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How to Delete URL Redirects (301) Individually on Shopify

Last modified: December 29, 2021

How to Delete URL Redirects (301) Individually on Shopify
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If there are incorrect URL redirects on your Shopify store, you might want to edit it. However, sometimes you want to switch back to your old URL because it performed better on search engines or too many customers have complained about the new URL. Making a redirect to the old URL from the new URL will cause a loop that can be damaging to your brand. Therefore, you need to delete the old redirect and setup a new redirect that will take people from the new URL to the old URL.

How to Delete URL Redirects Individually on Shopify

Here are the instructions to delete URL redirects from your Shopify store.

Step 1 – Login

The first step is to login to your Shopify account.

Step 2 - Navigation

Then you need to select the ‘Online Store’ and then head to the ‘Navigation’ option within the backend of your store.

Step 3 – Find the URL Redirect to Remove

Find the list of the redirects for your store and then find the URL that you would like to remove from your website. You can select the URL redirect by ticking the box next to it. You can select numerous URL redirects if there are more than one that you would like to move.

Step 4 – Actions

Below the Search Bar on the page you will see that it will have the number redirects that you’ve selected. You will also see there is an option for ‘Edit redirects’ and an ‘Action’ button. You can click on the ‘Action’ button and then you can select the option that reads ‘Delete’. You will be asked to confirm the choice of redirects and the decision to remove them from your site. By confirming, you will remove the selected redirects from your store.

After this, when someone goes to your old URL, they should arrive at that URL on your site. Assuming that your site has a page with that URL, the page should display correctly.

Final Word: How to Delete URL Redirects Individually on Shopify

While redirects are very useful on all stores, sometimes you only want the redirect for a set period of time. Perhaps you’re rebuilding a specific page and don’t want someone to visit that site for now. Once the project has been completed or you want to include the old URL into your website’s structure again, you will need to remove the old URL redirect from your store.

The instructions above allow you to do that easily. Or you can use a URL redirect management app to help you.

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