Shopify's Ex-CFO Boosts Jobber's Board [2024]
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Shopify’s Ex-CFO Boosts Jobber’s Board

Last modified: February 9, 2024

Shopify’s Ex-CFO Boosts Jobber’s Board - A symbolic representation of collaboration and growth in the tech industry.
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Amy Shapero, the former Chief Financial Officer of Shopify, has taken a significant step in her career by joining the board of directors at Jobber, a leader in operations management software for home service businesses. With her appointment as the Audit Committee Chair, Shapero brings her vast experience in finance, strategy, and technology from her time at Shopify, aiming to empower small and medium-sized businesses through innovative solutions.

Shopify Influence and Shapero's Legacy

During her nearly five-year tenure as CFO at Shopify, Amy Shapero played a crucial role in the company’s exponential growth, with revenues soaring to $5.6 billion. Her leadership helped establish Shopify as a dominant force in global commerce, aiding millions of entrepreneurs in managing their businesses more efficiently through advanced technology in commerce, financial services, and analytics.

Shapero’s extensive background includes prestigious roles at Goldman Sachs and EY, as well as strategic positions at DigitalGlobe, Sailthru, and Betterment. Her academic achievements include an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in accounting from the University of Illinois, further highlighting her expertise in finance and technology.

Jobber's Mission and Shapero's Role

Amy Shapero’s personal connection to the entrepreneurial struggles in the home service industry, inspired by her father’s experiences, positions her uniquely to guide Jobber in its mission. The company aims to alleviate the administrative burdens on entrepreneurs, enhancing operational efficiency and customer service across the globe.

Sam Pillar, CEO and co-founder of Jobber, welcomed Shapero’s addition to the board, emphasizing her dedication to developing technology solutions that empower entrepreneurs. Her involvement is anticipated to drive Jobber’s growth and further its commitment to helping small businesses succeed.

Strategic Expansion of Jobber's Board

The appointment of Amy Shapero, following the addition of Gail Goodman to the board in April 2021, signifies Jobber’s strategic intent to broaden its board with experts who can contribute to its growth and strategic decision-making. Shapero’s experience at Shopify and her expertise in finance and strategy are expected to be invaluable as Jobber seeks to lead in technology adoption within the home service sector.

With Shapero’s background in supporting entrepreneurship and her role in developing disruptive technologies, Jobber is well-positioned to accelerate its mission. Her alignment with Jobber’s goals promises to enhance the company’s impact on the home service industry through technological innovation and improved service delivery.

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Conclusion: Shopify’s Ex-CFO Boosts Jobber’s Board

The inclusion of Amy Shapero, Shopify’s former CFO, on Jobber’s board of directors as Audit Committee Chair is a pivotal development for the company. Her profound experience in finance, strategy, and technology is expected to significantly influence Jobber’s strategic direction, benefiting entrepreneurs and homeowners by fostering operational efficiencies and superior service experiences in the home service industry.

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