Sell Print-on-Demand Skateboards on Shopify [Feb, 2024]
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Sell Print-on-Demand Skateboards on Shopify [Feb, 2024]

Last modified: February 1, 2024

Sell Print-on-Demand Skateboards on Shopify [Feb, 2024]
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Skateboards are a great product to sell online. They’re a product that’s in demand by hobbyists, professionals, and parents who want to give their kids a great gift. The demand for skateboards is worth $2 billion a year in the US alone. And the growth for the market is expected to be 3.1% every year so by 2025, the market is expected to be worth $2.38 billion a year. The advantage of print-on-demand skateboards is that printers can often ship across the world, so you have a large market.

If you're interested in selling print on demand skateboards on Shopify, what are the best tips to follow?

Key Takeaways
Skateboards are in demand by hobbyists, professionals, and parents, making them a profitable online product.
Utilize Shopify’s user-friendly platform to easily manage your brand and facilitate customer transactions.
Optimize your website for speed and efficiency to enhance the customer shopping experience.

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Sell on Shopify

Sell your products on Shopify. The platform has everything that you need to make your brand a little easier to manage. You don’t need to be a technical genius to operate the website and the features on the platform allow you to take payments, email customers and more.

In addition, you can take advantage of the free trial period to get your website up and running before you need to pay for the hosting. In addition, there are some great options on the Shopify app store for adding functionality to your website.

Create Unique Designs

The advantage of a print on demand business model is that you can design lots of different skateboard skins that customers can choose from. This allows you to entice more of your audience to make a purchase and allows you to appeal to different styles that customers might like.

You can also add new designs or discontinue less favored designs at your discretion without any financial costs to your business.

This is important because buyers are often looking for a unique design that can’t be bought from a mall or other shop.


It is important to get the marketing right for your print on demand skateboards store. Keywords are a major focus that you need to spend some time on. While Skateboards is the most used term by buyers, it isn’t exactly the best because the competition for that keyword is so high.

There are other keywords that include ‘skateboards’ with reasonable search volumes on Google and other search engines that have a lot less competition. Therefore, you can build a better and strong business by doing a bit of keyword research and using an app like SEO Booster, to help you rank higher.

Fast Speed

You must make sure to have a very fast website. Every second it takes for your website to load on a browser is going to cost you money. On average, your website is losing 7% of revenue for every second it takes to load on a browser.

There are many ways that you can optimize a website. However, one of the best options is to ensure that you can optimize the images. You should also host any product videos on YouTube for showcasing on your product pages.

Keep Reading

Enhancing Your Online Skateboard Store

Effective Business Registration and Branding

In our journey of establishing a prominent online presence, we’ve realized the significance of formal business registration and effective branding. Registering your business and obtaining a federal EIN number is a foundational step.

It not only legitimizes the business but also facilitates the opening of a business bank account and the acquisition of a reseller or retail merchant certificate.

Branding, on the other hand, is an art we’ve mastered over the years. It’s more than a logo or a catchy name; it’s about creating an identity that resonates with the target audience.

Utilizing platforms for professional branding designs and marketing materials has been instrumental in our success. Every element, from color schemes to typography, is meticulously selected to reflect our identity and appeal to our audience.

Product Diversification and Strategic Pricing

Expanding the product range and offering services related to skateboarding has been a game-changer for us. We’ve incorporated popular items like skates, safety gear, and longboards, and introduced services like skate and skateboard repair, cleaning, and rentals.

This diversification not only attracts a broader audience but also enhances customer retention.

Pricing is a delicate balance. We’ve conducted extensive market research to understand the pricing dynamics in the skateboarding niche.

Skateboards can range from $50 to thousands of dollars, depending on various factors. Our pricing strategy is rooted in offering value while remaining competitive, ensuring that quality is never compromised.

Optimizing the Online Shopping Experience

Website Functionality and User Experience

Our years of digital marketing and development experience have taught us the pivotal role of website functionality and user experience. We’ve optimized our online store to be responsive across desktop computers and mobile devices, ensuring seamless navigation and efficient purchase processes.

The integration of targeted marketing campaigns on social media and Google amplifies our reach and engagement.

We’ve also harnessed the power of Shopify’s built-in SEO tools and integrated blogging to enhance our online visibility.

Content is paramount, and we’ve invested in creating informative and engaging articles and videos that not only showcase our products but also provide valuable insights to the skateboarding community.

Customization and Delivery Options

Customization has emerged as a key differentiator in the online shopping experience. We offer our customers the ability to personalize their skateboards, enhancing their connection with the product.

Our streamlined process allows for easy customization, from selecting deck width to applying custom images and graphics.

Delivery options are tailored to meet diverse customer needs. Shopify’s flexibility enables us to offer speedy and flexible delivery, ensuring that our customers receive their personalized skateboards in pristine condition and in a timely manner.

Every step, from order placement to delivery, is designed to exceed customer expectations.

Challenges in Selling Print-on-Demand Skateboards on Shopify

Market Saturation

The print-on-demand industry is booming, leading to a saturated market. New competitors find it challenging to carve a niche and attract a substantial customer base amidst established brands.

We’ve encountered this hurdle, and our experience has equipped us with insights to navigate it effectively.

We focus on creating unique, high-quality designs and offering personalized experiences to our customers. By identifying and targeting a specific market segment, we’ve been able to differentiate our brand and build a loyal customer base.

Engaging in effective marketing strategies, including SEO and social media campaigns, has also amplified our visibility and reach.

Production and Fulfillment Delays

In the field of print-on-demand, production and fulfillment timelines are crucial. Delays can lead to customer dissatisfaction and negative reviews. We’ve faced this challenge, especially during peak seasons when the volume of orders escalates.

We’ve established robust systems and collaborated with reliable printing partners to enhance our production efficiency. Our inventory management is optimized to ensure that we are well-stocked with popular designs.

We also provide accurate and transparent delivery timelines to manage customer expectations and enhance their shopping experience.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring consistent quality in print-on-demand products can be daunting. Variations in print quality, material, and color can affect brand reputation. We’ve grappled with this challenge and have honed our strategies to mitigate it.

We’ve instituted stringent quality control measures and collaborated with reputable suppliers. Each product undergoes rigorous checks to ensure it meets our quality standards before it’s shipped.

We also value customer feedback and continuously refine our processes to enhance quality and customer satisfaction.

Conclusion: Sell Print on Demand Skateboards on Shopify

Above are some of the tips that can help you sell print-on-demand skateboards on Shopify. All you need is the right print on demand apps.

Note that some of the tips on this page are non niche specific and are the same whether you are selling skateboards, scrubs, or stickers.

  • How can I customize and personalize skateboards for individual customers?

    You can offer customization options on your Shopify store, allowing customers to upload their designs or personalize existing ones using interactive tools. Ensure your print-on-demand provider supports custom printing to deliver these personalized skateboards efficiently.

  • How do I choose the right print on demand company for skateboards?

    Choose the right print on demand company for skateboards by evaluating their product quality, printing technology, and customer service. Compare pricing, customization options, and delivery times to ensure they meet your business needs and customer expectations.

  • What are the trends in the skateboard industry, and how can I adapt my business to them?

    The skateboard industry is currently seeing a trend towards eco-friendly materials and unique, artistic designs. Adapt your business by offering skateboards made of sustainable materials and collaborating with artists to create distinctive, limited-edition designs.

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