These are the 12 Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps for your Store
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12 Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps – [2023]

Last modified: July 4, 2022

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For every sale that you get on your Shopify store, you’re likely to get at two or three abandoned carts. There are numerous reasons why you might get a few abandoned carts. The number one reason is unexpected costs, like delivery. Another major reason why people abandon carts is that they are just browsing and looking for quotes. However, there is a chance that you can recapture these lost sales with one of the many Shopify abandoned cart apps.

In this article, we’ll look at the best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps and see how they can help your business develop better revenue streams without attracting more traffic.

What Counts As An Abandoned Cart And How Do Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps Help?

There is some confusion as to what is regarded as an abandoned cart and what is not. An abandoned cart is when a shopper on your website has added items to their basket (or cart) and then left before completing the purchase. It doesn’t include people who have visited your site and just had a look around.

About 70% of customers on your website will abandon a cart according to the latest statistics. This is a huge number, but it does mean that just reclaiming a small number of these will allow you to earn a lot more revenue from your store. For instance, reclaiming 10% of your abandoned carts will add 23% to your revenue.

There are numerous reasons why customers abandon a cart. One of the most common reasons is that the users doesn’t trust your brand. So you might need reviews. Another reason is that they don’t like the shipping costs or there were unexpected costs for the order (i.e. taxes). Finally, there might be other issues such as slow website or they were just browsing.

Normally, those who have abandoned a cart have visited the cart page on your website, though this is not always the case.

When you use one of the many Shopify Abandoned Cart apps, you’re looking to bring back those who have entered items into their basket to complete the purchase. There are many reasons why this is successful. Firstly, it could be that a simple distraction prevented them from purchasing and they’re now ready to complete.

Or they may not have liked the price. In this case, a discount, which some Shopify Abandoned Cart apps allow for, might make your products more attractive. This discount could be for the delivery or it could be related to the whole product.

How Do Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps Work?

There are many ways that Shopify Abandoned Cart apps work for your website. In practice, they work very simply, by promoting the cart the customer had to them again. However, how this can be done varies, depending on the app. Some might send an email. Others might use social media or adverts on the side of other websites. Some use push notifications.

The methodology of the app depends on the needs of your website. If people need to sign into your store in order to add to a basket, then an email based one should be perfect. However, if a lot of customers don’t give their email address to you, then you might need to use adverts or push notifications in order to recoup those lost sales.

So, be sure that you know what you need from your abandoned cart app before adding one to your store. Always look at what people are providing you.

So, what are the top Shopify Abandoned Cart apps that we recommend?

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Smart Push Marketing – WebPush

Smart Push Marketing – WebPush

Smart Push Marketing is a great app for when visitors on your site don’t give you much information to work with. The recapturing of lost sales is completed through an automatic and targeted use of notification flows. Notifications can be used to remind visitors to complete a purchase or when stock has become available, there’s been a price drop, or when promotions are available on the website.

This app works across all devices and doesn’t need any emails. Even those who are using their mobiles can be given push reminders to complete purchases. Plus you don’t need to create a mobile app to make this work.

The advantage of push notifications is that, unlike with email or telephone numbers, data is less personal. It is also harder for you to sell or use. Therefore, it is more secure than email and users are more likely to provide permission for marketing to be given this way.

Smart Push Marketing Highlights:

  • Don’t need a customer’s email to recover their cart.
  • Can inform them of when items have returned to stock.
  • App automatically segments subscribers into group.
  • Free app, but powerful returns.

Final Word: The Top 10 Shopify abandoned Cart Apps

When up to 80% of carts are abandoned, you can be sure that one app you need for your website is one of the Shopify Abandoned Cart apps. It will help you generate more revenue without having to find more potential customers for your site. Which app will you choose and will you opt for email, social media or push notifications for your main driving force?

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