Offbeat Bikes Boosts Sales and Efficiency with Shopify [2024]
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Offbeat Bikes Boosts Sales and Efficiency with Shopify

Last modified: April 19, 2024

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Offbeat Bikes, a Chicago-based cargo and electric bike shop, improved customer experience and streamlined operations by migrating to Shopify’s unified ecommerce and POS platform.

Owner Mandalyn Renicker saved time on inventory management and invoicing while providing a seamless online and in-store shopping experience for customers.

Challenges with Fragmented Systems

Offbeat Bikes initially used Square Retail POS for in-store sales and Squarespace for their online store. The lack of reliable integration between the two systems led to inventory discrepancies, manual updates, and a clunky online user experience. Mandalyn spent excessive time reconciling inventory and payments from multiple sources.

Customers had difficulty navigating the website to find product information and check availability. Out-of-stock items remained purchasable online, resulting in overselling and manual order cancellations. Mandalyn needed an integrated platform to reduce admin work and provide a cohesive customer experience.

Migrating to Shopify's Unified Platform

Mandalyn migrated Offbeat Bikes’ ecommerce site to Shopify first, appreciating its user-friendly interface and customization options. She created intuitive product pages with metafields to display key information for customers researching bikes. Native Shopify features replaced multiple third-party apps, simplifying site management.

Next, Mandalyn transitioned from Square Retail POS to Shopify POS. Despite the large product and customer database, the migration process was smooth with help from Shopify’s support resources. Shopify POS streamlined invoicing for bike services and repairs using draft orders, becoming the “workhorse” of Offbeat Bikes’ operations.

Migrating to Shopify's Unified Platform - A store owner using a modern POS system with a sleek interface to process a sale

Improved Sales, Efficiency, and Customer Satisfaction

Since unifying their online and brick-and-mortar stores on Shopify, Offbeat Bikes has seen significant growth. Accessory sales increased 400% year-over-year, while kids’ bike sales doubled. Enhanced search functionality and well-organized collections on the Shopify site contributed to this success.

Mandalyn saved at least four hours per month on inventory management and sped up daily invoicing. With tedious tasks automated, she can focus on providing an exceptional customer experience across all touchpoints. Shopify’s robust inventory system and user-friendly interface have given Mandalyn more time and energy to delight customers and grow her business.

Improved Sales, Efficiency, and Customer Satisfaction - A satisfied customer riding a newly purchased bike on a city street or bike path

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Conclusion: Offbeat Bikes Boosts Sales and Efficiency with Shopify

Offbeat Bikes’ success story demonstrates how Shopify’s unified ecommerce and POS platform empowers independent retailers to thrive in today’s omnichannel landscape.

By consolidating systems, automating processes, and providing a seamless customer experience online and in-store, Shopify allows business owners like Mandalyn to focus on what matters most: satisfying customers and driving growth.

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