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The 13 Best Apps To Backup Your Shopify Store – [2023]

Last modified: April 1, 2023

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Security for your Shopify site should be at the forefront of your thoughts. Today’s modern world is full of dangers for small businesses and internet security is a top priority. Every year about 50% of all small businesses are the victims of a cyberattack. Those that suffer from an attack can suffer from irreparable financial damage that results in the closure of business.

One of the main problems that can happen is that a website is completely taken down. All that data and investment is lost through one criminal act.

In fact, 67% of businesses believe they will be the victim of a cyber attack within 12 months. And of those businesses that are attacked, 31% of them are businesses with less than 250 employees.

However, 58% of businesses don’t have the financial aspects or the functions to backup their store and recover.

You Need To Backup Your Shopify Store Now

To protect you from this, you need to start to look at a process to backup your Shopify Store. When you have a WordPress or standard website, this can mean simply using FTP file access to save your website’s files and then saving the MySQL database. However, you don’t have access to these with Shopify.

And while Shopify states that it backs up everything on its servers, it doesn’t give you access to those files. Therefore, you might as well not have the backup.

Therefore, you need to gain access to apps that will backup your store for you. Otherwise you could lose on significant reputational damage, revenues and having to invest more into rebuilding your brand should you lose your Shopify Store.

So, to prevent you from becoming a victim, here are some apps that will help you.

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ThemeWatch ‑ theme backup tool

ThemeWatch ‑ theme backup tool

This app keeps track of any changes that are taking place on your theme. It also performs daily backups, as well as manual backups, of your theme files. Therefore, should you need to, you can revert back to an old version of your website with just a few clicks.

The theme backups are done on a daily basis, automatically, but when you make changes, it can be useful to manually backup your files.

The app is particularly good because it allows you to track your assets and the differences between different versions. Therefore, if you have a developer, you can see the particular changes they have made to your business’ website.

ThemeWatch Highlights:

  • Automatic and manual theme backup app.
  • Can see where changes have been made.
  • Easy recovery to a previous backup point.
  • Low-cost app that also helps to keep costs down.

ExIm ‑ Export / Import data

ExIm ‑ Export / Import data

While not technically a backup app for Shopify, it does have functionality that allows you to backup content on your website. There is a lot of manual work here and if you aren’t sure what you’re doing, this app probably isn’t for you. However, if you have some technical skills, this could be a cost effective way to backup a significant proportion of your website.

With this app, you can export and important several aspects including pages, blogs and theme settings. There is no configuration needed, all you need to do is install the app.

It is easy to use and quick to import and export. This is also a great app for developers who are looking for a cost-effective way to quickly create websites for clients using Shopify. Or if you’re an international brand looking to clone your website for different territories.

ExIm Highlights:

A free app that makes backups cost-effective.

Manual, no automatic updates available.

Can be used for several different purposes.

Need more technical skills than other backup apps.

Final Word: Apps To Backup Your Shopify Store

Many brands go out of business because they suffer from a website failure. This could be because of a hack or it could be because of an error on a website. If there is no backup of the website, then this can be very upsetting. Learn to protect your business and backup Your Shopify store. Which of the above apps will you use?

One thought on “The 13 Best Apps To Backup Your Shopify Store – [2023]”
  1. Dennis says:

    Have a look at my Shopify App that does automated backups, uptime monitoring and security blocks. It’s called Wrench.

    As a merchant a backup of your store is crucial in case of an emergency. Although Shopify do in fact backup your store but there’s a problem with Shopifys backups – those backups are for them to use, not you as a merchant.

    There are multiple reasons for needing a proper backup of your entire store, I’ll list a few below.

    Human Error
    You yourself or one of your staff could accidentally delete a product, mess up a custom collection or even deleting the entire store (that actually happens).

    Third party apps
    There’s a lot of great apps on the App Store, but unfortunately there’s also a lot of apps leaving code behind in your theme or accidentally removes items from your store.

    Malicious data deletion
    A hacker could get control of your store and either delete it or keep it hostage.

    These are just a few examples of what could happen to your store data. In order to protect your business a fresh backup of all data is crucial – but it can be cumbersome.

    The manual way
    You’ll need to access multiple API endpoints and sort through images and meta data to create a backup, and then you need to do it again the next day, and the next…

    The automated way
    With Wrench we’ve built a 100% automated backup solution that you as a merchant can set and forget. If something bad were to happen to your store, use Wrench to restore all items – or specific ones – and keep focusing on running your store.

    We’ve also built in an Uptime Monitor tool that will let you or your staff know if your store would break, you’ll get an instant email that something is wrong and together with your fresh backups it’s as easy as click a button to restore your store keep those sales coming.

    We aim to be the perfect solution for any merchant taking their store seriously and want peace of mind knowing that everything runs smoothly – all the time.

    If you have any questions or feedback – let me know!

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