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What Can You Dropship on Shopify?

What Can You Dropship on Shopify?

Last modified: March 19, 2023

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When you want to start a dropshipping business you need to consider what you are going to dropship. There are lots of options available and you might be surprised at the variety of products that are available on some platforms. So what can you dropship?

Items that are Easy to Dropship

Numerous items are very easy to dropship. In fact, the vast majority of products that you will find on an eCommerce store. For instance, clothing, pet toys, toys, books and simple items like these are often found on dropshipping sites. This is because they can be mass-produced and it is easy for the merchant to package these for you.

Another thing that you might find on dropshipping sites is POD items. These are great products to have for dropshipping because you don’t need to customize the products yourself, but instead, you can order the prints and get them sent direct to your customer.

This style can also allow you to create your own fashion brand with unique designs on all sorts of items. For instance, you can create your own hoodies, t-shirts, baseball caps and more. And if you create unique items then you can create products at a higher ticket value than if you sell products that can be found anywhere else in the world.

Items that are Harder to Dropship

Some items can’t be dropshipped. One of these is medicines and other restricted products. You might find it more challenging to sell age-restricted items as well. Items that are also harder to dropship are those sold under a license such as Apple products, PlayStation, DVDs and CDs. These can be so hard to do because the selling brands want to know figures and don’t want to sell under brands they don’t trust.

Some very high-ticket price items are almost impossible to dropship. For instance, you can’t sell things like cars.

Surprising Items that you can Dropship

There are some surprising items that you can dropship. For instance, you can dropship pet food that can be customized for your customers. Or you can dropship furniture like beds, sofas and more. These items are very high-ticket but are deemed worthwhile. These can all be found through the Oberlo app.

Sometimes the items that you can dropship but you might not have originally thought of can be the best option. This is because others might not have realized it either, so competition is less and you can afford to have higher prices for the products. Therefore, you can have potentially more revenue and profit.

Final Word: What Can You Dropship?

What can you Dropship? The answer is very interesting and you will be surprised at the available range. So what products do you want to sell? Have a look through a Shopify dropshipping app and find your perfect dropshipping products.

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