How To Add Age Verification To Shopify [2024]
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How To Add Age Verification To Shopify

Last modified: November 9, 2023

How To Add Age Verification To Shopify
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Age verification is often an important part of selling online. If you sell any products where there is a legal, or even moral, obligation to ensure that the product is going to someone over a certain age, you need to check the buyer meets that criteria.

It can be more challenging online to check this information. After all, you can’t just physically see the buyer and make a judgment. And anyone can use someone else’s credit/debit card as long as they have the information.

The challenge is even more important, as it’s the seller’s responsibility to make sure that the person buying the age-restricted goods are appropriately aged. So, how can you do this online? Here are some steps for you to add an age verification to your store.

Key Takeaways
The seller is responsible for ensuring the buyer meets the age requirement for age-restricted goods.
To add age verification, log in to Shopify, edit code snippets on ‘Themes’ and update your Shopify theme layout.
Customization and testing of the age verification system are essential for creating a reliable user interface.
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Step 1 – Login

Login to your Shopify store using your user credentials.

Step 2 – Themes

From the admin page, you need to go to the ‘Online Store’ and then the ‘Themes’ section of your dashboard. Find the theme that you’re using, or want to use, and then click on the ‘Actions’ and then ‘Edit Code’ option.

Step 3 – Snippets

Now you need to click on the ‘Snippets’ folder to expand the folder and view the contents. Within the folder you need to click on the option ‘Add A New Snippet’.

Step 4 – Age Verification

Now you need to name the new snippet ‘age-check’ and then click on the option ‘Create Snippet’. This will create the snippet and open up the online code editor.

Step 5 – Copy Code

In a new browser tab on your computer, open up the following webpage. Copy the code from this webpage and then paste it into the code editor for the snippet.

You can make changes to the code in several ways, for instance, you can change the age by simply changing the references from 18 to the respective ages. And you can add in new years as you wish or remove others.

Step 6 – Save

When you’ve completed all the changes that you want to make to the snippet, you can click on the ‘Save’ option.

Step 7 – Layouts

Go to your ‘Layouts’ folder and then find and click on the ‘theme.liquid file. This will open the online code editor again, but for this file instead.

Step 8 – Body Tag

Search the code for the opening <body> tag. After you’ve found the tag insert the following code.

{% render 'age-check' %}

This will include the age-check.liquid snippet at the very beginning of the content within the body of your theme file. Therefore, when someone enters your website, you can check their age.

Step 9 – Save

When complete, you can click on ‘Save’.

Keep Reading

Enhancing Age Verification on Shopify

Why Age Verification Matters

Ensuring that your Shopify store complies with legal age restrictions is not just about abiding by the law.

It’s a commitment to social responsibility, protecting minors from accessing age-restricted products.

Age verification acts as a digital gatekeeper, safeguarding your business and your customers.

Streamlining the Verification Process

Adding an age verification popup to your Shopify store doesn’t have to be complex. You can set up an intuitive system tool that verifies the age of your customers efficiently.

This process not only meets legal requirements but also enhances the user experience by providing a seamless entry to your store.

Customizing the User Experience

Customization is key to maintain brand consistency. Tailoring the look and feel of your age verification popup to match your store’s theme creates a cohesive user experience.

This attention to detail can build trust and credibility with your audience, turning a compliance step into a brand strengthening opportunity.

Implementing Age Verification on Your Store

Choosing the Right Method

There are multiple ways to implement age verification in Shopify, whether you opt for a simple app integration or a more hands-on coding approach.

The goal is to find a balance between ease of use and customization. This should align with your brand’s image and legal obligations.

Guiding Underage Users

What happens if a user is underage? A well-designed age verification system should guide them away from age-restricted products while still offering a positive brand interaction.

Redirecting to an appropriate page or providing contact information for queries can maintain engagement without compromising compliance.

Testing and Optimization

After setting up age verification, it’s crucial to test its functionality across different devices.

Ensuring that the popup works flawlessly on both desktop and mobile platforms guarantees a consistent user experience.

Regularly reviewing and optimizing the system can also help in maintaining compliance and user satisfaction.

Conclusion: How To Add Age Verification To Shopify

Age verification online is as important as it is offline. You can use the code above to add it into your store, or you can use an app. There are several available for a variety of prices. However, we really recommend that you use Age Check on your site. It is the most cost-effective app that can check the age of your visitors in a discreet, professional manner.

  • What happens if a customer falsely verifies their age?

    The onus is on customers to be truthful; your role is to provide a clear and functional age verification system. It’s crucial to have robust verification processes and disclaimers in place to mitigate risk and ensure legal compliance.

  • Can age verification popups collect customer data?

    Yes, age verification popups can collect customer data to verify a customer’s age. However, it’s essential to handle this data with care and clearly communicate your data usage policies to customers to ensure privacy and legal compliance.

  • Can age verification be bypassed by users?

    Age verification relies on user honesty and cannot be completely foolproof. It’s important to implement robust measures and periodically assess and update your verification processes to minimize the risk of bypassing.

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