Katherine Heigl's Shopify Venture Unveiled [2024]
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Katherine Heigl’s Shopify Venture Unveiled

Last modified: March 8, 2024

Katherine Heigl's Shopify Venture Unveiled -A minimalist e-commerce storefront featuring a variety of lifestyle products such as pet care, home goods, and beauty products
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Katherine Heigl, widely recognized for her acting career, has recently embarked on a new journey as a tech-savvy entrepreneur.

Moving away from the glitz of Los Angeles to a serene mountain retreat in Utah, Heigl has developed her own Shopify store to support her family-run charity. This venture into the digital marketplace showcases her commitment to both her personal growth and philanthropic efforts.


Katherine Heigl's Shopify Venture Unveiled - the homepage of Heigl's Shopify store

From Screen to Shopify: Heigl's New Venture

Heigl’s Shopify store, New Lane Road Mercantile, offers a curated selection of homeware, textiles, and apothecary goods, reflecting her personal taste and her husband Josh Kelley’s preferences.

The store aims to provide customers with the feeling of visiting a cozy, mountain-side boutique, offering everything from artisanal blankets to comfort wear and accessories.

The store not only serves as a commercial venture but also as a platform for ethical shopping, with 100 percent of its proceeds going to the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation.

This foundation, dedicated to animal welfare, reflects Heigl’s commitment to making a difference through her entrepreneurial activities.

A Cozy Corner in the Digital World

Heigl’s vision for her Shopify store is to create an online space that mirrors the tranquility and beauty of mountain life, offering products that encourage relaxation and comfort.

Her selection includes items like Thula Tula blankets, handcrafted in South Africa, and other goods that promote small craftsmen and ethical production practices.

With a focus on giving back, Heigl has featured artisans like Danielle Lee Heilweil and supports various global artisan families, ensuring that each purchase contributes to a meaningful cause. This approach not only enriches the customer’s shopping experience but also supports a broader mission of social responsibility.

Expanding the Mercantile's Reach

Looking ahead, Heigl plans to enhance her store’s offerings with exclusive products and is exploring collaborations to develop a signature scent for New Lane Road Mercantile.

The store currently hosts over 50 artisan vendors, with plans to expand further, demonstrating Heigl’s ambition to grow her venture while maintaining a commitment to affordability and ethical sourcing.

Shopify has been instrumental in Heigl’s entrepreneurial journey, providing a seamless platform for her to launch and expand her business. This venture not only showcases her versatility but also aligns with the growing trend of celebrity-led e-commerce initiatives, further cementing Shopify’s role in the digital marketplace.

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Conclusion: Katherine Heigl’s Shopify Venture Unveiled

Katherine Heigl’s transition from Hollywood to the world of e-commerce exemplifies a successful pivot to entrepreneurship, driven by a desire to give back and support ethical practices.

Her Shopify store, New Lane Road Mercantile, not only offers a unique shopping experience but also serves as a testament to the potential of combining commerce with charity.

For customers, this means access to exclusive, ethically sourced products that contribute to meaningful causes, all while enjoying the curated aesthetic of Heigl’s mountain-inspired boutique.

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