BARK Partners with Shopify to Drive Growth and Efficiency [2024]
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BARK Partners with Shopify to Drive Growth and Efficiency

Last modified: April 17, 2024

BARK Partners with Shopify to Drive Growth and Efficiency - bark and Shopify logo surrounded by dog treatment products
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BARK, a leading global omnichannel dog brand, has announced an expanded partnership with Shopify to migrate all of its direct-to-consumer businesses onto a unified platform. By leveraging Shopify’s market-leading tools and data insights, BARK aims to enhance customer experience, support scalable growth, and drive operational efficiencies.BARK Partners with Shopify to Drive Growth and Efficiency - An illustration of the BARK and Shopify logo showing different product categories in a product display.

Unified Platform Migration

The Company expects to migrate all of its business units, including and, to its Shopify platform,, in fiscal 2025.

By consolidating its offerings on one platform, BARK anticipates improvements across key performance metrics like traffic, conversion, average order value, and retention.

Zahir Ibrahim, Chief Financial Officer of BARK, stated, “Today’s announcement marks an important milestone in unifying our commerce platform and ensuring we have the right infrastructure to reach more dog parents and support long-term, scalable growth.”

Unified Platform Migration - a dog owner having a seamless shopping experience on their mobile device or computer,

Leveraging Shopify's E-commerce Solutions

Through this migration, BARK can leverage Shopify’s robust e-commerce solutions, enabling the Company to test innovative ideas, deploy new features quickly, and adapt to changing market trends.

This transition promises a more seamless shopping experience for dog parents, elevating awareness of BARK’s growing product portfolio and ensuring agility to support its long-term growth ambitions.

Ali Orr, Head of Consumer Goods at Shopify, said, “We are thrilled to welcome BARK as they embark on this journey of growth and innovation with Shopify. Our platform and expertise, combined with BARK’s commitment to crafting exceptional products, position us to enhance experiences for dog parents and create a lasting impact for dogs worldwide.”

BARK's Dog-Centric Offerings

BARK is the world’s most dog-centric company, devoted to making dogs happy with the best products, services, and content. The dog-obsessed team applies a unique, data-driven understanding of each dog’s needs to design playstyle-specific toys, satisfying treats, breed-specific food, effective dental care, and dog-first experiences that foster the health and happiness of dogs everywhere.

Founded in 2011, BARK loyally serves dogs nationwide with themed toys and treats subscriptions, BarkBox and BARK Super Chewer; custom product collections through retail partners like Target and Amazon; high-quality, nutritious meals with BARK Food; and dental care products with BARK Bright®.

BARK's Dog-Centric Offerings - a dog parent and their happy pup, surrounded by BARK products like toys, treats, food, and dental care items,

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Conclusion: BARK Partners with Shopify to Drive Growth and Efficiency

The expanded partnership between BARK and Shopify marks an important milestone in unifying BARK’s commerce platform and ensuring the right infrastructure is in place to reach more dog parents and support long-term, scalable growth.

By leveraging Shopify’s expertise and solutions, BARK is poised to enhance customer experiences, drive operational efficiency, and bring more joy to dogs and their people everywhere.

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