Mitsui's Shopify Integration Transforms Japan's E-commerce [2024]
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Mitsui’s Shopify Integration Transforms Japan’s E-commerce

Last modified: March 27, 2024

Mitsui's Shopify Integration Transforms Japan's E-commerce - A map of Japan with icons representing the major delivery companies that have integrated with Plus Shipping, Mitsui and Shopify logo
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Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Shopify Japan K.K. introduce “Plus Shipping“, an innovative service supporting digital transformation of delivery operations for Japanese e-commerce merchants. By integrating major delivery companies, Plus Shipping provides a one-stop solution for order placement and delivery charge payments, streamlining operations significantly.

Comprehensive Delivery Solution

Plus Shipping offers a comprehensive delivery service for e-commerce merchants, handling items of various sizes, transportation modes, and delivery options. Merchants can place orders without individual contracts, reducing work involved in delivery operations by up to 93%.

The service is designed to meet all requirements of e-commerce merchants, catering to letter-sized packages, large items, room temperature, chilled, frozen, and contactless delivery options.

Comprehensive Delivery Solution - A Japanese delivery person wearing a uniform with the Plus Shipping logo, holding a package and standing next to a delivery truck

Addressing Industry Challenges

The Japanese logistics market faces challenges such as shrinking capacity and soaring charges due to the “2024 problem” – a driver shortage resulting from regulatory changes. Plus Shipping aims to contribute to the e-commerce industry’s development by linking e-commerce and delivery, enabling efficiency improvements for merchants and delivery companies.

By offering integrated online delivery services, Plus Shipping allows merchants to choose their preferred transportation company and benefit from special delivery rates, addressing the industry’s pain points.

Seamless Integration

Leveraging its DX knowledge and logistics expertise, Mitsui has established delivery services with major Japanese carriers, including Japan Post Co., Ltd., Sagawa Express Co., Ltd., and Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. Plus Shipping seamlessly integrates data from these carriers, enabling electronic ordering and payments for goods sold on Shopify-built online stores.

This integration simplifies delivery operations, reducing the number of internal processes from 10 to 3 and the time spent from 15 minutes to 1 minute, significantly increasing efficiency.

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Conclusion: Mitsui’s Shopify Integration Revolutionizes Japan’s E-commerce

Plus Shipping represents a revolutionary step in Japan’s e-commerce landscape, streamlining delivery operations and addressing industry challenges. By integrating major carriers and offering a one-stop solution, Plus Shipping empowers merchants to focus on their core business while ensuring efficient and cost-effective delivery services.

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