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How to Effectively Collect Reviews for your Shopify Store

How to Effectively Collect Reviews for your Shopify Store

Last modified: December 5, 2021

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Reviews are really important when it comes to making a success of your business. However, too many business owners fail to really go for them as they’re worried about what past customers might say or they think it will take to long to get the review. The fact is that one review is better than none and 81% of customers prefer to trust the opinion of other customers than your marketing content.

There are many different ways that you can collect reviews for your Shopify store. Some of these are personal and others are not. So here are some options that can help you build a review system that can help you build your business.

Include Review Requests in Packages

One very important area that brands often forget where they can get reviews is the packaging. Within the fulfillment packaging of your orders, you can include a marketing postcard or leaflet that invites the customer to review your website. This is a physical touchpoint that is harder for the customer to ignore.

You can also use prepaid posting options to get the customer to send you a written review that can help you collect testimonials from your customers.

Automatic Emails

Another option is to use one of the numerous apps that allow you to send automatic emails to customers to collect information from them about reviews. Some of the best apps include Growave, which is an app that doesn’t just collect reviews, but can also act as a way to improve your website’s loyalty program that increases your customer’s lifetime value to the brand.

One of the other apps that you can use is Review Nudge. This is a recent addition to the Shopify App store so they don’t have many reviews at the moment. However, they’re highly recommended by experts who build Shopify apps.

Final Word: How to Effectively Collect Reviews for your Shopify Store

Reviews are an important part of running your eCommerce store. There are several ways that you can collect reviews for Shopify stores. Above are three of the best options. Remember to always ask politely and give them a reason why customers should help you out. If you give a reason, they’re more likely to leave you a review.

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