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The 12 Best Shopify Instagram Apps

Last modified: September 6, 2021

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Instagram is one of the biggest social media channels on the internet. It has approximately one billion monthly users who share over 95 million posts per day. The country with the highest use is the USA, which has more than 12% of the active users. India has the second largest user group with more than 71 million active users.

It should also be noted, that 60% of Instagram users log in every single day. This is the second highest engagement rate, behind Facebook who own Instagram. Instagram is well known for its high number of influencers who help sell everything from cars to clothes. Brands can also take an active part in selling their products through Shopify. ASOS, Disney and Marvel have all shown how Instagram can help your brand sell.

Using Shopify Instagram Apps On Your Store

Social media is a great way to market your products on the internet. However, it is always time consuming if you don’t do it right. Therefore, you need to look at ways to make sharing content on your Instagram feed easier and quicker. This is where Shopify Instagram apps can help. These useful little additions to your site can help you promote products and other elements on your shop without having to log into your Instagram account.

This can make it quicker and more enjoyable to use the social media channel. In addition, the best Shopify Instagram apps allow you to remarket to those who have already connected with your store.

So, what are the best Shopify Instagram Apps for your store?

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Flightplan is a free little app that can help you claim back some of those people who abandon their carts on your store. Flightplan is labelled as a Facebook app, but it serves Instagram as well as both platforms are highly linked.

One of the biggest advantages of Flightplan is that it is free to download. It also offers automatic ad optimisation so you aren’t wasting your money on retargeting marketing.

The way that the software works, you can easily promote products currently in stock as well as target specific audience groups. If you want to know how your ads are performing, there is a real-time data monitoring option that is easy to understand.

Considering that between 50% – 80% of your carts can be abandoned, this tool might just help grow your revenues without too much additional work.

Flightplan Highlights:

  • A free piece of software that can help bring back customers who have abandoned their cart.
  • Easy to install software on your Shopify store with no technical knowledge required.
  • Pixel tracking software included in the app.
  • The Flightplan team was awarded Facebook Innovator of the Year back in 2015 for this software.

Instagram Feed + TikTok Videos by Tagembed

Instagram Feed + TikTok Videos by Tagembed

In this highly competitive Shopify platform, if you are looking for the simplest way to enhance your store visuals, then Tagembed’s Instagram Feed + TikTok video is an app for you to take a look at. You can easily find it on the Shopify app store and start with your free account. In addition, it provides a wide range of content for your Shopify store as you can add feeds from 15+ social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter,YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Slack, etc.. 

It helps you collect the feed from all social media platforms from your desired source and displays them beautifully on your Shopify website. 

Talking about enhancing the beauty of the website, the app allows users to personalize their embedded feed by changing its font size, font style, theme background, CTA and more through customization features.

While you cannot control people from posting their content on social media websites, with the moderation feature, you can monitor your feed on the website and filter out all irrelevant and spam content from it. 

Using this tool is extremely easy, so even if you don’t have any coding skill or knowledge, you can still operate this app like a pro. It is coding-free and does not require any developer or specialist.

Instagram Feed + TikTok Videos plugin highlights

  • Responsive Feeds – It doesn’t matter if your visitor is using PC, mobile or tablet. The feed adjusts itself with the screen type and enhances visitors’ browsing experience.
  • Regular updates – There is no need to refresh the feed manually, it displays the content on your website as soon as it uploads on the social media space.
  • Cost-effective – With a free forever plan, it is affordable in all marketing budgets.
  • Support – The quick and active assistance helps you to overcome any difficulty with the app.



This is one of the best free Shopify Instagram apps available on the market. It helps you to embed shoppable galleries and user generated content directly into your store, product page, and more, so your visitors can see a product they like and buy it quickly. With such an easy to use installation process, you can literally be selling with your Instagram account within minutes of downloading the app.

Another bonus of Snapppt is that it is an approved Instagram App, so you know it has quality coding and development team behind it. Despite being free, it is powerful and can help you generate additional sticking power on your store as well as additional revenue.

The challenge with this app is that it is limited in terms of the number of accounts you can link to. You are also limited on hosting competitions or other high-end marketing options.

However, reporting is brilliant. Customers who have clicked on an Instagram image are tracked right through to the purchase, so you can see which images on your feed are performing best. This can help you to copy the style of high performing images and make more profitable use of your Instagram account.

Snappt Highlights:

  • A free app that helps you sell through Instagram galleries.
  • Superior tracking so you can see which images are performing well.
  • An Instagram approved App.
  • Is known to be used by many top brands.

Final Thoughts: Which Are The Best Shopify Instagram Apps?

Instagram is going to be a big part of the consumer journey, especially those under 35 years of age, who make up about 60% of the market. If you don’t have one of the Shopify Instagram apps connected to your store, then you could be missing out on a lot of revenue and traffic. So take a look at the options above and see which will make your store a success today.

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