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How to Sell More Event Tickets on Shopify

How to Sell More Event Tickets on Shopify

Last modified: December 29, 2021

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Shopify is a great platform that you can use to sell event tickets. Whether events are your main revenue source or whether you have other products that you sell and events are there only on occasion you want to maximise sales of your event tickets. In this article, we suggest some of the strategies for selling more event tickets when using a Shopify website.

Why do you Need to Sell More Event Tickets?

There are numerous reasons why selling more event tickets is important. The first is the revenue stream. If you sell event tickets online, instead of relying on passers-by or on-the-day sales, you will get more of your revenue upfront. This is better cash flow for your business. In addition, sales online are guaranteed sales, whereas sales made on the day cannot be guaranteed until the day.

Another reason is that you would like your event to be buzzing. One of the best ways to do this, besides having everything in place for a good event, is to have as many people there as possible without overcrowding an event.

You might also want to sell more event tickets because the more sales you make, the more popular your event will seem and this will start to encourage more sales.

So how do you sell more event tickets? Here are some suggestions.

1. Tiered Pricing

One option is to offer tiered pricing for the event tickets. If someone buys one to three tickets, they might get a price per ticket, when they buy more than three tickets they can collect a discount on the tickets. Some value hunters will buy more tickets because they can then invite friends/family to buy tickets from them and they can then get money off the tickets. It is a great option that often sells more tickets than you could realize.

2. Urgency

You can also add urgency to your ticket sales. This can be done in many ways. You can give a discount to the first 100 people who buy a ticket or you can add a discount for a set period of time. This can use a countdown timer, like one of these here, to help add that FOMO feeling on the website.

Or you can use a stock counter to showcase that there are only so many tickets available. Customers will likely buy a ticket to ensure they’ve got one.

3. Special Events

You can add special events that only those who pre-book only can take advantage of. This might be a special lounge where guest speakers will be at or there is a special meal or drinks for those who pre-book. Alternatively, you can give those who book online an earlier entrance time for their dedication. This can also help you reduce foot traffic when entering the event.

Final Word: How to Sell More Event Tickets on Shopify

Above are three ways that you’re able to sell more event tickets on Shopify. These options can help you increase revenues from your events and ensure that you’re maximising your capacity. Remember that all events should also be marketed with social media, email and a good ranking on Google.

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