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How to Add or Edit A Customer’s Address on Shopify

Last modified: December 2, 2021

How to Add or Edit A Customer’s Address on Shopify
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Managing the accuracy of customer’s details is vital when it comes to the success of your Shopify store. Without the right data, you could be breaking local laws in many territories. In addition, some data is vital for the successful fulfilment of orders, like an address.

There are going to be times when you might need to change some of this information. For example, if your customer has made a typo and they’ve entered the wrong information. Or perhaps they’ve entered in an old address or they’ve moved home and need to have an address updated. With some apps, like this one, you can have the customer manage these details themselves.

However, you might find that some customers would prefer that you update this information for them. Doing this task is not challenging. Shopify has a very good customer service set of processes that take just minutes for you to complete and will please the customer quickly.

Here are the instructions for you to change the address of your customers.

Step 1: Log in

The first step is to log into your Shopify store using your store credentials.

Step 2: Customers

Now you need to choose the ‘Customers’ option that is on the left-hand side of your admin menu. This will take you through to a list of your customers that have interacted with your store.

Step 3: Choose Customer

From the list of customers that are now on the screen, select the customer that you need to change the address for. You can access their information by clicking on the name.

Step 4: Change Address

Click on the ‘Change’ in the default address section that is within the Shopify area.

Step 5: New Address

You can opt to add a new address or edit address from the change address dialogue box that appears on your screen. If they’ve moved address, you should add a new address to their account. If they’ve made a typo on the customer details section, it is best if you edit the address.

Step 6: Enter Details

Now enter or edit the details as is necessary for your customer. Once you’ve completed this process you need to click on the ‘Save’ option that is available on the screen. This will confirm the changes that you’ve made to your website and save the information.

Final Word: How to Add or Edit A Customer’s Address on Shopify

When it comes to your customers, there are lots of tasks that you might need to do to maintain their information to keep up to date to changes. One of these tasks is to edit an address or create a new address for the customer. Follow the simple instructions above to achieve this.

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