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12 Best Shopify POS Apps [Sep, 2023]

Last modified: September 3, 2023

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While there has been a significant growth in online only stores, it isn’t just eStores that are selling online. Small brick and mortar stores are also building websites to expand customer bases and earn more revenue. In addition, some online stores decide that demand is high enough that a brick and mortar expansion is the next logical step, and with that rises the need for using a POS system.

There are lots of benefits of a brick and mortar store. However, one challenge persists, and that is collating online and in-person orders together. When using a Shopify store, this can be achieved easily, with one of the Shopify POS apps.

Why Have One Of The Shopify POS Apps

The Shopify POS apps enable you to take orders online and offline and have all orders collated into one location. This is great for predicting trends, seeing sale statistics and for other admin tasks. POS apps are also a great way for those who go to events to sell there without the need of other equipment.

Enabling POS for your business can be very lucrative. POS sales can be worth as much as $9.1 billion and could be worth $18 billion by 2027.

Younger consumers are those most likely to use mobile POS with 30% of mobile POS users being aged between 25 and 34. So if you have a younger audience, this is a great option for you.

There are numerous Shopify POS apps on the market. We've researched the best options for you. Here are some of our top picks.

# Image Name
Get a Free Custom Shopify Store
Shopify Point of Sale
Shopify Point of Sale
Erply POS Integration
Erply POS Integration
Selly United
Selly United
POS Membership
POS Membership
POS Local Delivery
POS Local Delivery
Sesami: Appointment Booking
Sesami: Appointment Booking
GoFrugal POS Connect
GoFrugal POS Connect
Draft Orders For POS
Draft Orders For POS
DeskPOS — Desktop PC POS APP
DeskPOS — Desktop PC POS APP
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Shopify Point of Sale

Shopify Point of Sale

The Shopify POS utilizes online and offline retail stores to help you convert more customers and align all sales. This helps you build a better store and brand while helping you keep customers happy.

You can accept payments from any iPhone or iPad with ease and you can accept a wide range of payment options with low payment fees. You can also collect and manage your customer’s details for future marketing.

The app allows you to manage your products in fine detail. And you can also have promotions, gift cards and more on your POS devices for better alignment between online and offline campaigns.

Shopify Point of Sale Highlights:

  • Easy to use POS system for your website and offline store.
  • Align your orders, customers and products with ease.
  • Take a wide variety of payment methods.
  • Manage orders and customers with their details stored on the POS system.

DeskPOS — Desktop PC POS APP - Inactive

DeskPOS — Desktop PC POS APP

This is a free Shopify POS app that gives you the basic components to take your sales into the real world and sell face-to-face with customers. The web-based POS system works with Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu and more and can be connected to most POS hardware so you can integrate with existing equipment if necessary.

It only takes five minutes to setup and you don’t need a developer to help either. This makes it a great option for those that are looking to trial face-to-face selling and want a cheap, quick solution to succeed or those who have no technical knowledge or support.

The app also allows you to quickly add products to a sale just by searching for the product’s keywords. Or you can use a barcode scanner if you have one available. And if you are selling to existing customers, you can find them via a name or phone number. This Shopify POS app therefore allows you to also take over-the-phone orders.

The app also allows you to connect your store to a printer (for receipts) and a cash drawer. And it will work with any device that has a cash browser.

DeskPOS — Desktop PC POS APP Highlights:

  • A free app for you to start selling face-to-face.
  • Easy to install, with no need to hire a developer.
  • Compatible with all devices and POS hardware.
  • Works on numerous operating systems.
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Final Word: 12 Best Shopify POS Apps

If you want to sell at a physical location, you are better off using a POS system to help manage sales. They are efficient and they help you to make a better business. At the same time, if you want to sell online and at a physical location, you’ll need a POS app that will be able to manage both aspects of your sales funnel.

The above Shopify POS apps will allow you to have a physical and online store that will help you generate more revenue. They are all good at what they do, but they all do different things. Which app will you choose?

  • What Does POS Mean?

    POS stands for Point of Sale. This is the physical system that facilitates the purchasing of products within a physical store. POS incorporates many elements including the hardware and software that make it happen. POS software has advanced now so that mobile phones can act as the hardware for small businesses.

  • What is POS?

    POS, also known as Point of Sale, is the system that allows shops to take payments in a physical store. POS systems include both the hardware and software that enable products to be scanned and physical carts to be collated and payments taken. Mobile phones can take on the role of the hardware.

  • What Does POS Stand for?

    POS stands for Point of Sale. This is the hardware and the software that enables businesses to take payments from customers in a physical location. POS systems include both the hardware and software that enable products to be scanned, carts to be totaled and payments taken. Mobile phones can be used as the hardware.

