and word of mouth is vital for the success of small eCommerce businesses. The white space that is employed on many minimal themes will also help with the branding on your website. Many consumers see sites with plenty of white space as more trustworthy.

In addition, less code means that there is less to go wrong with your website. Even when there is an error, you can easily locate that error to find a fix and get your website working again. More complex sites can take weeks or longer to find and fix errors like this.

So, what Shopify minimal themes do we recommend? Here are some of the best you can use today.

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Jumpstart is a great little theme for anyone who operates a startup, eCommerce store or manufacturing business. The theme includes plenty of whitespace but that doesn’t limit your potential to showcase products or business images. The theme includes a slideshow and you can also utilize the fantastic “as seen on” selection.

If you have a video you want to use to showcase your products or your brand, you can easily insert this into your front page thanks to the modules included in the theme. The video can be hosted on either YouTube or Vimeo, so you don’t slow down your website to get your brand message across in a video.

This theme has lots to offer, with free stock images courtesy of Burst and there are lots of customization options for your to choose from.

Jumpstart Highlights:

  • Search engine optimized so you can start ranking high on Google searches.
  • Drop down navigation support to make your site easy to navigate.
  • Responsive design so it will look good on any device.
  • Social media icons are included so you can promote your shop’s other channels.



Pop is a free theme available on the Shopify store that will help customers through their purchasing journey. The theme comes with two different styles that look awesome and can really set a professional tone to your website. The clean, minimalist code makes this theme very search engine friendly and therefore, with some good keywords, there’s no reason why you can’t start ranking on Google or other search engines.

To help with navigation and customer journeys there are two cool features. The first is the sidebar menu, which helps you organize your page and guide customers to the best pages containing the information they need. The other feature is the slide-out cart that allows visitors to easily add items to their shopping basket without leaving the product page. To help with conversions on your product pages, there’s also a product image zoom feature.

To display your products and branding on your homepage there is a beautifully crafted slideshow. This can really draw attention to your main products, deal or brand message.

The theme is completely mobile-ready, so will display well on any device perfectly. It is also free, which makes it a great choice for those starting out or for those with limited funds to start their store.

Pop highlights:

  • A free minimalist Shopify theme with a great reputation.
  • Navigational aids that help visitors move around your site to find what they need.
  • SEO friendly so your site will rank on Google and other search engines.
  • Mobile friendly so your site can be viewed on any device.

Final Word: On The Best Shopify Minimal Themes

When you’re looking to install one of the Shopify Minimal Themes on your website, you want to know it will perform well. The ones above are classed as some of the best for Shopify because they are all fully-optimized for all devices and have great SEO potential. They all have different features which you will want to compare to ensure you’re installing the best theme for your online store.

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