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Beauty Supply Shopify Store Starting Steps

Beauty Supply Shopify Store Starting Steps

Last modified: June 26, 2022

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Are you looking to run a beauty supply Shopify store? Then you might want to try these easy to implement steps that can help you progress and build a store that you will love and profit from.

Step 1 – Create an Account

The first thing that you will need to do is to create an account on Shopify for your website. Whenever you start a new account on Shopify, you will get a 14-day free trial. This is a good amount of time that allows you to build a website and start selling.

There are ways that you can extend this time and that is by having a developer account. However, on a developer account, you are limited to just 50 sales.

Step 2 – Attach a Domain

Now you need to connect your domain to your Shopify account. You can use a domain that you’ve bought from another company, or you can register your domain with Shopify.

Step 3 – Build a Website

Now you should look at building a website. This starts with the theme. There are lots of themes that are available for your Shopify store. Some of these are free and others are premium. Two of the best themes that are available are Booster and Shoptimized. These themes are very flexible, they can be used for any niche.

Speed is one of the most vital aspects of any website. When it comes to revenue generation, for every second that it takes for your website to load, you will lose about 7% of your revenue. Some themes are faster than others, but there are also website speed apps that can support your speed.

Step 4 – Add Vital Information

Now you can add all the vital information that you need to run your store. This can include information such as shipping, tax and more.

Step 5 – Add Products

Products can be added at this point to your website. If you’re dropshipping, these can be imported from the supplier using one of the numerous dropshipping apps. These apps can also help you to automate your website’s fulfillment.

Or you can add products manually. Be sure that your website has optimized the product titles and descriptions for search engines. The higher your products appear in search results, the more traffic and sales you will get.

Step 6 – Add Marketing Apps

Now you can build your marketing up. You can start by adding SEO apps and email marketing apps. These will help you attract and retain audiences. Email is very effective at sales. For every $1 that you spend on your website’s email marketing campaigns, you are going to generate about $44 on average.

Final Word: Beauty Supply Shopify Store Starting Steps

Above are the steps that you need to take to get your beauty supply Shopify store up and running. It doesn’t take long for your new website to get going, but to get the best results, you need to spend time on your SEO.

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