Shopify Survey: Unwrapping Late Holiday Shopping Trends [2024]
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Shopify Survey: Unwrapping Late Holiday Shopping Trends

Last modified: December 8, 2023

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Shopify’s recent survey unveils the habits of late holiday shoppers, highlighting a significant trend: nearly half of U.S. consumers plan to do most of their holiday shopping in December. This late shopping surge, captured in the Shopify-Gallup Holiday Shopping Pulse, reflects a shift in consumer behavior, with 16% of respondents starting their shopping only in December.

This trend is more pronounced among men and younger shoppers, driven by factors like financial planning and a preference for shopping closer to the holiday season.

Understanding Late Shoppers: Demographics and Motivations

The survey reveals interesting demographic insights: 21% of men versus 11% of women start their shopping in December. Younger shoppers under 50 are more likely to delay their shopping, with 53% doing most of it in December, compared to 44% of those over 50.

The primary reason for younger shoppers’ delay is financial – waiting for enough funds to purchase gifts. In contrast, 31% of men admit to procrastination as their main reason for late shopping.

Another key finding is the increased preference for in-person shopping during December. Over half of the surveyed shoppers (56%) are more inclined to visit physical stores in December, a trend that spans across all age groups and genders.

This shift underscores the importance of robust point-of-sale systems like Shopify POS, which helps merchants manage high transaction volumes and foot traffic during this peak season.

Merchants' Experiences and Strategies

Shopify merchants have observed distinct patterns in holiday shopping behaviors. Emani Jeter, founder of Beauty Strike, notes that while some customers shop extremely early, others are remarkably late, often in the week of Christmas.

Interestingly, the majority of late shoppers at Beauty Strike are men, seeking last-minute gift advice. This trend highlights the need for retailers to simplify the gift selection process for these last-minute shoppers.

Erin Andrews, founder of Indi Chocolate, shares a similar experience. She witnesses a surge of customers, primarily young and middle-aged men, on Christmas Eve.

These customers, frequently visiting family, look for ready-to-go gifts due to time constraints. To cater to this demand, Indi Chocolate prepares extra gift sets for these last-minute shoppers.

Maximizing Opportunities with Late Shoppers

Maximizing Opportunities with Late Shoppers-Busy store in a Christmas decorative with diverse shoppers, with snow icon, trolley icon, gift icon and several other icons.

For retailers, late holiday shoppers present a significant opportunity. Shopify suggests several strategies to capture this market segment. Offering digital gift cards is a convenient option for both retailers and shoppers.

Creating a gift guide can streamline the shopping experience, especially for those in a hurry. Fast shipping options are also crucial, as they cater to the urgency of last-minute purchases.

Effective inventory management is another key strategy. Retailers should ensure that popular items, like gift bundles, remain in stock throughout December.

Utilizing tools like Shopify Flow can help automate processes and maintain a seamless shopping experience for both merchants and customers during the holiday rush.


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Conclusion: Shopify Survey: Unwrapping Late Holiday Shopping Trends

The insights from Shopify’s survey shed light on the growing trend of late holiday shopping. Understanding the demographics, motivations, and preferences of these shoppers is crucial for retailers.

By adapting strategies such as in-store experiences, targeted marketing, and efficient inventory management, businesses can better cater to this segment. This shift in consumer behavior offers a valuable opportunity for retailers to maximize their holiday sales, emphasizing the importance of agility and customer-centric approaches in today’s retail landscape.

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