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Which of These 10 is the Best Instagram App for Shopify?

Last modified: March 31, 2023

Which of These 10 is the Best Instagram App for Shopify?
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If you have a Shopify store you’re going to want to connect your website with your Instagram account. There are various features available through these apps to enhance your Instagram feed such as adding social proof to your website and promoting your products. To do this you will need one of the best Instagram Apps for Shopify.

Why Use an Instagram app for Shopify?

There are benefits to having an Instagram app on your Shopify store. You can use apps to help you schedule content and promote your Shopify store. There are Shopify Instagram apps that will enhance your Instagram posts with various features, like graphics and help with stories.

Some Shopify apps enable you to turn your Instagram feed into a shop so people who see your products can easily see the details and price and make a purchase. Some of the apps have A/B testing and reporting and you can then keep a check on how useful they are. Some of the apps have good support and others you might need more skill to use.

Another important use of Instagram is to get word-of-mouth marketing and some of the apps available can get people to share their photos of your products as part of their lifestyle on your website. You can also use apps to help you with your advertising, they can help you target the right audience and make the most of your campaigns.

In this article, we share many best Instagram apps for Shopify. They offer a variety of different ways to enhance your Instagram feed, which ones will you choose to use?

Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed

Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed

This Shopify Instagram app is an app that works on all devices and with all themes. There is an automatic adjustment to fit the device that images are showing on. It enables you to share videos on your website on Instagram. You can add product tags when you update to the Instafeed Pro so your Instagram becomes an extension of your store when they click on the item they go straight to your store. Your Instagram feed will look great on your website. You can display likes and comments to build social proof. You can customize your feed with hashtag filters.

Instafeed Highlights:

  • Compatible with all themes and devices.
  • When you update to Instafeed Pro, you can add product tags to your posts.
  • Supports videos that you host on your website.
  • Display the number of likes and comments on your posts.



This app enables you to run photo competitions between Instagram and your website. There is a simple drag-and-drop interface and marketing software integration with over 30 providers. This app provides different ways for people to interact with your brand.

Gleam Highlights:

  • Run a competition through Instagram and on your website.
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Email marketing software integrations.
  • More than one way to allow your audience to enter the competition.



This is a great free Shopify Instagram app. It allows you to embed shoppable galleries and also embed user-generated content in your store. It will allow you to sell products quickly to visitors. This is a powerful app but is also limited in the number of accounts you can link on. There are also limitations in generating sticking power and hosting competitions however the reporting is brilliant so you can see which product images are the best performers. This way you can make more money from your Instagram account. This app is used by many top brands and is also approved by Instagram.

Snappt Highlights:

  • One of the best free Shopify Instagram apps available on the market.
  • Helps you to embed shoppable galleries.
  • An approved Instagram App.
  • See which images on your feed are performing best.

Final Word: Which of These 10 is the Best Instagram App for Shopify

In this article, we show you ten of the best Instagram apps for Shopify. There are lots of different features that the apps can offer, from turning your feed into a shop to automating your posts. With a good Instagram app, you’ll be able to enhance your Instagram feed, reach a greater audience and hopefully increase your revenues! Which one will you choose to use?

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