How to Sell Print on Demand Stickers? [2024]
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How to Sell Print on Demand Stickers?

Last modified: April 3, 2024

How to Sell Print on Demand Stickers?
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Are you looking to sell print on demand stickers? Then here are some of the best tips to make sure that you can sell on Shopify with some of the best print on demand companies that can help.

Key Takeaways
Selecting a niche, a reliable printer, and regularly update product offerings is crucial for starting a sticker business.
Building a strong website on Shopify enhances product management and marketing.
Innovative sticker designs and strategic online selling can significantly boost your business.
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Why Sell Print on Demand Stickers?

Stickers are very popular products, especially for small gifts, favor bags or small fun items for children. There are lots of designs for stickers, but you can also create your designs and then sell these online. To make it more profitable, you should try to have print-on-demand stickers. This is when a sheet of stickers is only printed when there is an order for them.

You can sell stickers as a stand-alone product on your website if you are an influencer, or you can make it a product that you sell alongside other products like t-shirts, caps, other clothing and more.

So what are the best tips for creating and selling your own print on demand stickers?

1. Set a Niche

The first thing that you should do is select a niche. There are numerous niches, and this is probably already selected for you if you’re an established brand. If not – how about jewelry?

2. Select a Printer

The next stage is to select a printer for your stickers. There are lots of printers that you can use, including Printful and Printify. These are great options because they have fast turnarounds and are really professional. You can expect that your website’s customers will be satisfied with the final results.

3. Build a Website

If you haven’t already, you should build a good website. The best platform to use would be Shopify. This has extensions (apps) for Printful, Printify and more that allow for better management of your products. In addition, other apps allow you to build a profitable website that can have more marketing options.

For instance, you can add email marketing, auto-posting to social media and more.

4. Market Widely

Next, you need to market your brand across social media channels and improve your website’s SEO. If you’re on YouTube, then you should include your stickers on the channel. Video can help you increase conversions with ease. Therefore, you can add product videos to your product pages to make them more conversion-friendly.

5. Replace Products Regularly

Another tip is to make your products scarce. By this, what is meant is that your products are available only for a certain length of time and then discontinued. Then a new product should replace it. This can make products more scarce, valuable and allows you to sell more on your website. This can also help you build a stronger following online.

Keep Reading

Enhancing Your Print-on-Demand Sticker Business

Designing Unique Stickers

To stand out in the sticker market, focus on creating unique designs that resonate with your target audience. Explore various themes and styles, from quirky quotes to abstract art.

Utilize tools like Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, or Canva for designing. Remember, the uniqueness of your stickers can significantly attract more customers.

Types of Stickers and Finishes

Offer a diverse range of stickers like vinyl decals, die-cut, static cling, and more. Each type serves different purposes and appeals to various customer preferences.

Additionally, provide options for finishes like glossy, matte, or holographic to cater to diverse aesthetic tastes.

Printing and Production Choices

For printing, consider home-based solutions like Cricut for small batches, or use online services like Sticker Mule for larger orders. Dropshipping options like Printful or Printify can also be effective, especially for those looking to minimize upfront investment.

Marketing and Selling Strategies for Print-on-Demand Stickers

Choosing the Right Platform

Select the most suitable platform for your business model. Shopify offers complete control over branding and customer experience, while Etsy can tap into an existing market of craft lovers.

Consider Redbubble for a hassle-free approach, especially if you’re looking for passive income streams.

Pricing and Shipping

Price your stickers competitively, considering the cost of materials, labor, and shipping. Research similar businesses to find a price point that works for your market.

For shipping, ensure your stickers are well-protected and consider offering free or reduced shipping to attract more customers.

Expanding Your Reach

Leverage social media platforms for marketing and engage with your audience. Collaborate with influencers to gain wider exposure.

Moreover, incorporating print on demand product strategies can provide innovative avenues for promotion and customization, amplifying the appeal of your offerings to a broader audience.

Regularly offer promotions and discounts to encourage purchases, and consider free shipping as an added incentive for buyers.

Conclusion: How to Sell Print on Demand Stickers?

Are you wondering how you can sell POD stickers? Using Shopify and one or two of the print on demand companies makes this process really easy. You can build a website on Shopify within just a few hours and start selling soon.

  • Can I offer custom sticker designs in my print-on-demand business?

    Yes, offering custom designs can set your business apart. Ensure you have a system to efficiently manage custom requests and maintain quality and consistency in your products.

  • What is the average turnaround time for print-on-demand sticker orders?

    Turnaround times vary, but most print-on-demand services process orders within 2-7 days. This timeframe can change based on order volume and specific product requirements.

  • How do I determine pricing for my print-on-demand stickers?

    Consider the cost of production, your time, and market rates to set competitive prices. Aim for a balance that covers costs and appeals to customers, ensuring a reasonable profit margin.

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