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How to Dropship Nike Products

Last modified: January 20, 2022

How to Dropship Nike Products
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Nike is one of the most popular brands that you can sell online. Customers searches can top more than 25 million searches every single month for the brand. Therefore, many entrepreneurs who are thinking about dropshipping want to know how to dropship Nike products.

Is this possible? How can you do it? Here we explore this topic.

The Problems with Dropshipping Nike Products

The biggest problem is that you’re not really able to guarantee Nike products when you start to dropship. This is because Nike is a well-known, popular brand. The company has a policy of selling its shoes wholesale to only a few, select and pre-determined suppliers. These usually are not resellers.

Therefore, being able to find a legitimate supplier of Nike products can be a problem. It is more likely that you will find a supplier who doesn’t have the products, never sends them out and you’re out of pocket when the customer complains to you.

Another problem is that images of Nike products aren’t hard to come by. And therefore, it is easy for unscrupulous traders to use those images and then create cheaper copies of the products that don’t have the best quality or features. Customers will know the difference and so when you are selling them, you could face calls for refunds from customers.

Either option above can damage your reputation and this can cost you lots of money. Therefore, dropshipping can be challenging.

Another problem is stock. Nike has a reputation for releasing only a certain number of the product. This helps to create scarcity and therefore drives up the prices. It also means that when new Nike products enter the market, they can be sold out within hours, which makes it challenging to dropship.

Is there a Way to Dropship?

Technically, you could dropship through a manual process. However, you would need to ensure that stock is still available and you would need to buy from retailers. This will increase the costs for you and you would need to charge a higher price to consumers.

When customers do searches, they will often look for a good price and the larger brands are just going to be able to beat you on price and more often than not the position on Google. In addition, your items might not be available after purchase. Unless you’re monitoring the stock levels constantly, you could easily lose sales and money.

Final Word: How to Dropship Nike Products

If you want to know how to dropship Nike Products then you might be disappointed. You would be better starting a dropshipping store on Shopify using Oberlo to connect to AliExpress and dropship other high-quality fashion products. This way you can guarantee better customer service for your customers.

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