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The Best 14 Shopify Chargeback Prevention Apps  – [2023]

The Best 14 Shopify Chargeback Prevention Apps – [2023]

Last modified: January 31, 2023

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Chargebacks can be a painful cost when you’re running a business. About six in every 1000 transactions often ends in a chargeback. And the biggest pain point for you is when there are fraudulent orders which are costing you money. That is why you need to employ one of these great Shopify Chargeback prevention apps on your store.

These can identify when you don’t have a real customer on your website or making an order. Reportedly, about 40% of all online traffic is from bots. Some of these bots are Google and other search engines. Others can be bots that make malicious orders.

In addition, there are some customers who will receive a product and then claim that they hadn’t. This is fraudulent behavior, but the business is responsible for proving that the order arrived.

What do Shopify Chargeback Prevention Apps do for your Shopify Store?

These apps are perfect for protecting your business against fraud and prevent you from incurring a chargeback on your store. This will allow you to protect profits of your business. And this is very important fraud within a business can be a killer, especially if cybercriminals continuously target your business. Therefore, this simple measure can literally save your business.

So, what are the top Shopify chargeback prevention apps that you can install on your website?

Filter between free and paid

Fraud Filter

Fraud Filter

This fraud filter can help you protect yourself from chargebacks by adding layers of protection to your store. The app has simple rule-based functions that allow you to set up an easy early warning system for any suspicious orders and then can block any orders completely.

You can create the rules based on order details that you’ve suspected might be suspicious. You can then select whether those orders that have met these rules are manually reviewed by you or blocked automatically. The app works immediately after you’ve installed it on all orders that are made thereafter. When you set a new rule, it will check future orders against that rule. It doesn’t look at orders made previously.

When action is taken, there is a feature to see what caused the transaction to be highlighted. So, if you have a filter that says the consumer was changing a product’s quantity in the basket a lot, then you will be told that. It will not highlight the rest of the filters if they weren’t met.

Adding new rules to the filter is very ease to do. All you have to do is to click on a ‘more actions’ option in the app and you will be given the opportunity to create a new fraud rule. You can also use this area to edit or delete a rule at any time.

Fraud Filter Highlights:

  • Create your own series of rules to identify potentially fraudulent activity.
  • Rules can be created based on numerous aspects such as products, value of order, country of buyer, etc..
  • Takes very little effort to create, edit or delete rules as you see fit.
  • Protects your site from chargebacks for free.

Fraud Crusher Fraud Prevention - Inactive

Fraud Crusher Fraud Prevention

The worst case scenario for you is that you have an order that is flagged by Shopify as potentially fraudulent and you miss it. You could have been tired, too busy or not paying attention one day. And that is the time that the transaction is bad. You get a chargeback, a refund for the customer and a large fee on top of that.

This app prevents this from happening to automatically cancel and refund orders that are potentially fraudulent. The app allows you to set the sensitivity level for your store. Therefore, you can be as relaxed or as strict as you’d like.

The app is great for those who are dropshipping or using a lot of automation within the fulfillment process. This is because actions can happen before any other part of the fulfillment takes place. So, you’re protected from the cost. The app will apply any refund and restock the inventory from the order automatically, making it a great time saver for your organization.

The app is really easy to use. Those with no technical knowledge will not struggle at all.

Fraud Crusher Fraud Prevention Highlights:

  • Automates the process of protecting your store from fraudulent behaviors on your website.
  • Really easy to use, no need to enter in complex data or enter in rules.
  • Uses Shopify fraud detection software and you can set the sensitivity.
  • Issues refunds and restocks your store.

Final Word: Top 12 Shopify Chargeback Prevention Apps

When it comes to fraudulent activity on your website, you have a lot of tools you can use to protect you. However, you definitely want to be installing one the top Shopify chargeback prevention apps above to ensure that you’re not paying for fraud. So, which of the apps will you apply?

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