Pachama and Shopify: Brazilian Carbon Credit Collaboration [2024]
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Pachama and Shopify: Brazilian Carbon Credit Collaboration

Last modified: April 5, 2024

Pachama and Shopify Brazilian Carbon Credit Collaboration - Pachama and Shopify logo with a dense forest and sunlight filtering through the canopy on the background.
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Shopify, the renowned Canadian e-commerce platform, has partnered with Pachama, a climate tech startup based in San Francisco, to support a groundbreaking reforestation initiative in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. This collaboration underscores Shopify’s commitment to sustainable practices and innovative climate solutions.

Reviving Brazil's Atlantic Forest

The Atlantic Forest, once a thriving ecosystem teeming with biodiversity, has suffered extensive deforestation, leaving only 12% of its original area intact.

Through this partnership, Shopify aims to reforest approximately 200 hectares (490 acres) of land, with the goal of removing 45,000 tons of carbon over a 17-year period.

Named Águas da Mata Atlântica, this transformative endeavor extends beyond carbon removal. It promises significant water benefits for a local community of 9 million people and the creation of numerous job opportunities, making it a multifaceted and impactful project.

Establishing a Wildlife Corridor

The Águas da Mata Atlântica project also seeks to establish a crucial wildlife corridor, facilitating the free movement of native animal species between two remaining forest patches.

This initiative not only contributes to carbon sequestration but also promotes biodiversity conservation and ecosystem restoration.

Shopify’s investment in this project aligns with its broader sustainability goals and demonstrates its commitment to supporting high-quality nature-based solutions that address climate change and environmental degradation.

Establishing a Wildlife Corridor - A group of local community members working together to plant seedlings, with a sense of hope and purpose in their expressions

Pioneering Collaborations

Shopify’s partnership with Pachama follows the lead of Latin American e-commerce giant Mercado Libre, which previously invested in the same project through its Regenera America program.

This collaborative approach highlights the growing recognition of the importance of reforestation and carbon removal initiatives among leading companies.

Stacy Kauk, Shopify’s Head of Sustainability, expressed confidence in Pachama’s project quality, stating, “We hope that by participating as a buyer, we’ll help kickstart a new generation of reforestation projects.” This sentiment echoes Shopify’s commitment to driving positive change and supporting innovative climate solutions.

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Conclusion: Shopify Invests in Reforestation Project in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest

Shopify’s investment in Pachama’s reforestation project in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest represents a significant step towards addressing climate change and promoting sustainable practices.

By supporting this initiative, Shopify not only contributes to carbon removal but also facilitates biodiversity conservation, job creation, and water security for local communities.

This collaboration exemplifies the growing recognition of the importance of nature-based solutions and sets a precedent for other companies to follow suit in their sustainability efforts.

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