Cognizant Partners with Shopify and Google Cloud [2024]
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Transforming Enterprise Retail with Cognizant, Shopify, and Google Cloud

Last modified: April 9, 2024

Cognizant Partners with Shopify and Google Cloud - A globe with multiple retail store locations connected by digital threads
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Cognizant has partnered with Shopify and Google Cloud to drive digital transformation and platform modernization for global retailers and brands.

The alliance combines Shopify’s commerce platform, Google Cloud’s infrastructure, and Cognizant’s retail industry expertise to deliver real-time recommendations, shopping assistance, and personalized offers to customers.

Addressing Challenges in Enterprise Retail

Enterprise retailers face challenges in personalizing customer experiences, scaling operations globally, and modernizing commerce platforms.

The joint offering from Cognizant, Shopify, and Google Cloud aims to address these challenges by providing the foundational technology needed for impactful digital transformation.

By utilizing Shopify’s commerce operating system, built on Google Cloud, along with Google Cloud’s expansive suite of offerings, brands can unlock a range of retail scenarios and deliver benefits across various areas.

Unlocking Commerce Capabilities with Generative AI

The alliance focuses on unlocking a set of commerce capabilities for retail businesses of all sizes, addressing future-focused trends important to retailers and customers.

These capabilities include seamless, hyper-tailored customer journeys, personal AI shopping assistants, fraud mitigation, sustainability, and more.

Cognizant’s goal is to drive modernization for retailers by leveraging generative AI-powered platforms, technology, and cloud solutions, all in one place.

Unlocking Commerce Capabilities with Generative AI - A retail customer using their smartphone to interact with a personal AI shopping assistant

Bringing Leading Commerce Solutions to Market

Shopify and Google Cloud have a long-standing relationship, specializing in bringing leading commerce solutions to market that help enterprises modernize, scale, and innovate at speed. With Cognizant as a delivery partner, they can unlock the transformation enterprises need to drive growth.

As consumer expectations evolve with the advancement of Generative AI, this new offering helps retailers quickly and easily modernize their ecommerce experience on Shopify’s platform with the latest AI and digital innovations from Google Cloud.

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Conclusion: Transforming Enterprise Retail with Cognizant, Shopify, and Google Cloud

The strategic alliance between Cognizant, Shopify, and Google Cloud empowers enterprise retailers to transform their digital presence and deliver enhanced customer experiences. By leveraging the combined strengths of these industry leaders, retailers can modernize their platforms, scale their operations, and harness the power of generative AI to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving retail landscape.

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