  • What is a Point of Sale Transaction?

    A Point of Sale transaction is a payment that has taken place in a physical store that has been put through the POS infrastructure. It is for products/services that have been provided to the customer in exchange for money. Customers can use money or credit/debit cards to make the payment.

  • POS Transaction Meaning

    POS (Point of Sale) transaction is when a payment has been made by a customer for goods or services provided for a customer in a physical location. POS systems include both hardware and software. Technology now allows for mobile phones to act as the hardware for POS systems allowing for cost-effective POS systems.

  • What is a Point of Sale Purchase?

    A Point of Sale (POS) Purchase is a sale that has been made at a physical location (at a store or a trade show). The customer would have bought some products/services and made a payment for them using cash or credit/debit card. POS purchases are made through POS infrastructure that includes hardware and software.

  • What is POS Technology?

    POS (Point of Sale) technology is the infrastructure that is available to enable your business to take payments at a physical location. POS technology includes the hardware and software that is needed to list products/services being bought and take the payment either through cash or a credit/debit card. Mobile phones can act as hardware.

  • What is a POS Business?

    POS Business is the system that is used by businesses to take payments from customers for the goods and services purchased. POS business includes all the technology (hardware and software) that is needed to collate the products/services and take the payment. Mobile phones can now act as the hardware for a POS system.

  • POS Invoice Meaning

    POS Invoicing is the invoice that can be created by a Point of Sale system that you can provide to customers as a proof of purchase. POS systems can collect all the products and services that the customer is buying and put them on an invoice for you. The invoice can be printed off for the customer to keep or sent via email.

  • What is Shopify POS Hardware?

    POS Hardware is the physical equipment that is required for your point of sales system to operate at your store or another physical location. This use to be bulk and expensive equipment but nowadays many POS systems can use smaller devices like tablets and mobile phones. A lot of POS hardware will need specific software.

  • What is a Shopify POS System?

    The Shopify POS system is the software that is required for you to operate a POS system that connects to your Shopify store. You can use a phone or tablet to take orders from customers who are in your physical location and take a payment from them. You can also use the POS system to add, modify and remove SKUs from your store.

  • What is a Shopify POS App?

    The Shopify POS app is the software system that allows you to take orders from customers while they are with you at a physical system. It can help you save the orders on your Shopify website that can help you better analyze your store’s performance across online and physical store locations. It can work through tablets and mobile phones.

  • How Shopify POS Works

    Shopify POS works by turning your mobile phone or tablet into a POS system. Through your mobile device, you can add products, modify products, take orders, take payments and provide customers with the invoices. The Shopify POS connects with your store as well, allowing you to keep a track of all business transactions in one place.

  • What is the Best POS for Shopify?

    There are numerous POS apps for Shopify. The one that is best for you is the one that matches all your needs. This can include any costs for running the app on your store, features that it can include for your website. There is a list of the best Shopify POS apps that you can read on our blog.

  • Is There a Shopify POS Cash Register?

    Yes, there is a Shopify POS cash register. You can buy this and manage your physical store’s transactions from a standard cash register. This can be a great investment for your business if you have a physical store and give your website a more professional appearance in the store that will impress customers.

  • Is There a Shopify External Terminal?

    Yes. There is a Shopify external terminal. This can be used to scan products, total up carts that the customer has in the store, take payments and print receipts for customers. They’re easy to use and are a good investment if you operate a physical store as it can also connect with your Shopify website to keep all sales in one place.

  • How Much is Shopify POS?

    There are two versions of Shopify POS. The first level is free for all Shopify website owners. The second version is $89 per month. On top of this, you will be charged a transaction fee that is approximately 1.5% of the transaction value. Therefore, Shopify POS is worthwhile and cost-effective.

  • What is Shopify POS Offline Mode?

    This is your Shopify POS that can work while connected to the website. However, it cannot synchronize your POS system with your website. Therefore, it cannot update stock levels or connect with customer records. However, it is a good option if you’re taking orders while you are at a trade show or other event.

  • Is There a Shopify Free POS?

    Yes, there is a Shopify free POS. This is included with all Shopify website plans. There are lots of features that you can use. However, you will be charged a transaction fee, just as you are when someone makes a purchase on your website. You can also upgrade to the premium option at any time.

  • How to Set Up Shopify POS?

    It’s really easy to set up Shopify POS on your website. There are a few steps that are included here. The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that your website is up-to-date. Then you need to download the app and then you can set the settings within the app. It takes just a few minutes to complete.

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