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How Much Does a Dropship Lifestyle Cost in [2023]?

Last modified: July 4, 2022

How Much Does a Dropship Lifestyle Cost  in [2023]?
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How much does a dropship lifestyle cost? This is a hard question because it isn’t a set amount, it depends largely on how much you can afford. However, a dropshipping lifestyle can be much more affordable in some respects as we will discuss in the article below.

Running the Business

Compared to other business models, the dropshipping costs are relatively low. All you need to pay for is a domain, website hosting and any add-ons that you want. Most of these costs can be on a platform like Shopify. You only need to pay for stock when you have a customer that has placed an order. Then you only pay for the stock that was ordered.

This is much lower than you would expect compared to business models like traditional eCommerce websites.

In addition, using a platform like Shopify allows you to build a website on your own as there are numerous dropshipping themes and apps that make it a great option for building your dropshipping website. And some of these themes and apps can be free, therefore, costs can be reduced. So costs can be as low as $30 per month before you make any sales, but it can be as high as $1000 a month, if you have lots of premium apps.

That being said, some other website platforms can charge you $200 a month for hosting, if you want something that has the same speed and reliability as Shopify.

Therefore, the costs of running the business can be very low.

Personal Costs

This is where dropshipping, and any at-home online business can be really beneficial. Numerous costs can be saved for you. For instance, commuting costs can be zero. In some US cities, the costs for commuting can be as much as $500 per month. Therefore, this is a huge saving.

You can also save costs on work clothes as you can work in whatever clothes you would like to work in. There are also other costs, like saving on lunches and other work-related costs. Therefore, you can earn more disposable income from your profits when you work for yourself.

Another thing that can happen is that you can claim some of your normal household costs against your tax. Therefore, you can pay less tax and earn more disposable income that can be spent on things that you like. To maximize these, it is always best to speak to a tax accountant, who can often save you more money than you spend with them.

Final Word: How Much Does a Dropship Lifestyle Cost?

There is no definitive amount that you can give to the question: how much does a dropship lifestyle cost. Generally speaking, running this type of business is less expensive than eCommerce businesses. And there are benefits to your personal income as well. So if you want to start a dropshipping store, it is highly recommended that you sign up to Shopify now.

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