How To Change The Font In Shopify [2024]
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How To Change The Font In Shopify

Last modified: November 1, 2023

How To Change The Font In Shopify
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The font of your store can be an important factor in converting customers. Fonts can be associated with specific ethical alignments or niches. For instance, some fonts are associated with children while others are associated with writing services.

Having the right font on your Shopify store is as simple as it is on a word processing document. So, here are the steps you’ll need to take, in order to change the font on your page.

Key Takeaways
Access the ‘Typology’ tab to view Shopify font options and adjust the font size by entering the desired size.
Change text color using the color picker or by inputting a hex code.
To use a different font, either utilize an app or opt for ‘custom’ and provide a link.

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Step 1 – Login

Log in to your Shopify admin page using your user credentials.

Step 2 – Edit Shopify Theme

Now you need to go to your ‘Themes’ tab and click on ‘customize theme’. Within this section, you need to find the ‘themes option’ in the left hand side of the popup that appears.

Step 3 – Typology

Here there should be a ‘Typology’ tab. Click on the tab. There will be options that allow you to edit your Shopify font. This includes what font you use, the page heading font, link color, product text styles, colors for prices, etc..

To change the size of the font, all you need to do is enter the size of the font you want. The color of the text can be changed by clicking on the color area and using the color picker box. Or, you can use the color’s hex code value.

If you want to change the font to one not available on the site, you can use an app, or you can select custom and then use your own link to the font or to a Google font family. If the font is available through your theme, then you can select it from the drop-down list.

Step 4 – Publish

When you’ve completed the changes to your text, you must click on ‘Publish’.

How To Add Your Own Custom Font Style

If you want to add your own custom font style, you need to follow these steps.

Step 1 – Open Google Web Font

The first thing you want to do is to open Google web font page and choose the font that you want. There is a left menu filter you can use to help you find the font. When you’ve found the font, you can then click on the ‘Quick use’ button.

Step 2 – Font Style

Now select the appropriate font style. Be sure that you really want the font style you’re selecting. The more customization that you add, the longer it will take for your site to load and this can yield poor conversion rates.

Step 3 – Copy Code

There should be a third option slightly lower on the page. You need to copy this from below the mention code.

Step 4 – Shopify Login

Log in to your Shopify admin page using your user credentials.

Step 5 – Edit Shopify Theme

Now you need to go to your ‘Themes’ tab and then click on the customize theme. You then need to edit the HTML/CSS and the layout option and then the theme.liquid file.

Step 6 – Paste Code

Within the theme.liquid file you need to paste the code you’ve copied above the tag. Then save the changes you’ve made.

Step 7 – Google Webfonts Page

Move down to the fourth option on the Google webfonts page. This should be titled ‘integrate the fonts into your css’. Copy the CSS code from this area.

Step 8 – Open the CSS File

Open the relevant CSS file which you want to make changes to. This is often the style.css.liquid file. Find the font family code within this document and replace it with the code you’ve copied from Google.

Step 9 – Save

When you’ve completed the changes, click on the ‘Save’ options.

Keep Reading

Optimizing Your Shopify Store’s Font Choices

The Impact of Font Selection

The right font can significantly influence a brand’s perception. It’s not merely about aesthetics; it’s about conveying a brand’s voice, values, and personality.

A well-chosen font ensures readability, enhances user experience, and can even influence purchasing decisions.

System Fonts vs. Custom Fonts

Shopify provides a range of system fonts that are optimized for performance and compatibility. However, for brands looking to stand out, integrating custom fonts can offer that distinct touch. It’s essential to ensure these custom fonts are web-optimized to maintain site speed and user experience.

Font Responsiveness on Mobile Devices

With a significant portion of online shopping happening on mobile devices, ensuring fonts are mobile-responsive is crucial.

The font size, weight, and style need to be adjusted and tested across various devices to ensure readability and a seamless shopping experience.


Enhancing Your Shopify Store’s Typography

Why Typography Matters

We understand the power of typography. It’s not just about choosing a font; it’s about ensuring your brand stands out and offers a seamless user experience.

Whether you’re using system fonts or custom ones, the right typography can elevate your brand and ensure mobile responsiveness.

Integrating Custom Fonts

While Shopify offers a range of fonts, sometimes you need that unique touch. Adding a custom font might seem technical, but with a few steps, you can integrate any font you desire. Remember to use optimized font files like WOFF or WOFF2 to ensure your site speed isn’t compromised.

Diving Deeper into Theme Settings

Shopify’s theme settings are a treasure trove of customization options. From adjusting your logo and favicon to tweaking animations and shadows, the possibilities are endless.

And when it comes to typography, you’re not just limited to fonts. Adjust font sizes, colors, and even apply animations to make your text stand out.

Key Reminders When Changing The Font In Shopify

Consistency is Crucial

When selecting a font, it’s essential to maintain consistency across the entire online store. This not only ensures a cohesive look but also provides a seamless user experience. Mixing too many fonts can confuse and distract visitors.

Performance Matters

While it’s tempting to use custom fonts, it’s vital to consider the impact on site performance.

Custom fonts, especially if not optimized, can slow down a site, leading to longer load times and potentially turning away impatient visitors.

Conclusion: How To Change The Font In Shopify

Don’t let your Shopify font let you down. Change your font to match your branding and impress customers. You can also impress customers by changing your theme.

  • Are there any limitations on the number of custom fonts one can upload to Shopify?

    While there isn’t a strict limit on the number of custom fonts you can upload, be cautious, as uploading too many can slow down your site, affecting both design and functionality.

  • How does font choice impact the overall branding of a Shopify store?

    A consistent and appropriate font reinforces brand identity, evokes emotions, and enhances user trust. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about conveying the brand’s voice and values effectively.

  • How can I change the font size for specific sections like the FAQ section in my Shopify theme?

    You can adjust the font size for specific sections by modifying the theme’s CSS code. Locate the relevant CSS selector and update the font size property.

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