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12 Best Shopify Swatches Apps

Last modified: June 10, 2019


When you have products that customers can customize, you need a way for them to select the color, text or image they want. This can be done with simple dropdown menus that offer the customization options. However, this isn’t always great for converting visitors.

That is why it’s always good to use a Shopify swatches app. This is where there are images to demonstrate differences between very similar products. These images are displayed as thumbnails.

This small change can help increase conversions and reduce returns when customers aren’t happy with the variation. It also improves customer experience as customers don’t need to endlessly switch between different products to compare them.

What Makes The Best Shopify Swatches App?

There is a lot to consider when choosing a Shopify Swatches app. You need to know what functions you require. Do you need just color swatches, for example? Or do you need to display different text for certain products that might be available? Alternatively, do you need an option where the customer can submit their custom details (i.e. their own image/text)? Finally, the app should have limited impact on your theme files. Otherwise, if you change your theme you might have to re-install the Shopify Swatches app.

So, here are are our favorite Shopify swatches apps for your store.

Filter between free and paid




Simple and easy to use, this app allows you to add color options to your products with just a few clicks. It is a free app that supports three styles of swatches. It can automatically transform written text color variations into image swatches so you don’t have to do too much hard work.

The app is ready to use with any off-the-shelf themes. If your theme is customised, then the app development team offer an installation service to ensure it seamlessly installs onto your website.

Swatchy Highlights:

  • A free app.
  • Automatically converts texts into visual color option thumbnails.
  • Three styles of swatches to choose from.
  • Clean code so won’t slow down your website.

Final Thoughts: Which Is The Best Shopify Swatches App For Your Store?

If you have products in different sizes, colors, materials or even images, then swatches are the best way to ensure that they are being seen. They give customers a great experience and this can improve conversions, revenues and even your business’ success. The selection above means you can find the perfect Shopify swatches app for your store and help take your eStore to the next level. Which one will you choose?

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