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Where to Find a CBD Dropshipping Supplier in [2023]

Last modified: March 19, 2023

Where to Find a CBD Dropshipping Supplier in [2023]
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There are many ways where to find a CBD dropshipping supplier. In this article, we will look at the various ways that you can find the suppliers for your new business on Shopify and how you can make the most of your relationship.

Trade Shows

Sometimes you can find CBD suppliers at local tradeshows that you’re attending. They will often showcase that they are a supplier of CBD and that they offer dropshipping services. You can talk to the representative and they can get you into touch with the right people to help you set up on your Shopify website.

This can include what prices you will be paying, how long it will take to ship to customers, where they can ship and more.


One option is to search on Google. Many CBD suppliers will list their dropshipping services online and through a Google search, you can find them. They will also have their application process listed for you to look at and even apply for.

They might also have lots of materials for you listed online to help you populate your website and get going. At a minimum, they should include promotional images of the products, ingredients and also some facts for you to use.

Applications this way can take sometimes between two and three days.


Another option is to order from your competitors. When you receive your order, you might be given the brand name and the actual supplier of the CBD products. This can be a bit riskier and doesn’t always provide you with the right information, but for some, it might help you.

It can also showcase how products will arrive with the supplier. If the box arrives bashed, late or is lost, you know that supplier wasn’t any good anyway.

Talk to Business Leaders

There are going to be some people in the industry who are going to be willing to speak to you. They will know who is going to be offering dropshipping facilities and who will be willing to work with you.

If you have the right connections, they might be able to support your application further, give you hints on how to set up your Shopify website to get the best sales and more.

Trade Publications/Online Publications

There are numerous trade publications where dropshippers will list their services and you can reach out to them. Some people will advertise that they dropship CBD products if you visit enough websites or groups on Facebook.

This can be a slower way of finding the suppliers you want. At the same time, there are more risks as you don’t know the quality of the product. This is why you should always do your due diligence on the suppliers.

Final Word: Where to Find a CBD Dropshipping Supplier

There are numerous locations on where to find a CBD dropshipping supplier. However, you need to be sure that the supplier is someone that you can work with. So be sure that you always do your research before agreeing to stock their products.

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